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There is no other experience as satisfying as that of having someone who understands your packaging needs and helps you with the packaging of your goods for delivery of the products to the market.icustomboxes is a company that has the ability to read the minds of the clients and work accordingly.This is the only reason why more and more people are showing their trust for icustomboxes.com by placing their orders over and over again.
Different types of packaging available in the market serve the purpose of their own, but some of them are multi-purpose and more practical than others.

What Are Figures And Pattern Boxes?

Among dozens of different styles of packaging,there are a few that are strong and beautiful at the same time,this style of packaging that is used more for its strength and beauty both at the same time. The boxes that fall into the category of figures and pattern are liked for their practical storage solutions and aesthetically brilliant outlook.The following are some of the boxes that can be an example of figures and pattern.

Bowl Sleeves

Bowl sleeves are very popular in the market for their ability to protect the bowls from any damage during shipping and handling.The manufacturers can get these boxes in any color ,size and shape of their choice.They can even have them customized for the promotional purposes to spread their word and ultimately increase their sales.The bowl sleeves are considered a member of figure and pattern family.They are not only used specifically for bowls ,they can be used to pack any crockery item or any other fragile product that needs careful handling.
So,if you want to take professional help for safe and sound delivery and transportation of fragile items ,the best option is to hire the services of icustomboxes.com.

Foot Lock Tray Boxes

These are one of the most convenient to use boxes that are made of non -glued superior quality cardboard.These boxes are mostly used for bakery items and garments and are the best to be used for shipping as they are easy to assemble and much lighter in weight as compared to many other types of packaging.Most of the manufacturers get the foot lock tray boxes made according to the size of the product that they want to pack.If you visit the super stores you will notice that many big names prefer the foot lock tray boxes over the other packaging solutions.

Double Wall Tray

One of the most popular and recent additions to the packaging solutions is the double wall tray.These double wall trays fall into the category of figure and pattern.These are mostly used by the garment industry,but there are many toy manufacturers who like their toys to be displayed in double wall tray, as they believe that the finesse of the double wall tray boxes is enough to enhance the beauty of their product and attract the customers in an effective manner.

Gable Boxes

Gable boxes too,are popular for their strength and beauty.They are extensively used as gift bags and takeaway food bags.Most of the gable boxes are easy to handle because of the handles that are situated at the top end for easy handling.

Using the services of icustomboxes.com

Icustomboxes.com uses 100 natural materials in production and printing of the packages.The latest offset printing is done under the strict supervision of highly qualified staff that makes sure that every job is done in a perfect manner and the deadline is met.