Buying tips for candle boxes and the need of packaging expert

Buying tips for candle boxes and the need of packaging expert

Candle is an item that can make a tempting gift for anyone despite of what the occasion is. This is because of the fact that candles are of different types including; romantic or scented, practical or regular, decorative, etc. if you are one of those who intend to gift a set of candles as a present to your loved ones, you’ll definitely require a box that cannot only preserve the texture it forms, but secures it fresh essence.

Most of the manufacturers are anxious about the shipment of candle in a box as the rays of the sun may destroy the texture of the candle. As experts in providing packaging solutions, we advise manufacturers and retailers to go with a candle box.

Customized candle boxes- material and size

Candle boxes are preferred by a large number of businesses and individuals (manufacturers and retailers) as candle is a highly demanding item that can either be used for the purpose of decoration or can be offered as a gift. These boxes can either be produced from wooden material or thick cardboard material. Where wood is a heavy- weight material and cannot be folded into distinctive shapes, cardboard being made out of the pulp of the tree is a light-weight and easy to handle and customizable item. Hence, demanded! For items like candle, when a box is being produced out of cardboard material, it adds multiple layers of soft tissue that helps in protecting and preserving the texture of the candle being presented. The corrugation or soft layers added to the box further protects the candle from being melted even when in transit and are being passed by sun rays.

With regards to the size of the box, a candle box can be crafted in unique shape, sizes and styles, depending on the requirement of the customers. This is completely dependent on what the size and shape of the candle is and how many pieces you intend to offer as a present. The size also varies according to the candle being presented as every candle has a different shape and size. Traditionally, the most demanded candle boxes were cubic or oblong- shaped. For a unique touch, most of the candle manufacturing companies as well as home- based manufacturers demand circular- shaped candle boxes.

Need of packaging expert

The immense competition in the industries is no more hidden from the existing businesses, new entrants as well as individuals across the globe. In order to win the race, each of the manufacturer, either a company or a home- based candle box maker is struggling harder to come up with an effective and unique solution. You have a design and all you require is a sense of creativity? The solution is having a professionally qualified packaging expert who not only satisfies your business need, but understands your business and designs the packaging box accordingly.

At, the team of experts are available 24/7 to help you in dealing with the queries regarding your packaging solution.

Standard vs Customized

A lot of businesses still have a confusion regarding which is a better packaging solution to utilize, i.e. either standard or customized? The best you can get is either from your personal experience or by the experts of packaging. In the highly competitive environment if you intend to experience, the result gained via use of standard packaging, you are placing your business at high risk.

Cost and benefits

Upon comparing the cost of a standard box with a customized candle box, you will get to know that the price of packaging may be lower, but the benefit it offers is more than what a business may expect. When a business utilizes a customized packaging, it receives a lot more than the packaging solution. The attractiveness of custom boxes enforces the visitors to turn into customers and the customers into returning customers. Along with this, details of the company printed helps in marketing the product packaged inside the box. Custom candle box is known to be affordable by all businesses either small, medium or large.


As compared to the standardized packaging, customized packaging is more presentable as is designed completely in accordance with the requirement of the customers. The creativity in candles these days changes the cylindrical shape of the candle as a result of which similar- shaped box is also required.

Alternatively, a lot of manufacturers (company- based or home- based) are aware of the importance of customized packaging boxes and therefore looks for an expert advice and professional packaging box manufacturer. The boxes when designed can assist a particular brand and the ultimate product in being recognized that then helps a business in grabbing higher market share. Almost all the market leaders in the industries including food, jewelry as well as electronic and cosmetic are fond of using customized packaging boxes. 

Research shows that candle box can be utilized as a loyal gift box

The fact that candle box is rich in textile and design, having them customized and printed by experts makes it more tempting. Experts can help you add features that helps in making it look more beautiful. Having a window pane attached to the box can makes the audience at large sneak into the box, making them view the creativity done on the candles packaged.

You are out of extra marketing budget? You need not to worry if you have decided to utilize customized packaging on the box as having company details printed on the box also helps in promoting a particular product, thereby improving brand image. Get a sample to check out the quality offered by