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It should be kept in mind that when we dispatch orders, we do not follow the guidelines that are laid down to us by respective postal offices. Thus, we do not comply with any rules and regulations that have been laid down by independent postal services. We also are not liable to assist anyone with regard to the postal routes or to choosing the manner of assembly for delivery. Having said that we strive to provide options that help our clients and thus will be the most convenient for them.

Advertisements and promotions

We understand the impact of solid marketing and thus occasionally may opt to send promotional materials to our respective clients and customers. Conventionally speaking, our clients may find a number of promotional contents in their respective emails. You may also receive codes for coupons. These will equip clients with a variety of services and seasonal discounts. The coupons may have a number of terms that one would need to fulfill before the activation of the coupon code. Thus, it is obviously advisable for everyone to first go through all the terms before actively using the coupon in any way. This will only help them become more aware of the product and service offerings.

It is important to realize that certain discounts may only be applicable to a certain segment of our audience. The most popular way of deciding when discount is applicable is the level of association that the client has with our company.

It is fairly simple to utilize a coupon. All the customer has to do is note down the code present on the coupon and then simply fill the space given in the order details for the coupon information with the coupon number.

It is important to realize that under no circumstances will it be allowed to join the usage of a coupon with that of any other discount. Thus, all clients are advised to keep in mind that they use the coupon only independently. If you choose to use a coupon code, you will not be permitted to enter any other code or utilize any other discounts when making an order with us. Hence choose wisely.

It is also better to specify that the coupon codes that are provided by us are only going to cover products that will be dealing with solely our websites. Thus, please bear in mind that they will not work when you are looking to operate on third-party websites. Even if the links of these third-party websites are included on our website, the coupon code will not be functional on these websites. Thus, the coupon codes are strictly only applicable to our website.

Also, the most common use of the coupon code would be a discount on the price, thus do not think that it can be utilized in paying for the delivery charges or the handling fees. Also, no coupon codes will be used as a means for you to forgo any tax liability that you might otherwise have to bear.

There are however certain items that in no way will be able to have discounts. We are at full liberty to decide which items these might be and thus are not accountable to be held liable in any way whatsoever.

It is of course best to understand that all forms of promotional content and material are strictly time-bound. Much promotional content thus may end when a season does and we bear no liability when that is seen or found to be the case. Most conventionally speaking, the offer will expire when the month ends. Thus, you need to be very particular about when you choose to utilize a coupon code and make sure that the coupon code will still be functional at that time.

It is also important that you know that no coupon codes under any circumstance should be sold or be transferred to anyone associated with you. These coupon codes of course cannot be exchanged for cash and we bear no responsibility if at all they are found to be removed or deleted.

Also, once you have placed an order with iCustomBoxes you will in no way be able to use your coupon code for that product in case you did not do so at the time of the order.

Also, if you make an order using the coupon code and for some reason, the order cannot be completed, you will only be refunded the amount that you personally paid. No coupon amount is going to be refunded to you under any circumstance. In many cases, if the time expires, the coupon code may be left non-functional.

In the case of return of only a portion of the order, the terms and conditions will only be applicable to that particular segment.


To begin with, the prices of all the items and orders on this website is quoted in the dollar currency. We endorse and take payment from a variety of venues and ways. We commonly accept MasterCardVISA Card and PayPal payments. However, if we suspect fraud and an unlawful past, we are completely liable to reject payments and credit cards held by a particular individual.

Before you order something from the iCustomBoxes it is best to have a complete and comprehensive list of all the credit card history with you. We also lay caution that you only provide us with the authentic and correct credit card that you are authorized to use. Also, all the information pertaining to your credit card should be specified with utmost accuracy. Any misrepresentation of information on our forms will under no circumstance be taken lightly by us. Also, special consideration should be made to ensure that no credit card information that is up to date should be included in the form. In case this is found to be true, only you will be held accountable. Also, you need to be aware that if at all any credit card ever becomes outdated you are the one who is responsible for immediately notifying us so that we take measures to update your account information. This will help you in the transaction process as much as it will help us and you will be getting your order in the quickest turnaround time.

