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Ice Cream Cone Holder

When we visit a food chain that serves cones we get to know that serving a cone ice cream is somewhat messy and a difficult task to accomplish.But the intelligent and innovative people in the packaging industry, have a solution to every problem,so,they developed such cardboard cone holders that can be used to serve cone ice cream without letting a drop drip,you can serve cone without any mess using them.

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The Simple Gadget

In today’s world of gadgets when the new generation only understands everything with the help of gadgets,the cone ice cream holder is the simplest of latest innovative gadgets that help serving cone ice cream with perfect cleanliness.Right from the day one when the cone ice cream came into existence it is considered a delicious treat that is difficult to handle for people of all age groups and genders.At restaurants, people used to bet on serving a cone ice cream without dripping it.With the evolution of food industry new ideas are introduced one of such brilliant idea was the making and designing of a simple cardboard holder that could stabilize at least six  cone ice creams at a time in just one tray.This product is usually rectangular in shape with four to six round cut outs in a cardboard box that are made according to the size of the bottom of the cone ice cream.These boxes are specially designed for proper presentation of cone ice creams and have taken over the ice cream market by storm.

Custom Ice Cream Cone Holders

Most of the people of these modern times are well aware of the significance of presentation when it comes to the sale of a product.Every product that is presented in a special way will surely grasp more attention than the products that are simply handed over to a customer.Cone ice cream holders have emerged in the market to help the ice cream industry present their difficult to handle items like cone ice cream in a much decent way.A few years back the people who served cone ice creams had to hear negative comments from the customers and a lot of stuff was wasted,but the cone ice cream holders have changed the scenario and now the cone can only drop due to mishandling on part of the buyer as most of the big brands now serve the cones in these special trays that resemble a cardboard box.With holes at its top end to hold the cone ice cream secure and tight.These cone ice cream holders can be customized in different styles and sizes according to the requirements of the company that needs them.

Getting Cone Ice Cream Holder Customized

In today’s world of special styles of marketing ,every single person who wants to become popular uses excellent packaging services to make their products look special.The cone ice cream sellers are no exception, and with dozens of cone ice cream stores, everyone wants to do something special to get noticed.icustomboxes.com is the best packaging industry that has been catering the needs of not only the big brands but every client with equal dedication.Different companies that sell cone ice creams get their special cone ice cream trays printed in flashy colors to attract customers,some companies get these holders, printed with a cartoon theme to attract the children that are a big portion of their potential buyers.Various companies get these trays customized by having them printed with Christmas theme or new year these with more compartments made in one tray to serve more people at one time.


Box style; Ice Cream Cone Holder
Dimension; as per the stipulation
Quantity;  100
Paper stock; Kraft, white cardboard
Colors; No printing, full color printing, CMYK/PMS
Finishing; Gloss, Matte ,
Options;, Die cut window, Spot UV, embossing , debossing

Artwork; Available as per the demand of the product
Proof;  2D & 3D digital proofing’s
Delivery time; 10 to 12 business days.
Shipping;  all the boxes will be shipping flat