Bath Bomb Boxes

Stay ahead of the competition with our beautifully crafted bath bomb boxes. Grab the customer’s attention with our error-free and visually attractive packaging. Use eye-catching images, bright colors, and stylish fonts to make your boxes stand out. Order our high-quality and sustainable cardboard and kraft boxes. It protects the bath bombs from moisture and prevents them from crumbling. So do you want to coin your identity as the best bath bomb supplier? Choose iCustomBoxes and get your custom bath bomb boxes designed by our experts. We manufacture the boxes according to your requirements. Our printing team knows how to design quality bespoke bath bomb boxes. Plus, we offer a hassle-free customization process. Visit, request a quote, and fill out the quotation form. First, select the stock and box style for the bath bomb. Then mention the box size (length, width, and height).

Do share your artwork, and we will manufacture top-notch bath bomb packaging to your needs. Let our creative team know your preference, and we will give our best shot! Explore our website and check out our high-quality packaging substrate. For a natural and organic look, the kraft boxes are your go-to. It is sturdy and 100% eco-friendly. However, for unlimited customization, we suggest the cardboard stock. Whatever stock, box shape, or size you want, we print it with the utmost perfection. We have the modern printing machinery, software, and expertise to bring your packaging to life: no misprinting, ink bleeding, or size issue. Request a quote, and our estimation department will calculate the best price and share it within 24 hours. In addition, you get seasonal discounts, free design support, and MOQ starting from 100 boxes. Call +1-800-347-2197 and start your customization journey with us. Keep reading to discover why iCustomBoxes is the best custom packaging supplier across the USA and Canada.

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Product Specifications

Dimension Available in All Custom Sizes & Shapes
Order Quantity MOQ is 100, Whereas Order 50,000+ at Once
Colors Scheme CMYK, PMS, Plain Stock Color (White/ Brown)
Paper Material

Cardboard and Kraft, Thickness from 12pt to 24pt

All kinds of Eco-Friendly Kraft, Flute Corrugated

Box Finishing Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
Key Features

2D Flat View, 3D Mock-up

Pre-glued, Double Tape, Flat Ship

Additional Options Custom Die-cut window, Insert, Gold/ Silver Foiling, Debossing, Embossing, Ribbon, PVC Sheet, Perforation, Raised Ink, etc
Shipping DHL, FedEx, UPS. (Standard or Express)
Turnaround Time

8 Business Days (Rush), to print and dispatch

12 Business Days (Standard), to print and dispatch

Product Description

Custom bath bomb boxes- quality par excellence!

We manufacture all-rounder custom bath bomb boxes. Undoubtedly, we are unparalleled in customized printing. We know how to win the race. Our packaging is a visual treat to the customers. And it is also a perfect storage box. It secures bath bombs from extreme temperatures, dust, and moisture. As a result, the citrus balls remain intact. And the customers enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

Moreover, you upscale the box quality with offset or digital printing. And for a more refined look, you can choose surface finishings or coatings. And it goes without saying that you can never go wrong with customized decorations.

Thus we are the ultimate solution to all your packaging needs.

Boost your sales with our captivating box styles

How would you differentiate your skincare brand from the rest? Certainly, custom packaging is the correct answer. It adds a new flavor and life to your branding game. Unique packaging magnetizes the customers and convinces them you have something great to offer.

Let us discuss the various packaging styles:

  • Two-piece bath bomb box

Worldwide the two-piece box is the most popular packaging style. It has a separate lid and a bottom. And the brands can customize the box in any size, color, style, or stock. 

  • Tray and sleeve packaging

It is also known as “drawer packaging.” It is also a two-piece box. And the tray smoothly slides like a drawer. For a luxurious unboxing experience, you can attach contrasting or matching ribbon pull tabs.

  • Window boxes

Customized add-ons: the best way to take your packaging to the next level. Whether it is a tuck end or a two-piece box, you can enhance it with a PVC sheet. It firmly secures the bath bombs and gives them a breathtaking look.

  • Tuck end packaging

It is the hot-selling box style of all time. We have reverse and straight tuck end styles. It is ideal for packing individual bath bombs.

Embrace exclusive packaging with our bellyband style!

What is your favorite bath bomb packaging box? Is it tuck front or boxes with die-cuts? You can pick any style and customize it with our fantastic add-ons. For impressive packaging, you can opt for a bellyband.

It is a lightweight and flexible sleeve. Whether the box is small or large, the bellyband partially covers the box. It secures the box and prevents its tampering.

There are two options: Either the sleeve is tight or loose-fitted. If you want 100% security, you should order accurate size sleeves. It perfectly fits the box. And you can’t open the box without tearing the flap.

On the other hand, the loose-fitted sleeves are reusable. You can remove them and place them back. Hence both options are viable and work in your favor! Besides, for a luxury vibe, you can order custom-printed bellybands. You can use a stylish font, different colors, and finishing to highlight the details. 

