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Custom Designed rectangular boxes

Rectangular boxes are one of the most common style cardboard boxes that we often see in our daily life. How can you make them different? Most of the manufacturers have this question but we are here to clear your all queries. We will help you in designing the rectangular boxes that will look totally unique through which you will be able to distinguish your brand from the other available on the market. Whether you want to design rectangular boxes with classy presentation for gift packaging or a retail box for food packaging. Thing that can make the difference is the design and our with our assistance you will be able to make perfectly designed rectangular boxes.

Printed rectangular boxes

Promote your brand and product with the help of custom printed rectangular boxes, a prominent logo on the box will allow the people to know about your brand as these boxes work more effectively than a salesman. To make your brand stand out from the competitors, you have to get rid of old packaging styles and color and should use printed boxes for your brand. Also in modern packaging, industries opt for recyclable material for making their boxes to minimize land waste issues. We provide you Kraft boxes made of recyclable material with biodegradable features.

Why choose ICustomBoxes?

Being one of the most experienced custom boxes manufacturers in the United States, we have a satisfied customer base that always choose us for packaging and printing services. For startups, we provide special discounts from which you can save a lot in your packaging cost. We facilitate the clients by providing them design templates for rectangular boxes which provide them ease of choosing the right design according to their product. To get all these benefits, order us now in wholesale quantity and get free shipping of your boxes in United States.

Custom Rectangular Boxes

What type of boxes are ideal for packaging of products? What kind of carton or box could be used for securing and protection of the product? The answer to these questions is to use Custom Rectangular Boxes. These types of boxes are very desirable when some extra space is needed for support cushion or any other security item around the product.

Custom rectangular box are perfect choice for packaging. These boxes are designed for packaging products which not only security and protection to the product efficiently. But they also provide enough space to present every important and required knowledge that you might want to reveal relating your packed product, company or organization or any other deals and offers that you feel that it should be displayed on the package item for the common knowledge to the desired audience. Different types of custom rectangular boxes include tuck auto end bottom, straight tuck end, seal end, reverse tuck end, four corner tray and dispenser boxes. These types of boxes provide enough space for the manufacturers to show and present their creative ideas according to their requirements.

Designing is a very critical task. Everything should be specific. In custom rectangular boxes, a versatile range of products are used for packaging. Rectangular boxes are of many types and they vary in different shapes and sizes. The size of these boxes vary according to the demand of the product. They can be large as well as small.