What is Foil Stamping – Complete Guide about its Techniques in Printing

What is Foil Stamping – Complete Guide about its Techniques in Printing

Without any doubt, premium and classy packaging gets recognition on the full-fledged shelves. Foil stamping is an excellent printing method. It adds a luxury and delightful feel to the printed designs. If you are a beginner, this blog is a must-read for you. It will also explain the hot foil stamping procedure and its techniques in detail. Let’s delve into this blog post to learn each and everything about foil stamping. 

What is Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping is a well-known printing method.  This distinctive method combines heat pressure, metal, and foil to create sophisticated designs on printing materials. It is commonly used to print invitations or business cards, flyers, reports, heads of letters, and more.

The history of foil stamping dates back to the Middle Ages. But it has become quite popular in the last few decades. The best thing about foiling is its availability in various textures such as metallic, matt, gloss, and holographic. In addition, foiling comes in multiple colors. Brands have the freedom to choose whatever color they prefer. However, silver and golden colors are preferred because they produce rich or opulent prints. 

What are the Most Common Uses of Hot Foil Stamping in Printing & Packaging?

Foil stamping is perfect for retailers who wish to stand out a specific design pattern on custom printed boxes. It not only enriches a particular print but uplifts it from the surface. The most ideal uses of hot foil stamping are given below

  • Invitation business, wedding, or birthday cards
  • Printing of envelopes, reports, or letterheads
  • Pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, flyers, menu cards
  • Brand’s logo, stickers, labels, etc. 

Exploring Different Kinds of Hot Foil Stamping Techniques:

In this section, we will explain each foil stamping technique. Below are the names of the most popular types of foil stamping methods:

  1. Flat foil stamping
  2. Vertical foil stamping 
  3. Sculpted foil stamping
  4. Peripheral foil stamping 

Be prepared to discover each foil stamping technique in detail. Let’s start.

1. Flat Foil Stamping:

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant foil stamping technique that does not break the banks, you must choose flat foil stamping. Compared to the other methods, it is pretty affordable and straightforward. Moreover, it prepares prints in a short time. In this simple foiling method, magnesium and copper dies are pressed on the surface of substrates. Ultimately, it results in producing sophisticated and classy printed results.  

2. Vertical Foil Stamping:

In the vertical foil stamping method, foiling is directly embossed on a specific design. It is specifically applied to flat surfaces and cylindrical shapes. However, the vertical foil stamping method prefers silver and gold colors for foiling. 

3. Sculpted Foil Stamping:

Sculpted foil stamping is one of the most well-known foiling techniques. You can opt for sculpted foiling to produce an opulent and exceptional print. This method makes a specific design more highlighted and vibrant than the rest. Brass dies are used to create a distinctive look. However, brass dies are versatile and have the capacity to run over endless impressions. Unlike flat foiling, it costs more. 

4. Peripheral Foil Stamping:

Let’s move towards the peripheral foiling method. 

 The outcome of this technique is evident from its name. As the name denotes, it is applied on the edges of designs. In addition, it adds depth and a stunning feel to the printed patterns. 


There is no denying the fact that hot foil stamping is a wonderful printing method that enriches printed packaging designs. It is highly beneficial for a brand’s marketing. Companies can enhance the aesthetics of branded details like logo or tag lines to leave a lasting impression on the buyers. However, each foil stamping method is unique on its own. Brands can choose printing techniques in accordance with their printing substrates. 

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