For example, if it’s a red or pink box, you can go with a white bellyband. It oozes class and simplicity. And it grabs the customer’s attention. 

Add a surprise factor to your packaging!

Want to give your customers a lifetime unboxing experience? Congratulations! Your customization journey has just started with iCustomBoxes. And you will be amazed by our customization services. 

Plus, our creative printing experts always bring exciting ideas to the table. And inside printing is one of them. It is more than just printing! It is a blank canvas that streamlines your packaging ideas. It adds character and increases the perceived value.

Do you have any print ideas? In case you want our expert opinion, you are more than welcome. Our genius team always comes up with brilliant printing and packaging.

And inside printing is also used for brand promotion. You can tease the customers about your upcoming bath bomb collection. It thrills them, and they can’t wait to get their hands on the latest products.

Or you can print personalized greetings to impress your business partners or potential customers. It shows them that you value and care for them. And you always keep them on the top list. Consequently, it expands the circle of repeat customers. And so far, it is the smartest selling trick.

All you need is quality printing

Your packaging is super cool! It is colorful, eco-friendly, and versatile. Unfortunately, it is prone to smudges, corrosion, and wrinkling. What went wrong? Well, our experts believe that bath bomb boxes wholesale without lamination are a complete waste.

Read out the following reasons:

  • It ruins the unboxing experience
  • The customers get bruises and cuts
  • The product gets damaged during transit
  • Box lacks shine and exclusivity
  • It is prone to wear and tear

Thus it proves that lamination is a must-have. It secures the packaging and creates the desired effect. Do you want to know which surface coating works best for you? Visit or interact with our team on call +1-800-347-2197.

Scale up your brand with our sustainable finishing

The global bath bomb market is expected to rise between 2023 and 2030. Therefore several skincare brands are joining the race. And whether it is an online or physical store, it has immense growth potential.

So if you want to sustain your brand in the long run so quality bath bomb packaging is a no-brainer. It is essential to focus on the nitty-gritty of the packaging: stock, color, finishing, and embellishments.

However, you can win the trust of the masses with eco-friendly finishing. We are talking about foil stamping. Yes, it is 100% planet friendly. It is a solvent-free process. And high pressure and heat fix the metallic foil to the particular area. Thus, it’s long-lasting and creates a permanent impression.

Furthermore, you can choose the foil depending on the box color. For example, the gold foil looks breathtaking on the pink base. Similarly, the red foil is a sight to behold on white boxes. Thus, it is time to jack up your packaging with hot foil printing!

Embossed or debossed packaging

Looking for bath bomb boxes for sale? Perfect! Make sure that your box has all the key design elements. From digital printing to coating, everything is pitch-perfect. Moreover, for a luxury look, we offer embossing and debossing.

For example, it enhances the particular artwork and design pattern. It adds volume and depth to the packaging. Both are popular and expensive imprinting methods. And its results are totally worth it.

Plus, you can combine the emboss and deboss pattern with foil stamping. You can fill up the spaces with pigmented foil. And the color options are limitless. Overall it gives an elegant look and upgrades the tactile experience.

Now coming to the point. Which technique is the best: embossing or debossing? Embossing is relatively expensive as it uses two dies or plates. On the other hand, the debossing uses only one plate or die. 

Embossing raises the logo and gives a 3D effect; debossing does the opposite. It gives a pressed look to the logo, text, or image. Anyhow, both methods are one of a kind and give an extraordinary look. This technique is used for subscription and gift packaging. In the end, the customers can choose whatever option they like.

Seal the deal with customized stickers

Our packaging consultants know how to add fun and creative element to the boxes. We collaborate with all the departments to design exceptional bath bomb boxes for sale. It is important to note that we never compromise on the essence of the packaging: Protection. Therefore our top priority is to manufacture the perfect storage box

The skincare box should be sturdy enough to withstand extreme conditions (pressure and temperature). And the bath bombs must remain safe and secure during transit. Moreover, small to top-scale skincare brands are very particular about their brand image. And they want international standard packaging: free of damage and tampering.

And for that, our customized seals are good to go. It adds a touch of sophistication and prevents the box from being mishandled. The seal or sticker is attached to the lid. Hence if the seal is torn, someone tried to disturb the packaging. Thus it alerts the customers and helps them pick the right box.

Custom printed bath bomb boxes with dividers

So what is the effective packaging solution? Custom partitioners or dividers are your go-to. It strengthens the box and prevents it from wear and tear. It makes the box ten times stronger and more durable.  

The beauty of inserts is that they are super flexible. And makes the packaging convenient. You can make cuts, patterns, and designs according to the bath bomb size. Thus the inserts firmly secure the balls. And it prevents them from bumping or jostling. 

