Mailer Boxes VS Shipping Boxes: What is the Difference?

Mailer Boxes VS Shipping Boxes: What is the Difference?

After covid 19, the trend of online shopping has accelerated. There are a plethora of brands that have been shifted towards e-businesses.  For e-commerce, packaging has been the priority. The biggest concern of online brands is the security of products. They cannot risk their high-valued items by dispatching them in low-quality packaging. Custom shipping boxes are an absolute solution. They perform dual functions. They keep products protected and reflect the brand's true identity.  

Are you running an online business and unable to choose between shipping boxes and mailer boxes? Then, this blog is the ultimate guide for you. This blog will shed light on the differences between these two types of boxes. 

Mailer Boxes VS Shipping Boxes:

Following are the main differences between custom mailer boxes and shipping boxes:

  • Design:

Mailer boxes come in stunning and creative designs. They snug products appropriately. Usually, they are small and used to store lightweight items. 

On the other hand, shipping boxes are large. They are used for shipping heavy-weight items. 

  • Product’s Protection:

Shipping boxes offer an extra level of protection. They are preferred to transfer delicate and bulky items. On the other hand, if you have to ship lightweight products that are not prone to damage, you must opt for mailer boxes. They are ideal to ship those products that do not demand heavy duty packaging.

  • Materials:

Mailer boxes are usually made with cardboard paper. However, shipping boxes are made with thick cardboard corrugated paper. you can enhance the thickness of the box by improving the number of flutes in the packaging. 

  • Assembling:

Mailer boxes are easy to assemble because of their small sizes. Shipping boxes are large and cannot be assembled with ease. 

  • Customization:

Mailer boxes are feasible for endless customized solutions like printing and laminations. Brands can label packaging with branding details like logos, promotional slogans, or tag lines to give an individualized feel to the box. Usually, shipping boxes are plain and not viable for prints. 

  • Manufacturing Price:

Regarding the cost of manufacturing, mailer boxes are highly economical. They cost less than shipping boxes. Because shipping boxes are larger and demand a great amount of design material. 

  • Reusability:

Mailer boxes are less sturdy. They cannot bear tears or traveling traumas and are likely to damage easily. On the other hand, shipping boxes are manufactured with durable corrugated cardboard paper. The thickness of corrugated flutes has the stamina to withstand pressures or shipping bumps. That’s why mailer boxes can be reused.

  • Versatility:

Apart from product transportation, mailer boxes can be a great deal to serve many other purposes. While shipping boxes are limited to shipping. You cannot use them for any other purpose. 

Unboxing Experience:

Mailer boxes designed with additional features or branding details offer a memorable unboxing experience to the buyers. Shipping boxes do not give them the same level of feel. 

How to Make a Choice between Mailer and Shipping Box?

There has been debate regarding the selection of boxes for product shipping. The decision about choosing mailers and shipping boxes is pretty tricky. We have discussed a few things you must keep in mind while making the right choice. 

You can choose the type of box following the product’s demands. You can go for mailer boxes if you want versatile and delightful packaging. Their customized nature makes them ideal to transform into personalized designs. Moreover, its easy to use mailer boxes and carry around.

On the contrary, shipping boxes are best for heavy and great amounts of products to ship. However, you can make a final choice after considering each aspect of the box. Hopefully, this blog has helped me learn the differences between custom mailers and shipping boxes. You will be able to make the right choice. 

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