Smart Packaging: A New Perspective of Excellent Care!

Smart packaging is intelligent, versatile, functional, and eco-friendly. It is also known as customized packaging. As a matter of fact, it is an all-rounder box and lets the brand showcase its creativity. They can customize the box in any shape, size, color, or stock. Plus, they can print text in any font, size, or color. And the same goes for the images. Indeed, in personalized packaging, there is no design, print, color, or add-ons restriction.

Hence smart packaging is the top choice of pharmaceutical, food, electronic, jewelry, and makeup brands. It keeps the enclosed items safe and protects them from potential harm. For example, let us talk about food packaging. It is a fact that edible items are prone to spoilage and contamination. Thus, it makes the need for food-grade packaging a must.

It means that the box is lined with a thin transparent sheet. It guards the box against smudges, spills, dirt, and scratches. Moreover, it strengthens the box, making it resistant to wear and tear. The best part? As the name tells, the food-grade packaging is specifically meant for food boxes. It protects the edibles (pizza, donuts, bread, and chocolates) from harmful chemicals and ink. As a result, the food remains fresh and tasty.

Therefore, you can coat the boxes with gloss, matte, or aqueous coating. It adds shine and prevents the box's collapsing, wrinkling, or crumbling. Share your requirements in the quotation form, and our experts will customize the boxes to your needs.

Put An End to Global Packaging Waste with Our Smart Packaging

Unfortunately, unsustainable packaging is the leading cause of ecosystem degradation. And to combat the situation, we recommend using environmentally compatible boxes. It fulfils your packaging needs without hurting the planet. It is important to understand that there is no planet B! And the manufacturers and consumers have no choice except to embrace green packaging.

So you can customize the mascara, French fires, lip gloss, perfume, pencil, and cereal boxes in our eco-friendly stock. We offer kraft, cardboard, rigid, and corrugated material. It is biodegradable, practical, and customizable to any box style, color, or size. Plus, whether you order small, large, plain, or custom-printed cardboard boxes, it decomposes within 2 to 3 months. Thus, it results in zero packaging waste!

Besides, each stock is versatile, durable and offers infinite customization options. Hence it can also be used for brand marketing. What are you waiting for? Make your packaging stand out with a unique logo, particular colour palette, and box style. Consumers constantly recognize your brand and add your boxes to their shopping carts. In a nutshell, green packaging is the best way to promote your business sustainably.

The Secret to Success Is Innovative Packaging Ideas!

There is no denying that bespoke packaging is the backbone of the brand's marketing strategy. Worldwide buyers recognize a particular company through signature packaging. And trust us; it pays off the brands in the long run. It makes your brand stand out on retail shelves, display counters, or food cabinets. In other words, the packaging speaks for itself and engages the audience.

Therefore, at our hub of excellence, you will be amazed at our customization services. Everything from stock to box shape and finishing is par excellence. Besides, we give our clients a free hand to customize their packaging from scratch. And our in-house packaging team is available to assist you thorough out the process. Therefore, we always suggest choosing unique and practical box styles. So let us take a look at the following packaging styles

  • Gable box
  • Two-piece 
  • Tuck front
  • Hang tab box
  • Tray and sleeve 
  • Boxes with die-cuts
  • Pillow style
  • Tuck end boxes

What's next? Request a quote, and select the box shape, stock, size, and quantity. And for accurate printing, upload the reference sample. Our expert panel will review the details and share the price within 24 hours.

Reimagine Packaging with Our Stunning and Practical Add-Ons

At iCustomBoxes, our quality assurance team always strives for perfection. They ensure that each box complies with international packaging protocols. Therefore, we use top-quality stock, durable coatings, attractive finishes, and outstanding add-ons.

For us, the inside and outside printing are both important. Therefore, our smart packaging is aesthetically pleasing and practical. Wondering how? Well, for that, we use customized dividers or inserts.

