Amp Up Your Brand’s Marketing Game With Our Custom White Soap Boxes

Amp Up Your Brand’s Marketing Game With Our Custom White Soap Boxes

People have used body wash products for centuries to keep their skin fresh and healthy. However, with time, things changed for good. Gradually the brands started to manufacture soap bars, body wash, and bath bombs. But the truth is worldwide; soaps are the most popular and frequently used cleansing agent.  But we got a situation! Since the soap market is worth billions of dollars, solidifying your brand presence is not a piece of cake.  Therefore this blog will help guide how to market your brand globally with our custom white soap boxes. Are you excited? Come on, let’s get started!

Minimalism Design

It is admitted that white color symbolizes purity, peace, and innocence. As a matter of fact, the white color speaks a language of its own. Similarly, you can make your brand stand out with custom white boxes. Undoubtedly it effortlessly makes your packaging classy and eye-catching. Once it is placed on the drug stores or retail shelves, the customers can’t help buying your product. So the more simple the design, the more elegant it looks!

Custom White Soap Boxes with Windows

Okay. Answer a simple question. Why do we install windows at the workplace, homes, or malls?  Yes, you guessed it right. Apart from aesthetics, it is important for cross-ventilation. Thus it enables you to breathe fresh air and appreciate the beautiful nature around you.  In the same way, the PVC sheet is a like a window, giving an overview of the white soap. And it guides you about its size, aroma, shape, and color. So with partial cover packaging, you don’t need a salesperson to brief you about the product. In other words, your customized boxes act as a silent salesperson.  

Accurate size Boxes

We agree that one size fits all isn’t applicable in the customized packaging. Thus you can order custom soap packaging boxes in any dimension. The latest printing and die-cutting machinery design the right size packaging. You can pick any box shape, color, or design and our skilled team will manufacture it as per your needs.  Overall it gives the buyers a premium unboxing experience and reduces global packaging waste.

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Soap Boxes with Bellybands

There is no denying that are incredible ways to pack and display your soaps. But bellybands are the oldest and most popular way to market your soaps. The bellyband is a sleeve that’s wrapped around the white soap. It can be crafted in cardboard or kraft stock. Besides, you can customize it in different styles, colors, or prints. And you even print soap images, chemical formulations, usage, and price. Thus you get style, protection, and sustainability all in one!

Foil Stamped Packaging

Do you agree that coloured foil looks beautiful on custom white soap packaging? Yes, it does! And it gives your packaging a neat, elegant, and sophisticated look. It is important to note that it is a dry printing technique, meaning no ink is used. As a result, there is no ink bleeding or color fading. Isn’t that amazing? The coloured foil is imprinted on the paper with high heat and pressure. Thus it creates a permanent impression on the logo design, text, or images.  Moreover, there, you can experiment a lot with coloured foil. It is available in green, blue, copper, red, gold, rose gold, and silver. Hence you can choose the foil that complements the white soap packaging.

Well Decorated Packaging

Do you want to upgrade your soap boxes to beautiful gift packaging? Well, our customized decorations are good to go. You can embellish the packaging with hemp rope, silk ribbons, or knots. It amplifies the receiver unboxing experience and adds five stars to your boxes. Further, you can attach promotional cards, hang tags, or greeting cards to add personalized messages.  Lastly, you can jack up your marketing game with customized stickers or labels.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Our in-house printing team consists of experienced and talented experts. And for decades, we have satisfied the packaging needs of entrepreneurs, startups, and large-scale businesses. Do you need free design support? Our skilled graphic designers are here to help you at each step. Plus, we share a digital mockup of the custom white boxes with our clients for their satisfaction. Lastly, we offer fast turnaround, amazing discounts, a minimum order quantity of 100 boxes, and safe payment methods. And whether it’s a short run or bulk order, we provide worldwide free shipping and doorstep delivery service.

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