A Complete Guide on Designing Beautiful Custom Sweet Boxes

A Complete Guide on Designing Beautiful Custom Sweet Boxes

For centuries sweets have been an integral part of celebrations. Worldwide, people love to gift candies and chocolates to their loved ones. And it is perfect for making your events special. Due to the ever-increasing demand for sweets, brands pay attention to the customized packaging. Therefore in this blog, we have gathered exciting tips to create exclusive custom sweet boxes.

So, let us dive into the details!

Themed Boxes

Are you looking for themed sweet boxes? Well, with our expertise, you can make your Halloween, Birthdays, and baby shower boxes memorable. You can print special images, dates, initials, and quotations on the boxes. Plus, you can pick any theme, design, laminates, and add-ons to beautify your packaging. We offer a broad colour spectrum that lets you choose your favourite colour. And you can make your custom sweet boxes stand out with bold or neutral colours.

Gable Shaped Boxes

Sweets vary in flavour, colour, and shape, and so does their packaging. And gable boxes are one of the most trendy and safe packaging styles. The hut-shaped box comes with a handle. Thus it is easy to handle and carry around. And it provides enough space to house the yummy delights. Moreover, you can customize them in any colour, size, design, and stock. And you can even decorate the handle with beautiful and stylish ribbons, bows, and lace.

Partial Cover Packaging

Boxes with windows are a common box style in the confectionery industry. The transparent sheet is attached to the top and gives a sneak peek of the yummy sweets. And offers customers great convenience, and you don’t need to open the box to find what's inside. In short, it kills curiosity and speeds up the buying decision. This style applies to a two-piece, drawer boxes, reverse tuck ends, pillows, and pyramid-shaped boxes. Further, you can decorate it with greeting cards and hang tags.

Pyramid Shaped Boxes

Top-notch chocolate brands never settle for less. They want everything to be spick and span. Hence they prefer a unique box style with excellent printing and finishing details. Without a doubt, pyramid boxes are the best for exclusive packaging. Its unique shape impresses the customers and triggers their impulse buying. Moreover, you can wrap the box with a contrasting or matching ribbon. It adds value to your packaging and gives the users a premium unboxing experience. However, i Custom Boxes offers a huge canvas for customization. Thus you can paint your thoughts the way you like.

Custom Sweet Packaging with Inserts

Do you want a mosaic of neatly arranged sweets? Well, that’s not a bad idea. The inserts are a must whether it’s a small or large sweet box. It helps to differentiate the caramel, nutty, fruity, and chocolaty sweets. And it prevents the mixing, bumping, and smudging of the sweets into one another. The inserts are available in eco-friendly stock, i.e. rigid, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. And you can order them in any colour, shape, design, and thickness. The dividers differ in their structural design. They are either built-in or removable. And it makes the packaging functional, spacious, and attractive. And on top of that, it keeps the boxes intact and prevents them from crushing.

Colourful Packaging

The packaging colour matters a lot during customization. Whether a fancy or a simple box, the right colour takes your packaging to the next level. Therefore confectionery brands opt for bright boxes. It is eye-catching and pops out the printed information, logo, and artwork. Overall it increases the brand's worth, hooks the customers, and boosts the sales graph.

Rigid Boxes

Since the sweets are creamy and sticky, so durable packaging is very important. It protects the sweets from spoilage, contamination, and melting. So selecting the right packaging substrate is a big game changer for your brand. The rigid stock is your best bet if you want exclusivity, protection, and sustainability in one box. Undoubtedly it is renewable, strong, and easy to customize. You can order rigid sweets boxes in any style, size, colour, and design. Moreover, you can embellish it with beautiful decorations.

Bellyband style

Do you want a stylish and secure packaging style? At iCustomBoxes, you can find fantastic customization options. And the custom printed bellyband tops the charts. It’s a sleeve and is fixed onto the box. In other words, it seals the box and prevents its accidental opening. And you can order it in contrasting colours, stocks, and styles. And you can even add your logo design and sweet description.

Inside Printing

The unboxing is a one-of-a-kind experience. It excites and brings joy to the customers. Therefore they look forward to unique packaging. Since people always prefer out-of-the-box ideas and styles, so inside printing is the best option. It is a wonderful way to deliver special messages to the receivers. Apart from this, you can use it for brand marketing. You can depict your brand’s vision through creative artwork. And even tell the customers about your latest sweet collection and its manufacturing process.

In a nutshell, the inside printing adds a new dimension to sweet packaging wholesale.

Foil-stamped sweet boxes

Gold and silver foil stamp brings life to the custom-printed sweet boxes. And it looks breathtaking on bold and dark-coloured boxes. It increases the worth of your boxes and convinces sweet lovers to shell out. The technique is fuss-free and stamps the coloured foil with high heat and pressure. Brands love it because it is a dry printing method and gives excellent results. Besides, you can couple it with embossing and debossing technique.

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Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Our printing specialists are quite vigilant when it comes to food packaging. And we ensure that the sweet boxes wholesale meet the international packaging criteria. Thus we use high-quality ink, stock, and printing techniques. Further, we use food-grade laminates to make the boxes safe, secure, and durable. Plus, we offer premium printing services to our A-list clientele. Whether it is a short run or bulk order our team gives their 100% in designing bespoke boxes.

For more details, visit icustomboxes.com or call +1-800-347-2197 and have a one-to-one session with our experts.


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