Absolute Guide to Customize Perfect Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

Absolute Guide to Customize Perfect Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

Vape cartridge has become a popular device for inhaling and exhaling aerosol. It comes in glass jars containing marijuana concentrates and nicotine.  Vape cartridge packaging is essential to protect the actual taste of the flavorful vapes. On the other hand, the industry has been flooded with brands. A large number of brands have been launched in recent times, which has enticed the competition. Therefore, branded packaging can help distinguish your brand’s products from the crowd. Being a vape manufacturer, you must have been familiar with the importance of packaging. Do you want to know the procedure for customizing bespoke vape packaging? There is no need to read around. Here is a complete guide. This blog will explore the most impressive and convenient methods for customizing a phenomenal, error-free, custom vape cartridge box.

Customize Right Size Box for Long-Standing Vape Packaging

 The first stage of customization is the selection of an accurate size box. You cannot expect to create a perfect product’s packaging by choosing an improper package. Custom vape boxes are flexible. So, you can make these boxes into any form, shape, and size following the product's specifications. Vape carts come in various dimensions. They vary in shape and size. So, you have to stay informed about the correct details of products before starting the customization procedure. You can pick out a small box to store a single vape cart. Or you can use a large box to keep many vape carts for retail packaging.

Stand out in the Market with the Trendiest Box Designs and Shapes

The box's design is the second thing that gives an exciting look to the packaging. Typical boxes or wrapping design does not attract customers. They prioritize to see their products stored in good and fashionable packaging. There are many design options. You can opt for those that seem most appropriate and handy for vape packaging. Tuck-end boxes in reverse and straight styles are a very convenient box design. They are easy to ship, store and assemble. Moreover, sleeve packaging and a tuck front are also good choices. Adding inserts, hang tabs, and die-cut windows can give a handy and appealing touch to vape cartridge boxes wholesale.

Make Rational Material Choices for Long-Lasting Packaging

Indeed, the primary purpose of packaging is to ensure the utmost protection of the products. The box’s durability relies on the selected materials. A flimsy and poor-quality material is more likely to tear due to traveling and storage traumas. As a result, products become vulnerable to damage. We suggest the most reliable and sturdy material options for manufacturing a high-end custom vape cartridge box.  These options involve kraft, cardboard, corrugated and rigid materials. All these stocks have distinctive attributes and are 100% environmentally friendly. Cardboard paper is a good option for retail packaging. It is robust and can bear the shocks of storage and shipment. Rigid paper is a costly option. You can choose to customize a gift or promotional packaging.

Enhance the Appeal of the Product’s Packaging with Additional Solutions:

Many extra solutions add a delightful finishing touch to the product’s packaging. Their details are below:


The main objective of coating is to add a layer of strength to the box’s packaging.

Besides, they enhance the vividness of prints and make them livelier in appearance. Gloss, matt, aqueous, and spot UV are the most beneficial coating options. Gloss coatings are a more demandable choice due to their light-reflectiveness. It adds shininess and gleaming touch in the light. On the other hand, there is matt coating. It is suitable to create dim and soft prints. You can hand-pick matt finish to give a professional and elegant touch to the box’s surface.


There are enhancements like embossing, debossing, and foil stamping to uplift the designs and make them more vivid. Foil stamping in silver and gold colors highlights a specific technique, like a logo.


You can select among the following add-ons to create an appealing custom vape cartridge box

Die-cut with PVC sheet:

The die-cut box sheet gives consumers a wholesome idea about the vape cart's shape, size, and flavor. The thick PVC sheet protects products from harmful environmental elements like dirt, soil, contamination, etc.


Inserts enhance the box’s functionality and give an incredible unboxing experience to the buyers. The delicate vape cart in glass containers stays firm in the package due to the durable inserts. Foam inserts are mainly applied to give an appealing look to the packaging.

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What material do you use for manufacturing vape cartridge boxes?

We make use of kraft, cardboard, and cardboard corrugated materials.

Do you provide design samples?

Yes, we offer design mock-ups at the request of our clients. They are in 3D forms and cost you nothing at all.

Why do we use custom-made vape cartridge boxes with logos?

Custom vape cartridge boxes with logos are a very effective tool for brand marketing. They stand out in the brand’s products and enhance sales.

What type of box designs are available for vape cartridge packaging?

The sky is no limit when it comes to customization. We can customize boxes into any shape, size, and material following the request of our clients.


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