Five Great Tips for Designing Mouthwatering Custom Pie Boxes

Five Great Tips for Designing Mouthwatering Custom Pie Boxes

Do you know that Apple pie is one of America’s most iconic food? Yes, that’s correct. And apart from brownies and hamburgers, pies are also considered a national dish. And it goes without saying that the love for pies is here to stay! Thus it makes the need for custom pie boxes an absolute necessity. So do you want to learn how to make your packaging attractive and worth purchasing? Ahead we have gathered key points that will help you design the best boxes ever. Come on, let’s dive into the details.

Durable Pie Boxes

Americans are fond of eating pies. They frequently bake it and enjoy it at their breakfasts. That’s why it’s famous as America’s national food. It is available in an oval or circular shape, and it’s known for its crunchy texture. But if it is not well packed, it crumbles and gets soggy. So durable custom pie boxes are important. 

You can customize the pie packaging in kraft or cardboard stock. It’s durable, long-lasting, and provides the utmost protection to the pies. Moreover, it protects the pies from dust, sunlight, and contamination. Thus it keeps the pies fresh and crisp.

Right Size Packaging

Do you want to give your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience? Well, right-size pie boxes are a must. When we say the “right size,” it means that the box is a perfect fit for pies. It is neither over nor undersized. Thus it reduces packaging waste and provides customers with frustration-free packaging. Plus, the accurate size boxes are easy to display on the food counters. It occupies less space and helps you win the best spot in the food aisles.

Custom Printed Boxes

You can turn your potential clients to repeat business with informative packaging. It means that your packaging should connect with the customers in the best possible way. So it is important to print the pie’s flavour, price, quantity, and nutritional information. It makes your food brand credible and tempts food lovers to purchase.  And you can make your brand credible with the logo design. It differentiates your brand and grabs the customer’s attention. Further, you can highlight the key details with the foil stamping technique. The coloured foil is imprinted onto the substrate with high temperature and pressure. Thus it makes your pie boxes wholesale effortlessly exclusive and eye-catching.

Pie Boxes Wholesale with Hang Tags

Customized packaging is not only limited to boxes but is much more! It includes envelopes, brochures, pamphlets, cards, stickers, etc. It’s meant to make your packaging versatile and functional. And above all, it makes the recipients feel valued. And in the same way, the hang tags are a wonderful way to upgrade your packaging. You can print personalized messages or interesting pie information. On the whole, it makes the packaging informative.

Kraft and Cardboard Boxes

Global warming and climate crisis are international issues. And green packaging is the only way out. Therefore from clothing to electronics to the food industry, all have embraced sustainable packaging. It means companies have switched from non-biodegradable to biodegradable materials. And kraft and cardboard are the common packaging substrates in food packaging.

Firstly it is easy to customize them in any colour, design, or style. Secondly, it is recyclable, and thirdly it is affordable. Moreover, you can extend the shelf life of the boxes with custom surface laminates. And it also makes the surface grease, fingerprint, and scratch-free. 

Pie Boxes with Windows

Do you know that custom packaging is the backbone of any business? Yes, it defines your brand and turns the customers into loyal ones. Hence custom box suppliers try to come up with innovative packaging ideas. But pie boxes with windows are the most popular packaging style. You can choose a tuck front, two-piece, or reverse tuck end style, and our experts will customize it to your needs. The display window makes your packaging visually attractive and tempts the customers to purchase. Moreover, it is a big time saver and eases the shopping experience. Thus there is no need to open the box on the spot.

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