Upscale Your Business with Our Custom Food Boxes

iCustomBoxes is a game-changer packaging supplier for all the good reasons. We have acquired a prominent place in the printing industry because of our expertise. Our team keeps an eagle eye on the custom food boxes and ensures it meets international standards.

It is noteworthy that our food boxes are more than just containers. It decides whether your fast-food chain, restaurant, or food street stall would be a hit or a miss.

Therefore, investing in customized packaging is the smartest option. It gives your brand a voice, distinguishes you from the competitors, and lets food lovers enjoy their meals to the fullest. In short, it provides incredible benefits and is worth getting your hands on custom food packaging boxes wholesale.

Perks Of Custom Food-Grade Boxes

There are thousands of food brands in the USA. They sell frozen, processed, and fresh cooked food. The customers have a huge variety to choose from. Some prefer dine-in, while others are huge fans of home delivery services.

In both cases, iCustomBoxes is at your service. We cater to a diverse range of small food businesses. Reach out to us and get top-notch custom food delivery boxes as per your requirements.

Do you know what makes us the best food box packaging manufacturer company in the USA? Our boxes are sturdy, long-lasting, attractive, and recyclable. However, the distinguishing feature is our food-grade coating.

It is nothing but a highly protective sheet coated all over the custom food packaging. It is coated inside and outside, making the box long-lasting and damage-resistant. It protects the fried, steamed, and cooked food from harmful chemicals, toxins, allergens, and ink. Thus, the food remains fresh for longer periods.

The game changer feature? Besides protection, it makes the printed food packaging boxes visually attractive. It improves the image resolution, color vibrancy, and text readability.

Convenient Personalized Food Packaging Designs

We offer unlimited box styles and printing techniques to meet the demand of fast-food brands. You name the food box packaging style, and we will provide it you can also check our custom food packaging designs in top Listed Products. You can bank on us whether you want a small, large, one, or two-piece box. With iCustomBoxes, everything is possible.

In addition, we offer various add-ons to make the packaging practical. For instance, you can order boxes with handles, also known as gable boxes. It is popular for packing happy meals, party favors, and sweets.

It is a secure packaging style, perfect for carrying large, heavy food items. It provides the utmost ease, and the customers can enjoy their meals on leisure trips, picnics, and parties.

Make Your Brand The Talk of The Town With Our Food Boxes Logo

LOGO is a four-letter word. You would be surprised to know how it changed the dynamics of the marketing world. Whether a multinational fast-food chain or a local food stall, the logo is a must-have.

Personalized food packaging defines your brand and gives a unique identity. Owing to its excellent benefits, the brands print logos on food boxes, tissue papers, billboards, menu cards, and so on. At large, it improves brand recognition, making your company relatable to the masses.

What are you waiting for? Finalize the logo design and get in touch with our experts. Our team will review and give you game-changer tips to enhance your brand logo. Are you ready? Let us discuss it in the upcoming section.

  • Foil stamped logo

Foil or hot stamping is an exclusive printing method. Unlike surface laminate, it is coated onto a specific area. It gives the logo a flashy and metallic shine and attracts food lovers.

Similarly, you can apply this technique to the franchise name, tagline, or other details. Overall, it looks professional and elevates the brand's image.

  • Spot UV logo

The name says it all! It gives a subtle and transparent shine to the logo. Besides shine it protects the logo from water, scratches, or fading.

Win Over Customers with Custom-Printed Food Boxes

No one likes plain burgers, fries, hot dogs, or sushi boxes. The same goes for the ice cream, cake, donut, truffle, and chocolate packaging. 

The thing is that food itself is tasty, nutrient-rich, and mouthwatering. Similarly, its packaging should resonate with the food. Therefore, colorful, visually attractive, and stylish custom-printed food packaging is a must.

It doubles the flavor of the food, making it irresistible. Thus, food lovers can't wait to buy and eat their favorite food.

Now, let us talk about the design possibilities.

  • Themed Packaging

Food is the most lucrative business on the earth. As long as people are here, the food business is here to stay. At the same time, it is fiercely competitive, and brands try different marketing campaigns to stay relevant in the billion-dollar market. And themed packaging is one of them.

