Innovational Design Ideas for Personalized Custom Sleeve Boxes

Innovational Design Ideas for Personalized Custom Sleeve Boxes

Today, you cannot excel at your rivals by relying on the standard box packaging. Customized boxes are one of the most remarkable ways to enhance the worth of your brand’s products. Instead of securing your products, they play a significant part in promoting your brand. You can find a wide range of box designs, but custom sleeve boxes are at the top due to their versatile nature. They are easy to customizable and useable to pack different types of items. Here we will brief you on how you can customize sleeve boxes in the most perfect and exceptional ways.

Give An Elegant Touch to the Box with Die-Cuts

No one can deny the importance of a box with die-cuts.  You can add die-cuts in the sleeve box to create an appealing box. It is one of the cost-effective and wonderful strategies to captivate clients. The addition of windows and die-cuts in the upper surface of the sleeve box looks terrific. With the help of windows, customers can see through the inside packed items. And the beautiful presentation of the products inspires customers to share their experiences with their acquaintances.  In this way, your brand can become word of mouth and catch many of the audiences.

Astonish the Clients with Inside Printing of the Box

It’s a fact that the outside of the box, printed with attractive graphics and images, can seek the audience’s attention in a moment. You can print the logo of your company’s brand on the sleeve box to create the brand’s awareness among the onlookers. In addition to outside printing, you can go for inside printing. You can print a catchy text or quote to the inside of the sleeve box to amaze your clients while unboxing. It will benefit in building your brand’s reputation.

Our printing methods involve the following:

  • Offset printing process
  • Digital printing process
  • Screen printing

All of these options stand opposite to each other but produce phenomenal prints. However, we suggest you choose digital prints if you have short-quantity prints. The offset can be an economical option for massive quantity orders. Regarding the colour of the sleeve packaging, you can choose between full-colour CMYK or one-color Pantone matching.

Impress the Clients with Eco-Friendly Sleeve Packaging

Global warming is one of the most burning questions of the 21st century.  Nowadays, customers and brands as well are heading towards eco-friendly packaging. Our company has been the founder of green packaging.  We propose you choose between rigid, kraft and cardboard paper for sleeve boxes wholesale. Three of these stock options are durable and suitable for the atmosphere. These papers are recyclable and useable for future purposes as well. You can pack your lightweight and delicate items in a kraft sleeve box. Customers can choose brown kraft paper for a natural appearance. However, you can have it in black and white colours as well.  Like kraft, cardboard paper is sustainable and endurable to contamination, scratches, scuffs, etc. Aside from these two options, you have rigid sleeve boxes  We suggest these boxes for the packaging of luxurious accessories.

Addition of Inserts in the Box to Give Branded Experience:

The product’s safety becomes very critical while shipping. Especially, delicate items are more prone to breakage and collision. So, we have developed an innovative idea of adding inserts in the box.  Using dividers and compartments in the tray will keep items segregated from each other. There are kraft, cardboard and foam inserts.  You have options to pick out that befit your taste.

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Embellish the Sleeve Box with Gold and Silver Foil Stamping:

The box’s appearance counts more than the product itself. So, you can enrich the sleeve box’s packaging design pattern by applying foil stamping. It is available in various colours. You can choose between silver and gold foiling for a more sophisticated and aesthetic look. Furthermore, you can laminate the box with gloss, matt or embossing/debossing to increase the liveliness of the artwork.

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