Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Boxes The Secret to Improve Your Brand Image

Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Boxes The Secret to Improve Your Brand Image

Are you done wrapping your bath bombs in plastic shrink wrap? Do you want to become part of the green movement? Perfect! This blog is for you. We have rounded up game-changer tips to present your bath bombs in Eco-Friendly Packaging. So without any delay, let’s dive into the details.

Kraft Bath Bomb Boxes

Are you looking for vintage or organic, eco-friendly bath bomb boxes? Kraft paper stock is good to go. Typically it comes in brown with a coarse texture. However, it is also available in black and white color. Overall, the classic kraft stock gives your cosmetic brand an understated and old-school vibe.  And the game-changer part? The kraft paper is 100% biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, and affordable. Isn’t that amazing?

Cardboard Bath Bomb Packaging

There is a misconception that eco-safe packaging is dull. But the reality is quite the opposite. With custom cardboard bath bomb boxes, you get unlimited customization options. It is a versatile packaging substrate and can be crafted in any shape, size, design, or color. Moreover, you can print the bath bomb images and descriptions without worrying about the printing quality. Thus you can make your bath bomb boxes fun, creative, and safe with sustainable stock.

Rigid Packaging Material

Although for bath bomb packaging, the rigid stock is not a popular choice. But as we say that everything is possible when it comes to customization. Therefore for subscription and promotional packaging, rigid material is a good option. It is a thick paperboard and has a structurally improved design. It is available in the foldable or non-foldable form. The former is shipped flat and occupies less storage space, whereas the latter is delivered pre-assembled. No matter what box design you choose, both forms are 100% eco-friendly. Besides, you can customize the rigid stock in any color, shape, and size.

Aqueous Coated Packaging

It is a fact that no one likes fingerprints and scratches on their custom printed bath bomb packaging. It gives a bad brand impression and undermines the unboxing experience. Thus customers prefer smooth and shiny box surfaces. The good news? Now you can make your packaging stylish, eco-safe, and creative with aqueous coating. Yes, you heard it right. It is 100% biodegradable and quickly dries out because of its water-based nature. It is applied as a thin layer over the entire box surface. Moreover, it is available in soft touch, satin, gloss, and matte finish. Thus you can create the desired effect without damaging the planet.

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Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Boxes with Bellybands

There are several ways to display your bath bombs on cosmetic shelves. Come on, it is 2023, and you can’t limit yourself to typical boxes. It means that you can go green with bellybands or customized stickers. They are delicately wrapped around the citrus balls and help in brand marketing. You can order colored or custom-printed bellybands. Besides, you can print your brand or bath bomb details on it. You can customize the strips in any length, width, color, or stock, depending on your preference. However, our kraft and cardboard bellybands are easy to customize and recycle and offer amazing design options.

Bath Bomb Packaging with Custom Dividers

Do you know that you can make your bath bomb packaging 100% eco-friendly? Yes, it is all possible with an experienced custom box supplier. And it is great to see how customers, brands, and manufacturers have incorporated sustainable practices. Thus you can easily find an alternative to plastic and bubble wrap. Now you can make your bath bomb packaging extra secure with customized inserts. They are manufactured in rigid, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material. Plus, you change the color, style, thickness, and stock depending on the box style. In a nutshell, you can portray a positive brand image with ecologically safe stock.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

There is no denying that we are the flagbearer for green packaging. We have revamped the packaging culture and practices for good. Everything is aligned with the environmental policies, from stock and laminates to decorations. Thus you can pick any packaging style, design, or color, and we will craft it in sustainable stock. We are here to empower your business with our eco-friendly bath bomb packaging. For further assistance, call +1-800-347-2197 or drop your messages at