It is also vital for you to realize that all orders are to be paid completely at the time that you will make the order. Compensations in this regard may be given by us contingent on the circumstances but this will obviously be highly dependent on our own discretion. We in no way will be held accountable for any leverage that we choose to give. You are also advised to carry with you all information that will help verify that the credit card indeed belongs to you. This will help us be in a better position to be on your side in case claims suggesting otherwise are made. This will also help us serve you better, in case your credit card is rejected for any reason.

In case you change your mind and opt for additional services with us, we will be debited the amount that you owe to us from the credit card that you originally provided to us. If, however, you feel that an alternative one needs to be used, we suggest that you provide us with another one on an immediate basis before you actually order for these additional services.

If you have made an arrangement with the iCustomBoxes to be charged with any alternative means, it would be best to make sure that you have cleared all the payments that you owe to us within five days. Failure to do so will result in us automatically debiting the payment from the account that you originally provided us.

Thus, it has been established that proper credit card information with iCustomBoxes should always be maintained.

Order cancellation

To start off, orders that are pertinent to the printing of your boxes can indeed be cancelled. Having said that, special consideration needs to be given to the time that you choose to opt for the order cancellation. If the orders have entered into the actual phase of printing, then the cancellation of orders cannot be executed. In this case, even if you do cancel your orders, you in no way are going to be compensated for the cancellation. No fees that you might have paid for having your logos designed by us are going to be paid back to you either. Thus, keep in mind that if you want to cancel your order with us, you need to demand so well before your order with us enters the printing phase.

To see whether an order has entered the printing phase is indeed fairly simple. You will see an icon that suggests that the order can be cancelled and thus has not entered the printing phase when that is the case. All then you need to do is click on the icon and a friendly representative will get back to you in absolutely no time to fulfill your concerns and needs

We also hold all our orders for our clients for one month or thirty days. If within this time frame, they fail to provide us with the complete documentation, we will automatically be left with no other option but to cancel their orders. All the money that they paid to us will be restored into their account within ten business days.

Intellectual property

It is important to make yourself aware that all the content that is present on this website is the sole property of iCustomBoxes. Be the content on the website or the logos and the design, we are the sole owners of everything on our website. Thus, any attempt to sell or modify the content that is found on our website will be taken seriously and will obviously be put under solemn consideration.

All the tools, graphics, artworks and pictures are also the sole property of the iCustomBoxes and thus can in now be reproduced under any circumstances whatsoever. All the property present on our website is going to be protected by law and the legal system found in the country. Thus, attempts to disregard them will obviously not be taken lightly.

Our copyright policy makes it explicit that we are bound to respond to any claims or legal notices, particularly with all segments of the regulations stated in the portions of the United States Digital Millennium copyright act. This is the policy that needs to be followed by all members of the iCustomBoxes at all times without any sort of exceptions. We are mentioning the sort of form that will be accepted by us when an intention to issue a notice to us is to be made by anyone and any segment. We would also like to use this opportunity to specify to everyone that special attention needs to be made to all the copyright laws and thus it needs to be made certain that all and everyone is to comply with the laws of the copyright regulations. If, however the notice is issued that is in complete compliance with the format given we will spare no time in removing the questionable content from our website or making it temporarily unavailable for some time till the issue is resolved. We will also take the initiative to contact the person responsible for the production of the content so as to allow him or her with the fair opportunity to present his stance effectively and to be able to properly issue a notice immediately.

After we have received an intimation of an infringement that is outlined in the proper format, we will follow all the policies in accordance with the DCMA.

It should be specified that if any form of infringement is to be sent to us, it should be done so either through emails or by telephone. Your calls will obviously be recorded so that we keep a record of all the conversations that will take place between us. It is however important to realize that in case the infringement charges are in any way inaccurate, the accuser will be liable and will be the one responsible for covering all the fees, damages and hidden expenses. Thus, it is obviously best to consult a lawyer before you decide to have an infringement charge with us to be better aware of your position and your standing.

