How Many Playing Cards are in a Box?

How Many Playing Cards are in a Box?

The Customized Playing Card box size is designed to carry 54 cards, including 2 Joker cards. The packaging of playing cards makes them unique and presentable. The standard-size boxes have enough space to pack the deck of cards without any hurdle. Playing cards in a box also looks better and appeals to the customer’s heart. The playing card manufacturer understands the importance of packaging. Thus, they prefer quality and attractive boxes to stand out.

Presentation of cards in an organized way is the key to brand success. After playing cards, people put them inside the boxes. So that they can remain safe and secure for future amusement. Playing card packaging is essential to win the hearts of clients. So, if you are a card manufacturer company or retailer, customize the card boxes wholesale in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Here, we mention various factors that you must consider to customize boxes.

Quality Material Matters A lot For Boxes

Every business has faced the low and up times in life. But the custom boxes made of quality material are the base of the packaging business. This aspect of customization can bring massive sales for the products. So, manufacturers pay keen attention to this side. The quality of playing cards has the potential to influence customer’s perception of your business. The durable and sturdier nature of boxes keeps the cards safe from all external harm. It ensures that your cards will remain in their original shape during their storage. Nothing can change the texture or charisma of playing cards inside the quality boxes. Further, the playing cards' packaging impresses the buyer for a lifetime.

The playing cards' packaging shows the standard of your business. That’s why if their quality is untraceable, it doubles your cards' demand. The excellent manufacturing of card packaging shows your commitment to quality. So, as a retail shop owner, never try to compromise on the quality of packaging. The robust packaging gives a solid impression of the brand.

Kraft Boxes

Playing cards packaging not only presents cards professionally but also protects them. Using kraft material shows the brand's promising nature for environmental safety. Moreover, it will save your cards and sustain their quality.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is the best material to pack the cards in the most stylish boxes. This material is customization-friendly and can be molded in any shape, size, and design. You can choose various styles such as window die cuts, two-piece, sleeve packaging, etc. The creative designs and quality materials make your brand trustable to clients. They prefer your products for future.

Appealing Design And Printing 

In this modern era, no one wants to display the cards in an unattractive way. Thus, the need for designs that can attract customers is high. You can make a long-lasting impression with eye-catching printed packaging boxes for cards. Genuine card lovers cannot resist the beauty of card boxes on shelves. They will want to buy these elegant cards and enjoy the game. Design these cards with beautiful colors and eye-catching patterns to enhance the appeal. But if you have no idea about the design selection, don’t try to mix dark and light colors. It will make a terrible impression and destroy the presentation of the beauty of the cards. You can get professional help to customize the trendy packaging for cards. Moreover, changing the color schemes that do not suit your business needs will be in your hands.

For printing, there are plenty of options available. Using digital or offset prints on the wholesale custom playing card boxes enhances their value. The alluring graphic images make the cards fascinating and beautiful for customers. You can create the designs by keeping the audience's interest in mind. As multiple age groups love to play cards. So, everyone has different tastes and likings. Before the customization of boxes, research the target audience's interests. It will give you exceptional results in card packaging.

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Customized Cards Packaging for Brand Marketing

Packaging is necessary to increase the revenue of your brand's promotional cards. Custom card boxes with quality ensure brand visibility in the competitive market. Imprint the brand logos on the top of the box to advertise the brands to a broader audience. Customers notice the limelight of brands through their packaging. You can choose the foiling and spot UV to highlight the logo designs. Hence, the branding will make your cards identical for potential customers.

Personalize playing card packaging in vibrant, colorful themes. These themes will bring people's attention, and they will want to explore what is inside the boxes. Use the best designs and artwork to influence the customer's perception. The beautiful add-ons and lamination will make the custom playing card boxes wholesale perfect for sales. The shimmery effect with gloss adds shine, and matte makes the surface smooth. Further, these coating layers prevent moisture from outside that can damage the artwork on cards.


“There are 54 cards in a box in an organized way with including 2 joker cards “.The premium quality material and Fabolous designs of customized playing card boxes impress the buyer after first glance. You can enhance the card's packaging worth by adding multiple embellishments. Moreover, the boxes' durable and sturdy nature protects the cards inside the packaging.


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