Choose Reliable material for the Custom Belt Boxes

Choose Reliable material for the Custom Belt Boxes

iCustomBoxes solutions always offer durable material for box production. Our corrugated kraft and cardboard materials are 100% pure and made of raw ingredients. The unique quality is that these materials are biodegradable and do not lose flexibility after recycling. You can use it again in pure quality. Also, these materials are well known for their durability and cheap rates in the packaging market. We even offer flutes in the corrugated box according to the product weight and measurements. Also, it prevents dampness, pressure, and any damage during transportation.

Durable Custom Belt Boxes Styling Ideas

We have a huge variety of box styles to offer you. You can select the authentic box style you are looking for. You can pack the leather belts in the two-piece box, which resists continuous movement of the inner product. Its top fully covers the bottom and creates a sturdy bond. You can also keep the tuck front box style, which keeps the top and bottom of the box attached. Also, you can be free of losing the cap of the box. You can choose the reverse or front tuck-in options according to your desire.

Custom Belts Box with Cardboard Insert

You can hook up belts with cardboard inserts for the display in the shop. The way you tie the bandana for the display purpose. Some of the straps are made up of beads and chains. You can protect these elegant belts in two ways.

The idea to Secure Elegant Belts for Display Purposes

The beads and chains can be turned back due to air, perfumes, sprays, etc. You can’t openly hang these in the shop. Otherwise, its metallic shine can be loose. More people touch the belts also, and dust can affect the color’s life. You can keep it in our economic PVC sheets. It will not only protect the fingerprints, dust, air, and other factors. But also give a stylish and modish look to the belts.

Protection for Long-Term use and Shipment

You can create a die-cut window on any box style you have chosen. Even you can keep it in the shop display too. You can also keep rigid cardboard and foam inserts to protect the belt from continuous movement while dispatching. Also, it looks so impressive to the brand-lover people. They attract even more when they see the luxurious packaging inside the custom box. You can also use embossing and deposing on the window display of the custom box.

Enchanting ADD-ONS and Printing Methods

You can use our modern PMS and CMYK color schemes for designing custom belt boxes. These affordable color schemes give an appealing and lavish look to the chest. You can use a semi-gloss coating to shine the belt box. You can go with maa the layer if you don’t want a shine and gleaming effect. It gives the sophistication and decency you wish. More you can apply smudge and scratch-proof aqueous coating. Also, you can use silver and gold foiling for a pearly and sparkling shine. We also have spot UV and matte coatings.

Economical Custom Belt Boxes Wholesale

You can get custom belt boxes wholesale, too, from us. It is a bust way to buy bulk containers in economically friendly packs and sell them at market rate. You can avail of various custom boxes from us with free extra sample cost. We also have a custom hat, sox, and luggage boxes. We will give you a wonderful discount if you buy other boxes from us too.

Request Free Quote from iCustomBoxes Solutions

If you are interested in buying cardboard and corrugated belt boxes from us, visit our webpage and fill the foam with all the requirements you want. You can also write special instructions in the message section. Let us guide you step by step.

  • Click on request quote.
  • Write your full name and Email address
  • Note down the available number
  • Select paper stock
  • Choose box style
  • Write dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Select inches (Qt1, Qt2)
  • Write the product name (e.g., belt, shoe, cake)
  • comment down for add-ons

Contact our Experts for Extra Support

Suppose you are facing any issues or cannot understand how to fill a quote, you can contact our experts. You can guide him he will fill it himself. He will guide you through all the payment, box styling, and design. You can freely take advice from him about new ideas.