Looking for Glamorous Packaging to Cover your Shoe

Looking for Glamorous Packaging to Cover your Shoe

Custom printed Shoe Boxes make your shoe packaging more fashionable. We provide high quality material and fascinating features to our customers. You can choose top-notch digital prints to showcase the variety of shoes. Put Images, brand logos, and product size on the packaging. Call +1-800-347-2197 to place your order of custom boxes. Fill out a quotation and get the price list within 24 hours.

Custom Printed Shoe Boxes Bring Innovation and Inspiration

 Shoes act like comforters and make your long journey small. But they can also bring discomfort and inconvenience with low quality. The choice of women and men is different in the shoe section. Women like to get soft shoes, and men like hard. The packaging is the main thing that guides you right towards your choice of products. So, get Custom Printed Shoe Boxes that can show off the actual worth of your products.

The elegance and protection that they offer make them more demanding. And today, thousands of brands are trying to make their shoes the first choice. We will discuss all the tactics if you are in one of them today. That can make your customer a favorite brand.

Upgrade the Customer's Buying Experience

Packaging is no longer just storage containers. But they are becoming the perfect reason for customer's significant experience with your product. The packaging design is the first thing that is the first interaction between you and your customers. Custom shoe boxes are best to make them a perfect unboxing experience. The right choice of material and its outlook will make customers buy the product.

Eye catchy outlook of products creates a long-lasting impression on customers. They estimate the shoe quality through its appearance. It is proven that 60 % of people make up their minds just after seeing the product packaging. So, make a comprehensive packaging outlook for your customers.

Building Brand Recognition with Custom Shoe Boxes

To build brand recognition, packaging is the appropriate choice. It is the tangible outlook of your brand values. You showcase your products in custom shoe boxes and get fame in a competitive market. The freedom in customization enables you to incorporate brand logos on the box. Your company names, slogans, and logos set brand identity among customers.

Your choice of visual, colorful appeal creates the feeling of excitement. Customers like to get vibrant and unique colorful themes. That can guide them about the inside shoe colors. They also like the innovative artwork in custom shoe Boxes. Such as the graphic images and vibrant basic theme that attracts customers' hearts.

Shape Customers Good Perception of your Product

Your shoe packaging talks about how customers can perceive your brand image. The use of various printing methods like digital printing or offset printing. They create the Fabolous outlook on the shoe boxes. Sometimes, customers like a pair of shoes, and then they check the size, which does not fit them. They get disappointed and leave the shop with heavy hearts.

You can facilitate them by mentioning the sizes and colors on the box. It will also facilitate the seller to search out the desired size at a time of need. Custom Printed Shoe Boxes with all essential details make customers happy. They can get the knowledge of material, size, and shapes through packaging. Moreover, it also makes your product worthy to choose them.

The Sturdier Material Quality for the Safety of Shoes

The billion-dollar footwear industry is always conscious of the safety of shoes. They never want to make customers disappointed by the damaged product during shipping. So, they try to choose the rigid, corrugated, and kraft stock to ensure safety. All these materials are robust. Custom printed shoe boxes wholesale in Kraft provide the eco friendly packaging solutions. They are durable and recyclable.

Besides this, shoes can also get damaged during shifting from one place to another. To avoid such mishaps, choose corrugated and rigid stock. They always satisfy your customers in terms of solid packaging solutions. In low-quality boxes, shoes lose their natural durability. Rigid material protects their shapes from getting damaged due to any heavyweight. Thus, choosing the sturdier and durable box for your products becomes helpful.

Use of Additional Features

People like to wear branded footwear. You can highlight your brand logos on custom shoe boxes wholesale with multiple embellishments. Adding embossing or debossing, spot UV, and foiling can make you stand out. These also increase the product's price and give it a branded look. Besides this, shoes are more prone to dust and moisture damage.

Applying coating layers on the shoe boxes preserves them in all conditions. They prevent any kind of water particle or dust from entering in the packaging. The thin and transparent layers also make the box surface shiny and bright. They make the inner prints and graphic images more prominent for customers. Also, the variety of lamination choices make it easy to choose them according to your need.

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Aqueous coating

Ending note

To cut a long story short, Custom printed shoe boxes have excellent potential. They are perfect for branding, marketing, and also for product protection. You can customize them in various designs, shapes, and sizes from iCustomBoxes. Our innovative styles and designs keep your product in the eye of customers. Additionally, we provide the following services to our customers.

  • Colorful prints and graphic images
  • Shortest delivery time
  • Free designing helps
  • Free of cost delivery anywhere
  • Digital or offset printing
  • Quality of material packaging
  • 24 /7 chat representatives
  • Logo embellishments

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