You will always find themed personalized food packaging, whether it’s Christmas, New Year, or back-to-school season. It is an engaging marketing strategy that attracts customers with customized boxes. You can print festive images, characters, and taglines. It instantly gives you a competitive edge, resulting in skyrocketing sales.

Custom Printed Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale

iCustomBoxes is a user-friendly packaging company. We keep the client's budget in mind and design the boxes accordingly.

Order custom food boxes wholesale and save big bucks. It is an incredible deal, and small to large-scale businesses benefit from it. Isn’t it great that the price decreases as the order size increases?

What are you thinking about? Submit the quotation form and bring your dream packaging to life. Order custom boxes for food in any color, style, size, or material and get top-notch quality at reasonable prices.

Besides volume discounts and seasonal deals, we offer market-competitive rates. Survey the market and in the end, you will return to us. 

Amp Up Your Packaging Game With Our Unique Food Boxes

We offer the best customized food packaging boxes with logo and we mean it! We are brilliant at our kraft and provide unparalleled quality. We are unbeatable, and our competitors look up to us. 

At the same time, it motivates us to perform better and give our clients high-quality and innovative packaging. Ahead, we have pinned the most popular box styles of all times for food packaging.

Gable boxes

Countertop display

Pillow boxes

Tray and sleeve

Hexagon boxes

Window packaging 

Pyramid boxes


Dispenser style

Tuck end boxes

Keep your food size and quantity in mind, and select the box style. In case you need expert advice, you are most welcome. Our dream team is happy to assist!

Join The ECO-Revolution with Our Sustainable Custom Food Boxes

From day one, we have been very vocal about eco-friendly packaging. It is a harsh truth that unsustainable packaging has caused unimaginable damage to our planet. Now it is the time to rectify the situation.

Join hands with iCustomBoxes and reform the packaging trends with our environmentally friendly policies. We assure you that our printing house, everything from die-cutting to printing and finishing to delivery, complies with the sustainability protocols. 

Order cardboard and kraft custom made food boxes and enjoy the following benefits. 

It upscales the brand image

Engages the eco-responsible customers

There is no land or air pollution

Cardboard and kraft boxes are decomposable, reusable, and recyclable

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes is the best packaging supplier in the USA. We have won countless awards for our brilliant and professional printing facilities. With time, we have upgraded our printing house and have the latest print and die-cutting machinery. Besides, we have the best packaging consultants on board.

Therefore, if you are stuck at any point, reach out to us and get an instant solution. Dial +1-800-347-2197 or email Feel at home, and feel free to share your concerns, suggestions, or queries. Our sales agents are here to address and resolve all your packaging-related issues. 

Order custom-printed food boxes in bulk and enjoy free shipping and doorstep delivery across the USA. No more delays; request a quote and get phenomenal services under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about us

What is Customization, do you have standard or pre-made boxes?

We do customization according to customer requirements, nothing is pre-made or standard.

How can I submit a request for a quotation?

We do have multiple options for that, you can get a quote by sharing specifications in live chat. Via email or by contacting us through our contact options.

What information do I need to have for submitting a quotation request?

- For the price, you need to have the following - Required Quantity? - Required box measurements (L x W x H)?

How many different colors does your design contain?

- color - 2 color - 3 color - 4 color ? - Lamination, Matte, or Gloss? - Any specific box style do you prefer? / Share any sample images if you have any?

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 to 12 business days to print, produce and ship the order to your doorstep.

What is the difference between CMYK and Pantone (PMS)?

CMYK and Pantone are both color options used to get a certain color. CMYK can be referred to as 4 colors and PMS as solid colors.

What are the different types of stocks?

The three major stocks are Cardboard stock, Corrugated Cardboard Stock, and Rigid Stock.

What is the difference between cardboard and kraft?

The plain white cardboard and the brown kraft stock.

Is your stock eco-friendly, sustainable, and FSC approved?

We do provide multiple stock options according to customer requirements.

What are GSM and pt?

These are units of stock thickness.