Plus, the inserts are available in a plethora of materials: foam, kraft, rigid, and cardboard. But the cardboard inserts are the most popular ones. You can specify the insert material, color, and size in the quotation form. And our advanced die-cutting machinery will cut it to the exact size. Hence for precise and accurate packaging, we are the best!

Kraft vs. cardboard bath bomb packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is here to stay! Cosmetic brands have no choice but to embrace green packaging. And it is a big win for them. It builds a positive brand image and attracts eco-conscious customers. 

At large, manufacturers and consumers have realized the importance of healthy packaging. It protects our biodiversity and promotes a balanced approach. Therefore iCustomBoxes uses ecologically friendly materials: kraft and cardboard.

It is non-toxic and has no environmental hazards. Once the boxes are discarded, it finishes on its own. No need landfill, and no clean-up costs. Plus, it gives the brands a competitive edge and helps them stay on top of the game. The wait is over! Get your hands on cardboard and kraft packaging NOW.

Bath bomb gift boxes wholesale

Surprisingly, bath bombs are one of the coolest gift items. It is a fact that people love spa products. After all, who can say no to a relaxing bathing experience? Hence brands never miss the opportunity to upscale their sales. And creative bath bomb gift boxes are one of them.

So where to start off? There are so many ideas and options. Well, our printing consultants are here to help you. You can give us a call +1-800-347-2197 or visit Whatever you have imagined, share and will bring it to life. 

The gift box symbolizes affection and happiness. It means that it is infused with colors and beautiful add-ons. Whether it is a kraft or cardboard box, there are numerous ways to decorate. For example, you can use a diagonal ribbon bow and customize it in red, black, or gold.

Or you can attach a stylish hang tag to the lid. You can add extra product information or greetings. Now let us talk about the material. Hang tags are available in kraft and cardboard stock. If it is a brown box, the kraft would look perfect. It gives a vintage and old-school vibe.

On the contrary, the cardboard hang tags are good to go for unlimited print options. You can beautify it with foil stamping, stylish typeface, and colors. 

Exceptional packaging consultants

At iCustomBoxes, we accept new challenges and try to give our best shot. As a matter of fact, it is a joint effort, and every department plays a vital role. From graphic designers to estimators, all know their job well.

No order is shipped without the consent of our quality assurance team. Whether it is a standard or rush order, they ensure the packaging is on-point. The colors match perfectly with the sample design. And the box is free of stains, fingerprints, or marks. We aim to deliver the finest packaging to your doorstep; hence we never settle for less. We aim high and achieve top results.

If the bath bomb boxes wholesale have the slightest issue, we reprint the boxes. We give our 100% to attain the desired results. So choose us; because your packaging is in safe hands!

Why choose us?

We hold a prestigious place in the packaging world. iCustomBoxes is the best box supplier for all the good reasons. Customers who choose us as their printing partner get phenomenal services in one place!

We offer free design support, expert advice, digital samples, quality inspection, and whatnot. Above all, we value your interest in our company; therefore, we promise to meet your expectations. We offer 100% genuine and transparent services. We tell our clients which package and add-ons are suitable. We don’t intend to make money out of our valuable customers.

Therefore, you are more than welcome if you want a particular lamination or finishing. Our packaging team reviews your budget and gives you an optimum solution. In the end, we aim to manufacture excellent bath bomb boxes Canada at a low price. And we give the brands, retailers, and startup brands all the options: MOQ and wholesale purchase. It is totally up to them what they choose. But we guarantee that no matter the quantity, the quality is never compromised.

Connect with our in-house packaging consultants via email live chat, or ring +1-800-347-2197. We are always happy to hear from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about us

What is Customization, do you have standard or pre-made boxes?

We do customization according to customer requirements, nothing is pre-made or standard.

How can I submit a request for a quotation?

We do have multiple options for that, you can get a quote by sharing specifications in live chat. Via email or by contacting us through our contact options.

What information do I need to have for submitting a quotation request?

- For the price, you need to have the following - Required Quantity? - Required box measurements (L x W x H)?

How many different colors does your design contain?

- color - 2 color - 3 color - 4 color ? - Lamination, Matte, or Gloss? - Any specific box style do you prefer? / Share any sample images if you have any?

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 to 12 business days to print, produce and ship the order to your doorstep.

What is the difference between CMYK and Pantone (PMS)?

CMYK and Pantone are both color options used to get a certain color. CMYK can be referred to as 4 colors and PMS as solid colors.

What are the different types of stocks?

The three major stocks are Cardboard stock, Corrugated Cardboard Stock, and Rigid Stock.

What is the difference between cardboard and kraft?

The plain white cardboard and the brown kraft stock.

Is your stock eco-friendly, sustainable, and FSC approved?

We do provide multiple stock options according to customer requirements.

What are GSM and pt?

These are units of stock thickness.