Everything you Need to Know about Custom Counter Display Boxes

Everything you Need to Know about Custom Counter Display Boxes

Retail packaging is teeming with a plethora of box styles, colors, and designs. Indeed, it is a visual treat for the buyers. But at the same time, it gets confusing for them. And somewhere in the middle, your brand also gets lost and fails to reach the customer’s eye level.

So, do we have a practical and long-lasting solution? Certainly, a counter display box is the right answer! Curious to know more about it? Read this informative blog till the end.

Custom Counter Display:An All-Rounder Packaging Solution!

The counter display box is at every grocery store and the cash counters. But why every brand wants to showcase their products in it? What is so special about it? 

The thing is that it’s an exceptional box style. It stores, promotes, and markets your brand. It effortlessly advertises the product to the target audience. As a result, the customers can’t help to buy your product.  

Besides, the open-box style allows you to stack as many items as you want. Display lipsticks, lip balms, perfumes, medicine, etc. The winning feature is that it can be designed in any color, size, or stock. Great! Are you ready to put your brand to the forefront?

Save the Planet With Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

2024 has no room for harmful packaging. It has already done enough damage to our earth. Hence it is time to reform the packaging trends with cardboard boxes. It is an excellent packaging substrate famous for its incredible features.

However, eco-friendliness tops the scales making it the ultimate packaging choice for the brands. It uses less material and energy resources. And it is fully recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. Thus it poses zero threats to the environment.

The cardboard counter display boxes are unique. Its infinite customization, sturdiness, and flexibility make it the “best” stock. Undoubtedly the box amasses attention due to its unique design. And it can be enhanced with wonderful designs, themes, and colors. 

Colored Printing 

Custom packaging provides brands with amazing ideas. It is not restricted to a particular box style, color, design, or add-ons. The truth is that it amazes us with the endless combinations. And colored printing is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your packaging. 

Isn’t it incredible the same box can be printed in thousands of colors or shades? For example, makeup brands prefer pink, purple, and white counter display boxes. It complements their brand mission and grabs the customer’s attention.

Similarly, medical suppliers prefer white and blue boxes. It exudes purity and cleanliness and syncs well with pharmaceutical companies. Hence never undermine the power of colored printed boxes.

Diversity and Style at Its Peak!

Looking for out-of-the-box packaging styles? The custom counter display boxes are the best. The food, jewelry, electronics, and cosmetic brands love it for all the good reasons. The beautiful box stands out on the display shelves. Colored printing, stylish typography, and eye-catching images make it even more special.

It becomes irresistible, and the customers can’t take their eyes off it. Moreover, various techniques are applied to upgrade the printing quality. For instance, we offer gloss, matte coating, spot UV, and foil stamping.

All the techniques mentioned above have a special effect. However, the gloss and matte coatings are applied all over the packaging. It makes the box stronger and more versatile. In addition, it protects it from spills, dust, and scratches. 

On the other hand, spot UV and hot stamping are targeted techniques. It adds shine to a particular area (logo, text, or artwork) instead of the entire packaging. In the end, the purpose of laminates and finishes is to improve the quality.

Unparalleled Quality 

It is a fact that retailers and wholesalers want top-notch packaging but at low rates. Hence wholesale packaging is the only way out. You get fantastic quality and quick delivery at the best price.

Besides, you have the freedom to design the packaging your way. No restrictions at all. As a matter of fact, our expert panel is available to guide you throughout the process. So there is zero chance of botched orders!

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes has emerged as one of the best packaging suppliers across the USA . Our cardboard counter display boxes are manufactured using high-quality printing tools and die-cutting machinery. Hence there is no design, size, color, or printing issue.

Furthermore, shipment is only approved with the consent of the certified quality control team. They carefully check and ensure it is manufactured as per the quotation form. In case there is any issue, we immediately reprint the job.

Need more details? Our sales executives are here to assist you. Ring +1-800-347-2197 and have a detailed session. Ask anything, and you will get satisfactory answers. 



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