It organizes food, cosmetic, apparel, and luxury packaging. It makes it spacious and creates ample space for housing the items. You can order the inserts in any color, material (foam, cardboard, rigid, or kraft), size, or style (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). Rest assured, the inserts are manufactured using high-quality cutting machinery. Thus there is not even an inch of difference- we design perfect-size inserts!

The point is that the packaging divider is a remarkable way to strengthen smart packaging. It supports the box structure making it more durable and sturdier. Hence you can pack heavy or lightweight items without worrying about damage.

Drum Up Your Sales with Our Top-Notch Finishing Techniques

Who says smart packaging is boring? Our competent and creative packaging experts know how to bring your ideas to life. Whether you opt for minimalistic or loud packaging, you add an extra flair with our elegant finishes. However, it is important to note that it's suitable for luxury, gift, or subscription packaging. Therefore, you can pack perfumes, watches, jewelry, gadgets, or apparel in our beautifully crafted smart boxes.

We offer embossing, debossing, and foil stamping techniques. So let us discuss each one of them in detail.

  • Foil Stamping

It is a specialized printing technique commonly used on wedding cards, invites, and luxury packaging. The metallic foil is applied to the rigid or cardboard surface with high pressure and heat. As a result, the pigmented or metallic foil permanently adheres to the text, logo, or image. It is one of the most famous imprinting methods and gives accurate and excellent printing results. Lastly, it is available in a plethora of shades and can be coupled with embossing and debossing. Due to its versatility, it is the top choice of all brands.

  • Embossing And Debossing

Want to give the customers a memorable tactile experience? We have two options in-store: embossing and debossing. The former gives a 3D and elevated feel, whereas the latter gives a recessed or pressed feel. 

Both give a professional and exclusive look and add five stars to the smart packaging. The brands can leave the design as it is or fill it up with foil stamping. Thus, it adds shine and makes the box visually attractive. 

Therefore, we always suggest our clients consult our packaging experts. They will provide innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions according to your budget. So, if you want to create a buzz without costing the earth, get in touch with our in-house team.

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes is an all-rounder packaging supplier that has fulfilled the packaging needs of startups, top brands, and businesses for over a decade. Our smart packaging is unique and unparalleled in strength, versatility, functionality, and eco-friendliness. So, if you are looking for the perfect packaging, we are the best.

Our onboard team is skilled at their job, and everything is at their fingertips. All you need is to share the idea and leave the rest to our competent team members. The customization, tracking, and delivery process is a piece of cake. Our dedicated customer support agents work 24/7 to resolve all your queries. Don't hesitate your packaging is just a few clicks away. You can customize your boxes and talk to our experts via live chat, email, or call. Ring at +1-800-347-2197 or email Join us and create a change with our premium customization services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about us

What is Customization, do you have standard or pre-made boxes?

We do customization according to customer requirements, nothing is pre-made or standard.

How can I submit a request for a quotation?

We do have multiple options for that, you can get a quote by sharing specifications in live chat. Via email or by contacting us through our contact options.

What information do I need to have for submitting a quotation request?

- For the price, you need to have the following - Required Quantity? - Required box measurements (L x W x H)?

How many different colors does your design contain?

- color - 2 color - 3 color - 4 color ? - Lamination, Matte, or Gloss? - Any specific box style do you prefer? / Share any sample images if you have any?

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 to 12 business days to print, produce and ship the order to your doorstep.

What is the difference between CMYK and Pantone (PMS)?

CMYK and Pantone are both color options used to get a certain color. CMYK can be referred to as 4 colors and PMS as solid colors.

What are the different types of stocks?

The three major stocks are Cardboard stock, Corrugated Cardboard Stock, and Rigid Stock.

What is the difference between cardboard and kraft?

The plain white cardboard and the brown kraft stock.

Is your stock eco-friendly, sustainable, and FSC approved?

We do provide multiple stock options according to customer requirements.

What are GSM and pt?

These are units of stock thickness.