A complete guide to making your Custom Nuggets Packaging stand out from the crowd

A complete guide to making your Custom Nuggets Packaging stand out from the crowd

Custom Printed Nuggets Boxes

It is a fact that customers are very picky about their food choices. They double-check the nutritional food chart before making a purchase. Thus food brands pay special attention to informative packaging. So it is essential to print the expiration date, nutritional chart, cooking method, and storage conditions. It helps food lovers make informed decisions and pick their all-time favourite nuggets.

Food-Grade Laminated Packaging

Do you know why food products require customized packaging? Well, it safeguards the enclosed items from sunlight, dust, and dirt. And it protects the food from spoilage and contamination. You can also make your chicken nugget boxes secure and durable with surface laminates. A diverse range of coatings is available that improve the shelf life of the boxes. 

For example, you can laminate the boxes with aqueous, spot UV, gloss, and matte lamination. It is applied as a thin transparent layer over the box surface; thus, it makes the boxes durable and resistant to damage. The best part? The aqueous coating is 100% biodegradable and can create matte, gloss, soft touch, and satin finish. Thus overall, it makes food packaging long-lasting and versatile.

Visually Attractive Boxes

There is no denying that the food business is all about great taste and packaging. And do you agree that mouthwatering boxes can make or break your brand?

Emphatic YES!

Thus you can use tempting nuggets images and bold colours to make your boxes stand out. Plus, you can print catchy taglines and mouthwatering descriptions to engage food lovers. What are you waiting for? Print eye-catching images and hook potential customers. 

There are several ways to market your nugget packaging. And undoubtedly, a prominent logo tops the chart. You can opt for a foil stamp, emboss or deboss logo. However, for food packaging, the foil-stamped logo is a better option. And depending on the base colour, you can choose coloured foil. For example, gold or silver foil pops out on the red, blue, and white coloured boxes.

However, other foil colours are also available, like rose gold, copper, green, red, and green. Hence based on your personal preference, you can choose the foil stamping method.

Versatile packaging styles

Instead of choosing a typical square or rectangular box, you can pack your nuggets in unique packaging styles. For instance, you can choose a full sealed, straight tuck end, gable, or tuck front style. Moreover, you can customize it in any color, design, or stock. 

Further, you can add important product details and highlight them with our top-notch printing techniques.

Colourful Packaging

Do you know that the food industry is worth billions of dollars? Wow, that’s quite big! As a result, the food market has become supersaturated. And zillions of brands are entering the market. Without an iota of doubt, the fierce competition makes it challenging to coin your identity. However, with customized packaging, you can solidify your brand identity. First, you start with a bold and vibrant colour palette. You can order nuggets packaging in yellow, blue, or red colour. A sharp background gives a prominent look to the printed images and text.

Next, you can enhance the printing quality with our customized coatings. The gloss lamination improves the box’s durability and repels dust and dirt. On top of that, it gives a premium feel and makes the packaging visually appealing

Use of Sustainable Stock

Undoubtedly global warming is an international crisis and requires the utmost attention. Therefore small to large-scale brands have improved their packaging. And they are more inclined towards eco-friendly stock, i.e., kraft and cardboard. You can also embark on the green movement with our ecologically friendly stock. Do we manufacture the custom printed nuggets packaging in your preferred stock (kraft and cardboard) And the outstanding part? Our packaging substrate is 100% biodegradable, and it reduces global packaging waste. Plus, the cardboard and kraft material provides an unlimited customization margin. So, you can print different colours, images, and text without worrying about the quality.

Frustration-Free Packaging

Customized packaging is the backbone of the brand’s marketing campaign. It has the power to make or break your brand image. So it needs to be on point to grab the customer’s attention.

However, there is a lot more that needs special attention. Apart from the aesthetics, the right packaging counts a lot. It provides maximum protection to the nuggets and improves the buyer’s unboxing experience. Therefore whether it’s a large or small-sized box, the accurate size is significant. Undoubtedly it reduces packaging waste and supports smart packaging. Hence right size packaging is a no-brainer.  

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

We have the world’s top-class designers, analysts, and estimators. And they are excellent at their job. Our in-house team knows the latest packaging trends and designs the boxes accordingly. Whether a startup or a large-scale brand, we offer our clients unlimited customization options. Thus you are free to design and print custom nugget boxes, and our experts will assist you throughout the process. Do you have any packaging-related queries? You can email support@icustomboxes.com or dial +1-800-347-2197, and our experts will revert to you in no time!

No need to think further. Choose us; we are here to provide quality packaging at the best price.