How Many Packs of Cigarettes are in a Carton?

How Many Packs of Cigarettes are in a Carton?

The US Tobacco market industry is worth billions of dollars. It is expected to expand in the coming years. Therefore, tobacco shops are teeming with countless cigarette brands. However, smokers prefer to buy from credible brands. They want a great smoking experience and value for their money. 

Do you know how many packs of cigarettes are in a carton of cigarettes? Yes, you guessed it right. “There are 10 packs of cigarettes in a carton ”. However, the number varies from country to country and brand to brand. 

The cigarette manufacturers decide how many cigarettes will come in a custom cigarette box. For instance, in the USA, each cigarette pack contains 20 cigarettes. Whereas in Australia, 26 cigarettes are in each pack. But there is one thing in common between all the brands! Regardless of the brand, price, or country, each carton contains ten packs of cigarettes. 

What is the Dimension of the Cigarettes?

Let us narrow down our discussion and stick to the US cigarette industry. Ahead, we have listed cigarettes based on their sizes.

  • Extra-long cigarettes (110 to 121mm)

  • Filtered longs (94 to 101mm)

  • King-size filtered cigarette (79 to 88mm)

  • Regular unfiltered cigarette (68 to 77mm)

Want to know about the cigarette's diameter? The standard diameter of cigarette is 7.5 to 8.0mm. On the other hand, the slim cigarette diameter is around 5 or 6mm. Since the size varies, the cigarette boxes are customized accordingly. Despite the size variation, the number of cigarette packs in the carton remains the same. 

Top-Grade Cigarette Box Packaging

There is no denying that tobacco-filled wraps are lightweight and require durable packaging. It keeps its shape intact and prevents its filling from dispersing. Most importantly, quality packaging protects the cigarettes from extreme conditions. You would be surprised to know that the tobacco loses its moisture if the humidity levels fall below 60%. On the other hand, if the humidity level exceeds 70%, it causes stains on the paper, which is unacceptable for the customers. Therefore, in both cases, premium cigarette boxes are a must-have. 

  • Versatility Meets Practicality 

iCustomBoxes offers endless customization options. We are here to fulfill your packaging needs that sync with our brand design philosophy. Plus, we keep the client's budget in mind as well. Hence, everything is done as per your demand. 

  • Hard Cigarette Packs

Are you looking for top-quality cigarette packaging? The hard packs are the best option. As the name says, it is made of durable material. It is damage-resistant and provides maximum protection to cigarettes. The flip-top box withstands rough handling and extreme pressure and temperature. 

  • Soft Cigarette Packs

Next, we have the soft packs. They are made of soft material and are prone to damage. The empty cigarette boxes are squeezable and foldable. The key feature is its convenient style. Easy to open and close. There is no flip-top style. Instead, the box is sealed with a sticker. 

In a nutshell, both are great packaging styles. However, soft packs are cheaper as compared to the hard packs. Every brand has its own preference, and iCustomBoxes is here to design the boxes according to your needs. 

  • Keep Your Cigarettes Safe With Custom Inserts. 

Have you ever observed the packaging of cigarette boxes? The pocket-size boxes are easy to carry. Plus, the flip-flop style makes it a practical box style. It is easy to open and close. When you open the box, you will find a protective insert around the cigarettes. It provides extra protection and prevents the cigarettes from crushing or bending. In addition, it makes the cigarette packaging organized, practical, and long-lasting. 

  • More Cigarettes, More Consumption, More Sales!

What do you think about the above statement? Is it true or false? The thing is that everything is true when it comes to brand marketing. Brands try their level best to engage the customers and trigger their impulse buying behavior. This strategy works for all businesses, and the tobacco industry is no different. If you pack 25 cigarettes instead of 20, the smokers will smoke more. Once the consumption increases, the sales increase as well. Hence, more cigarettes are manufactured, resulting in increased sales and revenue. In other words, it is a genius way of selling more cigarettes.

What are the Benefits of Buying Cigarette Cartons?

Whether you are a small or large-scale cigarette brand, you can never go wrong with boxes. It is more than just a storage container. Let us discuss about the benefits of buying cigarette cartons: 

  • Budget-Friendly Option

Cigarette carton houses a great number of cigarette packs. It is a cost-effective option. You can save big by ordering cartons instead of individual packs. It significantly reduces the price and offers excellent value for your money. 

  • Brand Marketing Tool

As stated earlier, cigarette boxes are more than just a storage container. It is a potential advertising tool. Print the signature brand logo, name, or the tagline. It creates brand awareness and makes your brand stand out at the tobacco stores. 

  • Communicative Packaging 

Make your brand transparent and relevant with our informative packaging. Print triggering images and health warnings on the custom-printed cigarette packaging. It delivers the correct information and helps smokers make informed decisions.

  • Convenient Packaging 

Give your tobacco store an organized look with cigarette cartons. It keeps the empty cigarette boxes in place and prevents the clutter. You can stack the cartons in the warehouse and display the packs on the shelves whenever you want. Most importantly, cigarette cartons are of great benefit to the wholesalers. They can buy in bulk quantities and don't need to purchase frequently. Besides, it is cost-effective and saves on labor and fuel costs. 

What are the advantages of knowing Cigarette Packs in a Carton?

  • Smooth Inventory System 

Imagine a scenario. You are standing at the warehouse and have no idea about the cigarette stock. It is a time-consuming and exhaustive process to calculate the cigarette boxes individually. For that purpose, cigarette cartons are the best option. All you need is to count the number of cartons, and you have the exact number of cigarette packs. It is a hassle-free process, and you never run out of stock. Thus, it saves you time and energy, and everything is under control. 

  • Zero Miscalculation 

Cigarette cartons tell you about the exact number of cigarette packs. You know about the current stock and place the next order accordingly. Everything is well-calculated and eases your business deals. 

  • Prevents Inventory Theft

Once you know about the cigarette cartons, you can easily calculate the price and profit margin. Everything is at your fingertips and helps you make an informed decision. 


The purpose of this blog was to get awareness about how many pack are in a carton of cigarettes and benefits of cigarette cartons for cigarette business. Whether you are a seasoned or a startup business, this blog is of great use. It gives you great insights and eases your business deals. Once you know about the demand and supply gap, you can order blank cigarette boxes accordingly.  


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