Boost your Fast-Food Chain Business with our Custom Noodle Boxes

Boost your Fast-Food Chain Business with our Custom Noodle Boxes

Do you know that China is the largest consumer of noodles? The truth is people across the globe love to eat noodles. Thus a variety of noodles are available in the market. You can make your food booth, and restaurant a smashing hit with our custom noodle boxes. We use food-grade laminates to keep the noodles hot, yummy, and fresh. Besides, our custom-printed boxes set apart your brand. If you want to boost your sales and attract food lovers, this blog is for you. In this, we will discuss different packaging stocks, styles, and printing techniques for your boxes.

Without further delay, let’s get started!

Custom Printed Noodle Packaging

Have you ever wondered why we need custom noodle boxes? Well, it protects the noodles from contamination, spoilage, and sunlight. And it keeps the noodle’s taste, aroma, and texture fresh. Thus customized food packaging is a no-brainer. Since we all know the food industry is quite competitive, it becomes difficult to coin your identity in a sea of food brands. Ultimately it requires a heavy marketing budget.

But you need not worry. iCustomBoxes is your saviour packaging!

You can make your way into the super-saturated market with custom printed noodle boxes. It creates brand awareness, differentiates the flavoured noodles, and improves the shopping experience. You can print the noodle’s flavour, cooking method, nutritional chart, and price. And you also add Chinese symbols and slogans to attract the foodies. 

Custom Boxes with Handles

People enjoy hot-served noodles. The visible steam makes the food more tempting. Therefore you can enjoy your Chinese cuisine to the fullest with our durable packaging. Our food-grade laminated boxes keep the noodles fresh and safe. It retains moisture and prevents it from getting stale, hard, or dry. Since noodles are super hot, so we design safe and convenient packaging. You can attach the kraft and cardboard handles on the top. Thus it makes your custom noodle packaging handy.

Attractive Packaging

It is admitted that the food business is about more than just good taste. There is a lot more that goes into making it a big hit. For example, tempting images, catchy slogans, logo design, and packaging style are all important. Hence it is a grave mistake to overlook any one of these.

Thus colourful and attractive noodle boxes are here to stay. It instantly hooks the onlookers and triggers their impulse buying behaviour. On top of that, the customers recognize your brand through signature box style, colour, and design. So you can print steamy food pictures and mouthwatering food descriptions on the packaging.

The end result? It turns potential customers into regular ones!

Environmental Friendly Noodle Packaging

Worldwide, people eat carbs to boost their energy levels. And when it comes to snack time, the noodles are everyone’s hot favourite item. Thus its consumption rate is always high. Whether it’s take away or home delivery service, you can’t do without boxes. As stated earlier, it keeps the food items fresh and safe. And in the end, people eat healthy and hygienic food.

But it’s also important to keep our planet safe. Therefore we use sustainable packaging substrate. All of our stock paper (rigid, cardboard, kraft, and corrugated) is 100% recyclable. And it breakdowns naturally, requiring no extensive procedure. And the winning point? It offers great customization options. And our box surface is perfect for laminations, finishings, and decorative effects.

Food Grade Coating

Do you want to add extra strength and durability to boxes of noodles? You can laminate them with an aqueous coating. As the name implies, it is liquid based and dries out quickly. It is applied over the entire box surface compared to spot UV. It is free of toxic substances and is quite versatile.

And it gives glossy, soft touch and satin look to the packaging. Altogether it increases the shelf life of the food boxes. And it protects the box surface from scratches, stains, and fingerprints.

The end result? It makes your boxes attractive, and long-lasting and impresses food lovers. Hence they are ready to pay dollars for your packaging.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

If you are looking for high-quality custom noodle boxes, you are in the right spot. We provide exceptional packaging services at affordable rates. You can order a minimum of 100 noodle boxes, and there is no limitation for placing bulk quantities. Apart from this, we also offer our clients seasonal deals and special and bundle discounts.

No thinking further; choose iCustomBoxes as your Printing Partner!

And discuss your packaging-related questions with our sales agents. Feel free to drop your queries at or dial +1-800-347-2197.