Get Ultimate Guide to Creating the Exceptional Custom Serum Boxes

Get Ultimate Guide to Creating the Exceptional Custom Serum Boxes

It’s approved that customized boxes can do wonders in promoting your brand. Are you running a cosmetic brand and looking for long-lasting and appealing box packaging? You are answering yes. Then you must go for tailor-made serum boxes. You will be pondering how to get them. No need to get fret. Reach us at iCustomBoxes. Our customer support is at your service 24 hours a day to guide you in the manufacturing process. Stay connected. We will enlighten you on how to make your serum box packaging engaging and eye-grabbing.

Customization of Printed Serum Boxes with Endless Designs

It has become the need of the hour to renovate your product’s packaging. Boring and unattractive packaging can prove fatal for your beauty brand.  Nowadays, we are living in a digital world. Compared to the past, consumers have become mindful and look for uniqueness and innovation. You can act according to the client’s demands by choosing our printed serum boxes. We offer a plethora of personalized options. You can choose whatever befits your products. These are as follows:

Choose An Appropriate Box Style for Serum Box Packaging

The first step that must be encountered in customization includes the selection of a suitable and trendiest box style. Serum containers come in various sizes. You can customize a custom serum box per your product’s requirements with the assistance of our team. We suggest our clients pick out reverse and straight tuck-end boxes to pack fragile serum bottles. These bottles come in plastic or glass forms and are at risk of squeezing and breakage.  So, a straight tuck-end box holds tight serum bottles and reduces the chances of colliding with each other. Besides this, these boxes have convenient openings and endings. Subsequently, you can easily put in or draw out the containers hassle-free. Moreover, if you wish to pack several bottles in an individual box. Then you can go for a tuck front box. Adding inserts in the box will keep bottles segregated and provide a fantastic unboxing experience to the buyers.

Go Eco-Friendly with Durable Cardboard Serum Boxes

Today, most brands and customers know the devastating impacts of climate change on Earth. Therefore, they prefer eco-friendly packaging. Are you an environmentally conscious person? Then you must choose kraft and cardboard serum boxes.  In this way, your brand can significantly help in reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere. It will also captivate environment lovers towards your brand’s products. Additionally, kraft and cardboard paper packaging is cost-effective and durable as well. Your fragile bottles stay safe from travelling shocks and are protected from damage. Furthermore, if you need gift serum box packaging, then we propose a rigid box.  It is easily customizable. And it gives a luxurious look and leaves a long-lasting impression on the clients’ minds. 

There is a massive contest among beauty brands. Each one is in a rush to excel over the rivals. In this digital era, pursuing clients towards one’s products has become challenging. Consumers have reservations regarding the quality of the products.   You can attain customers’ trust towards your beauty brand with a serum box logo.  The box designed with the details reading the company and its products will give a very positive impression to the buyers.  Besides, you can make your box appealing with the addition of die-cuts ad windows to showcase the products. You can also add handles or hang tabs with a serum box to make it handy. 

The Embellishment of the Box’s Packaging with Phenomenal Add-Ons

There are plenty of add-ons and finishing options. Their application on the box adds strengths and makes it more eye-catchy. If you have chosen kraft paper, you can print it, and it needs no lamination.  Brown and black kraft paper look elegant. However, cardboard and rigid papers are viable for add-ons and enhancements. You can pick out following the specification of products.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Serum Box Packaging?

In a nutshell, you will get innumerable personalized options to customize a bespoke serum package that will stand out from your cosmetic brand. At, you can get first-quality boxes in the required designs and styles to encase your luxurious serum bottles. Apart from it, keeping in view clients’ satisfaction, we offer raw and specified design samples.  Have trust in us; order now and avail yourself of our exclusive deals on bulk orders.