How to Seal Mylar Bags - An Ideal Guide

How to Seal Mylar Bags - An Ideal Guide

What are Mylar Bags?

Custom mylar bags are tailored to design bags manufactured with polyester film. The design of bags with thick film offers products moisture, heat, odor, and lightproof packaging. That’s why they are an excellent solution for long-term storage of dry and perishable food products.

Apart from the food industry, these bags are ideal for storing an extensive range of other industrial products like cosmetics, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cannabis weeds, etc. Sealing end custom mylar bags is the most reliable packaging solution. They offer air-tight packaging to goods and do not let air, oxygen, or light enter inside the bags. As a result, products stay fresh, and their actual flavor or taste is retained for a longer period.  

But sealing mylar bags is a highly tiresome task. You cannot achieve perfection without mastering the art of sealing. The improper sealing of bags can result in product leakage or the deterioration of the actual quality of products. This blog will share some valuable tips and tricks to seal an impeccable mylar bag. Let’s dive into the details of a blog without wasting time. 

Why Sealing Mylar Bags?

Are you curious why adequate sealing of mylar bags is essential? What is the difference between a generic and a sealed custom mylar bag? Mylar bags are a suitable choice for providing moisture- and heat-proof packaging for food items. But heat-sealed mylar bags are exceptional. They offer unmatched protection to packed contents against harsh weather conditions, pests, contaminants, etc. Moreover, they do not let bacteria and germs inhabit, which enhances the shelf life of perishable food items. Besides that, the product’s storage becomes easy and diminishes the chance of product damage, leakage, and spoilage. Lastly, they are handy and easy to use, handle, or carry. 

Excellent Tips to Seal Mylar Bag with Perfection 

Have you never sealed a mylar bag before? No need to get fret? Here is a step-by-step guide how to seal mylar bags. 

Top Essentials for Sealing Mylar Bags:

Following is the list of the primary requisites that you must gather before starting the sealing of a mylar bag:

Mylar Bags:

The process of sealing is incomplete without a Mylar bag. You can choose the right size bag following the product’s quantity. Above all, please avoid over-filling bags. It could affect the efficiency of sealing. 

Heat Sealer:

You can find out four different options for heat sealing mylar bags professionally. They include:

  • Impulse sealing
  • Direct heat manual seal
  • Band seal
  • Chamber vacuum seal

Each of these sealing options has its advantages and disadvantages. You can make the right choice after inspecting the features of each one.

Oxygen Absorber:

Oxygen absorbers are used to remove oxygen and air from the bags. This results in the extension of the shelf life of vulnerable items. The selection of the number of oxygen absorbers in a single bag depends on the size and number of products. 

Additional Elements:

Some mylar bags are designed with additional features like die-cut windows, zippers, tear notches or handles, etc. You can consider these features to fit the product’s needs or targeted audiences' tastes. 

Step By Step Guide to Seal Mylar Bags:

When you are done with the collection of mentioned essentials, you can go ahead with the sealing procedure. Please stick to the given steps for the expected results. 

Labelling of Bags:

Before filling the bags with products, you can indicate the inside contents by labeling them with a marker. For example, you cannot note the date of sealing and the name of the inside contents. 

Filling of Bags:

After that, the stage of the bag’s filling comes. You can drop products one by one. However, you have to make sure that products are dry completely. Because wet and soggy items are likely to spoil or be contaminated. Moreover, you must fill the bag evenly. Overfilling of products in the bag can cause trouble while sealing. 

Insertion of Oxygen Absorbers:

Moving ahead, you are supposed to put oxygen absorbers. You can decide the number of oxygen absorbers following the need for products. The function of an oxygen absorber is to remove oxygen from the bags and extend the shelf life of food items. 

Heat Sealing of Bags:

Here comes the final and most crucial step of sealing. There are various options for sealing bags. You can opt for a clothing iron, vacuum sealer, hair straightened, or impulse sealer. 

  • In the first step, you can set the temperature of the sealer.
  • Position sealer at the folded portion of mylar bags
  • After that, press down the heat sealer to apply pressure. You have to hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Then, the material is melted, which creates a strong seal.

Test the Sealing:

Moving ahead, there come the steps of inquiring about the seal. When the seal gets cold, you can simply press it to ensure it’s effective. A tight sealing ensures the ultimate protection of items against harmful factors. However, if you feel air leakage, you can go for resealing of the bags. 

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