If you want to speed up the procedure of your request, it is recommended that you follow the format below.
To begin with, it is vital that you accompany your claim with a photograph. This will help us better locate the image on our website and will also make us be in a better position to sort things out for you. Other than that, we will better be able to understand the cause of your concern. It is thus advised that the image is clear and not blurry. If providing the exact picture is for some reason not possible, be advised to send us information that will help us identify the element that is the cause of your concern. This could be in the form of URL links or any information that is described in nature. Also, be sure to provide your complete contact information. This will us reach out to you in response to your concern. Other than that, you will have to sign an oath that whatever information that you have provided to us is one that is reflective of accuracy and that it is done with a sincere intention. As soon as you sign this, you will have a response within the next forty-eight hours.

Send the written email to:

Custom Boxes Pvt Ltd 439 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto

There may be many circumstances where a counter-notification may seem to be the appropriate route to take. In this case, it would be best to follow certain procedures. We in no way are going to allow email communication in this regard and will take no steps in any way to entertain them.

Once we receive the counter-notification we will spare no time in accompanying the original notification with the counter one and intimidating the individual so that he immediately removes the content that has come into question.
With regard to trademarks, iCustomBoxes owns all the logos and graphic materials that are found on its website. This material in no way should be sold, plagiarized and reproduced. In addition, all the icons on the website are also the sole property of the iCustomBoxes. Thus, no attempt to rescue them should be made in any way or to reuse any of these things. However, many listings on our websites may contain products that are actually owned by third parties. In this case, it would be best to contact those websites to be aware of their terms and conditions. Keep in mind that our terms and conditions are not applicable to them and their terms and conditions may differ from ours.

Once we receive the counter-notification we will spare no time in accompanying the original notification with the counter one and intimating the individual so that he immediately removes the content that has come into question.
We also lay stringent restrictions on the way in which content and images on our site are to be used. Thus, be advised to carefully read the terms of the site before reusing any of our content in any way. We in no way allow anyone to redistribute, republish or in any way morph the content present on our website in an attempt to show that it is your own.

Also, be advised that any software that you come across on our website is being made accessible to you by iCustomBoxes. Thus, we are the only ones who should be held responsible for owning them. The software however is not made available to you for eternity and is instead offered on a much more limited basis. No one will be allowed to copy the software, its functioning, its logo or try to make attempts at modifying it in any way.

The disclaimer of Liability.

It is important to understand that all the products and services that are being provided on this website are provided without any guarantees. We don't owe entitlement to any warranties to the degree specified to us by law. Also, while we strive to make our website a free place, we will bear no liability if you find and do encounter viruses and malware on our website. In this case, it would be best to contact our computer operating personnel to get more information about how to protect your individual systems against malware

We also completely do not owe any obligation for any consequence a person or organization experiences upon contact with any of our employees or personnel.

Governing Law

The site is to be held in compliance with the law that is being exercised in the state of Toronto. The locality of the user that is going to be accessing this site is immaterial and all the people irrespective of their location will be having this law governing them under all odds. Thus, it would be best for everyone to familiarize themselves with the law so as to be better aware of their position and standing.


It is important that before you use our website, you agree that in case any lawsuit immerges, you will not involve any member of the iCustomBoxes in the proceedings of the lawsuit. We will not be sharing any costs in the damages and claims that may have emerged. It is thus important that you carefully follow the outline given in the site terms and in no way break from it. You should also agree that you will defend the members of iCustomBoxes on all grounds and will pay special attention to the fact that plagiarism is avoided in any of the content and logo design ideas that choose to provide us with.

Privacy and safety

It is important to realize that if you seek to have your orders placed with us, it becomes only mandatory that you supply us with all the personal information that will be needed by us to execute your order properly. Having said that, you in no way need to fear having your personal information being provided to any third party unless obligated upon us by law. It is also vital that you understand that we take every step necessary to ensure that none of the information that you provide to us becomes accessed by unauthorized personnel. For more information on the issue please feel free to read our privacy policy.


If a user is found to not act in a lawful way or is breaching the terms and conditions, we have complete authority to cancel the registration of his account with us. Not only that, we are also in the perfect position to be able to deny him complete access to any portion of our website. Thus, it is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully and to follow them under all circumstances.

It is important to understand that before we terminate your account, we in no way will be liable to intimate you or issue you a warning. We are also not accountable to provide any rationale and thus the decision to do so will solely be made at our own discretion.