About Us | Custom Packaging and Printing

iCustomBoxes is the leader in the production and printing of customized packaging. It is this market leader status that has made it shine brightly in the eyes of its customers. We strongly believe that experience in a market is something that cannot be replaced for it is an only sound experience that can afford a company with the needed knowledge and awareness about the variety of customer needs and how to effectively be able to cater to them. Thankfully, we have many years of experience in the production of boxes and providing them with their customized look and appeal. Thus we obviously will not be leaving you without the expert services that you deserve.

We also understand that every customer has a unique mission and a unique vision. Also, every brand has its individual status and its own identity. We do not feel we will be giving its identity any good unless and until we choose to provide customized packaging that caters exclusively to the needs and wants of the brand. That is why we take special initiatives to ensure that all packages and boxes that are produced by the team at the Icustomboxes are customized according to the brand and what the customer is looking for. That is why we never execute any packaging in a single step. Instead, it is a procedure of much intricacy and precision. To start off, it is always best to question the customer about his wants and needs, what is that he wants to achieve and what is it that he likes. It happens only after this discussion that we go to work on the actual design of the boxes. This is because it is this discussion that not only introduces us to what the consumer is looking for but also helps us better absorb his personality as well as that of the brand. More, importantly, it helps us break the ice.

We would also like to assure everyone that we are not people who are careless in the hiring process. In fact, we take all actions needed to ensure that our team only comprises those that happen to be the best in the market. Quality people are something we don't compromise on. Thus we make it a point to see to it that we have the best team in the market. This is because we realize that it is only our workforce that is responsible for representing us and that we cannot afford to hire anyone who lacks the knowledge and expertise needed to execute the best packaging. Another thing that needs to be given consideration over here would definitely have to be the fact that we give a lot of importance to the attitude that a potential employee holds before we hire him on the team. This is because we believe that for success in anything, positivity is something that is needed and thus needs to be adopted. Hence you do not have to worry about encountering anyone who does not exude positivity on our team.

Also, we understand how important it is to create effective content for a box. This is because unless and until your message is conveyed in the right words, it will obviously not be able to garner the attention that it is aimed for. To understand this need we have a separate team that is exclusively catering towards generating quality content to be written on your boxes. Thus you need not worry about your boxes not having that edge that you want it to have amongst your competitors. In fact, we make it a point that your boxes do not follow trends but actually generate trends.

Another thing that we would like to pinpoint over here is the amount of feasibility that we offer to all of our clients. Since most of our process is online, you do not need to worry about there being any lengthy paperwork or you having to indulge too much effort in order the boxes from iCustomBoxes. Instead, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy while we do the work for you. With a click of a mouse, you can choose from the many templates that we have arranged on our website. Our templates are indeed the best of the best and the list happens to be very comprehensive. Thus you need not worry about there not being a template that is made for you. Just choose and click and we will deliver to you in no time. In fact, our turnaround time happens to be the least in the market. So if you are looking for the best custom boxes for your company in the least time possible, then ICustomboxes are definitely the route that you need to take.

iCustomBoxes are known to create and print all kinds of boxes. Be it Kraft boxes, window boxes, soap boxes or anything else. You name it and we will have it done for you. We are proud to reveal that we also have a hundred percent client satisfaction rate in the market. Thus you need not worry about there being any problem with your boxes if you have them made from us. We are fully equipped with the latest technology to be able to create the best boxes that there are out there. Also quality is something that we do not compromise on. In fact, we have had our suppliers on board with us for ages and we make it a point to hire only those that are the absolute best in the marketplace. This is because we really care about our customers and in no way want to deprive them of the value and service that they deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Irrespective of whether you are a small or a big business, we will be catering to your needs. Thus you need not worry about being left out. Just leave iCustomBoxes an email about your order and will have a friendly representative reach out to you in absolutely no time.