Candles Boxes

Just like candles lits up the home, candles boxes can help highlight any particular brand. Have you just launched your own candle brand? Willing to spread your skills to make it a name in the competitive market? Candles have always been a symbol of romance and businesses producing them make sure to add value? Are you one of those contributing your part in lightening up homes and to the romance? has a beautiful range of boxes for candles.

Are our Candle Boxes useful?

Candles Packaging is a hot-selling packaging product for they carry beauty, grace, and elegance. Whether one is a homemade candle manufacturer or a large-scale corporation, custom candle boxes are a need. From being offered in the structure needed by the clients to producing in the size and style needed, we are glad that the eco-friendly nature of the box makes it worth investing in.

If you are soon to launch a product that has a similar shape to a candle, investing in candle packaging is a wise decision. When one packs them securely in custom candle boxes, they are secure no matter if fragile in nature. When in transit having the logo on the face, will help foster the brand identity.

Some of the uses of Candle Packaging include

  • Ideal and safe packaging of a candle or any other similar size or shaped product.
  • Perfect for preserving candles
  • Helps boost brand identity
  • Free of cost expert consultation 
  • Wholesale boxes for candles help save cost
  • Logo on the face printed help with promotion

Candles Boxes for Branding

Candle boxes are candle packaging boxes, designed and produced with the aim to package candles in an elegant yet attractive manner. Candle Box With Window enhances the appearance of the candle packaged to work on the complete outlooks. No matter the variety of candles one sells, the Packaging that we manufacture is for everyone, enriched with multiple features. Want to add value to the candles that you are selling? It is best to have them placed in signature packaging boxes. Are you an expert in making up homemade candles? Why don’t you start up your own business and make some money sitting at home? We at can help you in getting the best in hand that not only package candles. Instead, help promote it with its utmost beauty.

Custom Boxes For Candles

Get quality Candle boxes packaging, made out of either Kraft material or cardboard that helps in enhancing its sales performance. Candles boxes for candles are produced with an aim to preserve candles, having in mind their usage and purpose. Since packaging for candles wholesale is a need for each and every candle, the boxes we offer are easily assembled and used. The sturdiness of the boxes makes them ideal enough to be consumed. Have you been looking for secure candle packaging that can help save and preserve the product when in transit? We can help you get one as per your need.

Printed Candle Packaging Boxes

Are you a retailer for candles or you are selling out homemade candles to earn some extra income from home? Candle boxes that we offer appear exclusive with their overall outlook. For the enhancement, our experts also do the creativity and design in order to make them unique. Want to have an exclusive design printing on the custom candle box? This can help make your candle brand stand out among the rest. The classic printing along with perfect finishing is what makes people go for it. Even if you are willing to launch your candle brand that Includes both scented and non-scented, having the candle packaging boxes printed can help with creating a difference for all.

How to Package a Candle For shipping

Printed candle boxes are enriched with some exclusive features, ranging from usability to functionality. Having the boxes for candle wholesale customized and printed also makes them usable for marketing purposes. Further, helping out people to save some marketing costs. When printed, these candle box packaging can also be used as display boxes. So if you have been planning to start with some candles in hand, having them perfectly packaged can help do a lot.

For the quality candles, we’d prefer you to get the customized signature candle box packaging as this adds a lot to its overall value. Want to help yourself make your candle a brand in the market? You can do a lot with a packaging box. When printed, these add a lot of branding parts to the box. This means when the product is in transit, this will showcase the brand offering it.

Confused about multiple packaging options? Ring our experts at any time to get advice. We are 24/7 available to guide you on what can help you the most. Enjoy our services with the most durable and comfortable packaging box in hand!

Do Candle Boxes make up a perfect gift?

A gift in the form of beautiful and mesmerizing candles may have no alternative. Think of the decoration and romance coming from the scent of the candle. Choosing to have good quality and appearing packaging serves as an amazing gift. Just like candles tend to be an ideal option for using as a gift, having invested in Packaging for candles is worth it. Since customization also opens an opportunity for printing, we ensure our team of designers comes up with graceful and unique themes. Get the special message printed and showcase it on your gift counter shop to seek the attention of the majority.

The enriched features of the boxes for candles make it exceptionally amazing. When our experts print them with quality ink and the latest technology, the value of these boxes is enhanced. Creativity for the boxes for candles wholesale can help make it a loyal gift box.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Custom Candle Boxes

 If you are in search of high-quality Custom Candles boxes for your business then we are the best option for you. However, we are using the best and most fine material in the making of your packaging. Our sturdy and durable packaging boxes give full security to your candles and also safely deliver them to their desired location. Our creative team designs your Custom Candles boxes the way you want to see them for your brand. iCustomboxes are taking this initiative to use eco-friendly material for your boxes. You can easily dispose of our packaging boxes.

Our professional skills make us unique and different from our rivals. We are famous that we are never using ordinary material for your parcels. If you want any advice or opinion regarding your business then our energetic team is here to help you round the clock.

Eco-Friendly Custom Boxes for Candles Retail Packaging Solutions

In past, the boxes were made with ordinary materials that were difficult to dispose of. Because of that wastage, people started catching different diseases which creates a harmful effect on their health. As time passes by, people are getting aware of eco-friendly materials. However, Brands like us are now making eco-friendly custom boxes for your candles. Our packaging parcels are easy to use, easy to fold, and easy to carry.  Clients can mould custom boxes for candles according to the size of their inside item.

Furthermore, our packaging design becomes a source of attraction for its users. Its interesting and dynamic designs give a huge profit to your brand. We are appointing professional graphic designers who make your boxes most splendidly. They are also publishing your brand logo on your boxes as people recognize your brand because of your effective design logo. 

Candles Boxes at Wholesale Rate

 Brands who are dealing in this industry always want to buy candle boxes at the most reasonable rates. However, their only intention is to save their money. So they can use the saving money in their difficult situation. We are providing high-quality luxury candle boxes wholesale in bulk to our clients. Moreover, Our potential clients can receive their parcels at wholesale rates. If you want to ask for a sample then we are also providing it to you. Our main goal is to satisfy our audiences. Clients can use our free quote service. In this process, customers easily come to know the expenses that occur in your packaging even before giving us your order.

Candles boxes wholesale comes in flat packaging, customers can easily mould them according to their inner product need. Our mock-up and ready-made packaging are also available for our customers. The purchaser can get them at affordable and reachable rates.

Fast and Free Shipping & Amazing Turnaround Time

 We are famous for providing a vast variety of services to our customers which are also beneficial for their brand. Companies who are giving us their orders, we are providing free and fast delivery to them. As we have no hidden charges for our clients. They can easily receive their parcels at their desired place. They don’t have to go anywhere.

However, our response times are quick, we are always giving full assurance to our customers that they can get their packaging parcels within 3-4 working days. We are offering free and fast delivery in the USA, UK, Canada, etc. our high-quality boxes sale delivers your product in its real shape. We are giving free advice to our audiences that how they can improve the sales of their business within or outside the country. Our fast and free shipping services give a new experience to its receivers. 

Printing and colouring

When a box is to customize, it is not only the structural change needed. Instead, it is the outer appearance that matters too. For years we have been consuming the latest machinery and printing technology, including offset, onscreen, and digital. For making sure about the use of colours, our CMYK and PMS colour schemes work wonderfully.

Planning to have custom candle boxes to present at the special event as a gift bag? Placing an order for wholesale candles boxes at Ring our representatives and enjoy having the box that you may have in your imagination. Enjoy the beauty with huge discounts on purchases in bulk!