Best Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Best Jewelry Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

There is no denying the fact that the product’s packaging has the power to upgrade or degrade your business. Unique quality packaging not only helps in product protection but also stands them out on the full-fledged shelves. It leaves a good impression on buyers and offers them an unforgettable buying experience. Do you own a small jewelry business and are eager to escalate product sales? Then, save this page. This blog will bring to light diverse and exceptional jewelry packaging ideas. Let’s discuss about jewelry packaging in detail:

Choose the Right Size and Shape of Jewelry Boxes:

Each jewelry piece is distinctive and varies in dimensions. 

Follow the exact product's specifications to create a perfect handmade custom jewelry box. For example, a ring box can be small in comparison to an anklet or bracelet packaging. So, you must be extra careful while deciding the size and shape of a box. You can go for cubic, hexagon, rectangle, heart, pyramid or octagon shapes. 

Stand out with Modish Design Custom Jewelry Boxes:

A stylish packaging becomes noticeable in the crowd immediately. 

There are numerous kinds of boxes in the market. But you can choose the packaging style following its functionality. 

It must be appealing as well as convenient to handle, ship, and assemble as well. Following are the most suitable and trendy “box styles for jewelry boxes” :

  • Drawer gift boxes
  • Two-piece rigid boxes
  • Rigid box with magnetic closure 
  • Sleeve packaging
  • Hinged jewelry box
  • Tuck front box
  • Subscription packaging 

Subscription boxes are ideal for sending away giveaways or gifts to the influencers. They offer specific room for customization and are large enough to store different jewelry pieces. 

Emboss Logo Design on Printed Jewelry Boxes:

If you own a retail or online jewelry store, you have to embellish jewelry gift boxes with branding elements. Packaging with a logo design is an excellent idea to enhance brand awareness and win client loyalty. Besides, you can opt for hot foil stamping to finish the logo image. Silver/gold color foiling adds a unique and soft texture to the surface of the design. 

Luxury Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Closures:

Rigid boxes with magnetic closures are an excellent idea to create a prestigious wholesale jewelry boxes. Rigid boxes are pretty strong and can handle pressure effectively. Besides, it is print-friendly and can be modified into personalized design without hassle. Moreover, adding magnetic in packaging makes it convenient to unboxing and keeps products unharmed inside.

Win Customer’s Loyalty with Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Biodegradable packaging is another effective method to catch the attention of eco-minded buyers. Kraft and cardboard paper are the best choices in materials for sustainable jewelry packaging. However, corrugated packaging is suitable for shipping or dispatching fragile jewelry pieces. Besides, you can create 100% compostable packaging using eco-friendly coatings, printed inks and laminations. 

Theme Design Gift Jewelry Boxes:

A piece of jewelry is an elegant gift choice to surprise loved ones or friends on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, engagements, Christmas, valentines, etc. So, a customized box designed with the themes of these special events looks more promising and eye-catching. You can imprint packaging with recipients' names, wishful quotes, images, etc. Moreover, applying exciting color schemes and finishings makes printed jewelry packaging more appealing. You can choose the scheme of color following the theme of the event. 

Adornment of Jewelry Packaging with Special Add-Ons:

Additional features like laminations, embellishment and add-ons are exciting ways to give a distinctive feel to jewelry box packaging. We have gathered the most suitable add-on features. You can handpick according to your taste or product’s requirements. These are described below:

  • Finishings:

The names of finishings include Gloss, matt, spot, UV, embossing, debossing, aqueous coating and hot foil stamping. They are applied to give a shiny, soft, shimmery and satin texture to the surface of printed designs. 

  • Add-Ons:

Window cut-outs, handles, foam inserts, and PVC sheets are the most appropriate for jewelry packaging. Window-in packaging offers a sneak peek view of products and helps clients view items without unboxing. Foam holders are added to give a sophisticated touch to the box’s interior. 

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