Cherish Your Luxurious Shoes with Innovative Designs Custom Shoe Boxes

Cherish Your Luxurious Shoes with Innovative Designs Custom Shoe Boxes

shoes are one of the luxurious fashion accessories. Are you selling your glamorous shoes in an ordinary box and unsuccessful in engaging the customers? You can choose printed shoe boxes for the delightful packaging of shoes and compel audiences to appreciate your footwear brand’s products. The primary advantage of customization is that you can customize boxes the way you want.  So, here we will inform you about fantastic design ideas for customizing an out-of-the-way custom shoe box.

Create a Good Impression on Clients with Unique Box Style

Nowadays, it is difficult to impress buyers.  The market is replete with shoe brands.  It takes many struggles to get a lead.  You can elevate your footwear brand by choosing an innovative box with appealing artwork. For this purpose, you can choose iCustomBoxes. Our company equips the most talented designers with years of experience and do wonders in their field. However, you can share your design pattern with us in pdf files and convey the details about your product’s dimensions. Undoubtedly, you will get the services done as you demand. For custom shoe box packaging, our most popular box style includes:

  • Two-piece box:

One of the most functional and secure boxes for shoe packaging, easy to customize, ship and store.

  • Shoe boxes with die cut:

Give a sneak peek preview to the onlookers of the inside-packed shoes

  • Sleeve packaging:   

Reveals products effortlessly and suitable for promotional and protective purposes 

Shoe Box Packaging Manufactured with Best Quality Material:

Cardboard is one of the most pertinent stock options for shoe packaging. The cardboard is strong and easy to customizable.  You can alter cardboard paper into any form and size. You can add extra flutes in the cardboard box to strengthen the shoe box with more info.  The sturdy nature keeps shoes protected and unharmed from any damage. Moreover, this paper is recyclable; you can store the cardboard box and reuse it for various purposes. Additionally, if you have to use shoe boxes for particular purposes like gift packaging. Then we suggest you go for rigid boxes.  Some customers demand kraft brown paper to give a natural look to their packaging. At iCustomBoxes, you can get what you request as it is our policy to act as our client’s command.

Cardboard paper is flexible and ready for prints and various personalized solutions.  You can design cardboard boxes with die-cuts, windows and inserts to give an extraordinary experience to the onlookers.  We use top-rate digital, offset and screen-printing methods to create alluring results. Moreover, you can print your cardboard shoe box with a logo design and depict it with informative details related to your footwear brand.  You can laminate your design patterns with gloss, spot UV and embossing to increase their colour vibrancy.

Enrich Shoe Box Packaging with Phenomenal Add-Ons and Finishings

A plethora of add-ons and finishings solutions can play a significant part in standing out your brand in the competitive market.  Besides this, they also add strength to the box and create unfadable colour prints. Our exclusive additional options for shoe boxes wholesale include:

Gloss Lamination:

Want to sparkle your colours? The gloss finish reflects the light and adds a sheen and gleaming texture. 

Matt Lamination:

Matt finish is an optimal option to give a sophisticated look. It is non-reflective to light and immune to scuffs and marks etc.

Aqueous Coating:

You can apply an aqueous coating to provide a soft, satin and glossy touch to the surface of the packaging. 

Foil Stamping:

You can uplift a specific design pattern from the rest with foil stamping. 


You can use embossing and debossing to prominent the design patterns and give a concrete look to the colours.

Window Cut Outs:

Using windows and die-cuts in the box showcases your products in front of the audience without unpacking the box.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

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