How Can Food Brands Pay Hit Dirt With Customized Butter Paper Printing

How Can Food Brands Pay Hit Dirt With Customized Butter Paper Printing

Custom butter paper printing is a must-have in the food industry. Whether you want to wrap the burger, fries, or tortilla wraps, no one does it better than the butter paper. And why not? It's super-duper lightweight and heat resistant. The cherry on top prevents the dripping and spilling of the sauces. In short, it holds the yummylicious food together. And not to forget, it keeps the mouthwatering baked items fresh and hot.

So don't you think butter paper is a great way to kick-start your fast food business? Well, we all do! And there is no denying that delicious food with top-notch presentation boosts your sales like hell. As a matter of fact, butter paper is a wholesome container. If you are getting late for work, school, or the airport, wrap the sandwich with the paper, and you are all set to go!

Butter paper printing is a 360 game changer for your food storage. It doesn't matter if you own a food booth or a fine dining restaurant - you can't do without customized stuff. Whether it's the cutlery, tissue, food box, or even the fancy napkin, it is void without a branded logo. 

So why not order customized butter paper printing with logo and reap endless brand marketing edge

Amplifies the dining experience True
Creates brand awareness True
Makes your food brand the next big thing True
Its an expensive marketing tactic False
Instantly hooks the food lovers True
Adds value to the brand True
Butter paper printing with a logo is not worth the results False
Red alerts the competitors True
Results in repeat business True

In a nutshell, food brands are going nuts after the insane perks of the customized logo. It's admitted that with all-time high inflation, the brands want to capitalize on this opportunity. Bank on iCustomBoxes, don't miss the bullet!

What Are The Jaw-Dropping Features Of Butter Paper?

Let us hop on to the key features of custom printed butter paper printing

  • Butter paper is lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Flat shipped with nominal fare charges
  • Require the least space at the warehouse
  • It offers a plethora of customization margin
  • Available in different cuts, colors, and sizes
  • Easy to print the brand's logo, food image, and tagline on the paper
  • A smooth surface enhances the buyer's food experience 
  • Provides utmost ease to the foodies
  • Cost-effective packaging option

Why Are Fast-Food Chains So Convinced To Purchase Butter Paper Printing At A Wholesale Rate?

It is a fact that we are confronting a global recession. From small to top guns, all are under fire. Hence it makes the need for economical solutions even more pressing. Whether you are a buyer, supplier, manufacturer, or retailer all are looking for cost-effective options.

Similarly, butter paper printing wholesale ends the nightmare. And it brings glad tidings to food brands worldwide. When you place the bulk order, it automatically drops the cost and lets you save big bucks. Moreover, it is also a sustainable option to transport and ship wholesale quantities instead of individual items. It means less consumption of fuel, labor, and resources. To sum up, it overall reduces the carbon footprint.

No doubt iCustomBoxes always brings cost-effective yet creative packaging solutions. So next time when you order, tick the wholesale quantity. Our experts are the best in creating a power pack of creativity and durability. Bravo!

What Are The Perks Of Choosing iCustomBoxes – The Legendary Custom Box Supplier?

The truth is clients are never ready to spend their hard-earned money on low-quality items. And the billion-dollar food market is no exception. It is surprising to note that butter paper protects the wrapped food. And also, custom printed butter paper is more of a status symbol. In other words, it's a fusion of art, creativity, and functionality.

Clearly, the quality of our custom butter paper printing is matchless. You will hardly encounter a clumsy, ripped, or rough paper quality. We at iCustomBoxes strive hard to give our client's an excellent unboxing experience.

But a lot more adds to our professional custom packaging service.

  • Use of top-quality paper (kraft/cardboard)
  • Advanced printing machinery
  • Dozens of packaging styles, shapes, and colors
  • Marvelous surface finishing and lamination
  • Quick turnaround
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Free shipping
  • No die-cut or plate charges
  • No monkey business
  • Super cooperative customer service agents
  • Brilliant packaging experts
  • Free design support of custom butter paper printing
  • 100% money payback on damaged delivery

On that account, we are crowned as the best custom box supplier. And the continued popularity makes us the cult favorite of the top brands. Isn't that a significant achievement?