Make your Packaging Fun and Worth Purchasing with Pre Roll Display Boxes

Make your Packaging Fun and Worth Purchasing with Pre Roll Display Boxes

Do you think why display boxes? Well, it gives the customers an overview of the flavored pre-rolls. And they can easily choose between vanilla, wedding cake, strawberry, and lemongrass flavor. In other words, iCustomBoxes offers a roller coaster ride filled with customized styles, colors, and designs.

Lastly, our pre roll packaging provides 100% protection to the cannabis-filled rolls. No more scattering of the flower or the shake. Moreover, it keeps the pre rolls' shape, texture, and flavor intact. We know how to make packaging safe and sound with premium packaging. Bonus point: we craft customized boxes from kraft and cardboard. It means they are biodegradable, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint.

You are in the right spot if you are a sucker for innovative and sustainable boxes at a reasonable price! In a nutshell, it is always a win-win situation for us.

What Are The Mouthwatering Perks Of Ordering Custom Printed Pre Roll Boxes?

Create a unique brand identity with custom pre roll boxes in a world full of pre-rolls. Yes, you heard it right. When the customers are bombarded with so much variety, they become indecisive. They are standing blank in front of the cannabis dispensary, trying hard to figure out what brand and flavor they want. It sounds pretty bizarre!

Congratulations! iCustomBoxes is here to help you.

We design custom printed pre-roll packaging that offers the following benefits.

Instant Fame Game

Brands scratch their head hard for overnight success. At times it is more like a fantasy but hold on! You dream, and our packaging experts get it done the right way. Our meticulously designed boxes directly tug the heartstrings of the buyers. Once they are impressed, they spread the word and make your cannabis brand famous in a flash.

First-Class Material Quality

The moment the smokers open the custom pre roll boxes, they expect something extraordinary. And why not? Customized packaging is all about a brilliant unboxing sensation. Therefore to meet the standard criteria, we use high-quality, sustainable material. It means our boxes protect the cannabis rolls and mother nature altogether. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to kill two birds with one stone. 

Major Time-Saver

What is the most frustrating aspect of blank boxes? Customers get confused and irritated. Alas! They are left with no option but to switch to the competitors. Therefore, custom printed packaging is a must-have. It's a sigh of relief and helps smokers pick the right cannabis flavor.

It Gives Your Brand A Competitive Edge

Your packaging is the first element the smokers notice. And it also decides the fate of your brand. We can say that everything revolves around quality packaging boxes. If it is done right, it reaps endless benefits and the long run and gives an upper hand over the competitors.

How Can Cannabis Brands Cement A Strong Brand Identity With Custom Inserts?

We all are aware that pre-rolls are fragile and lightweight. And they are more prone to accidental jostling and bumping. Hence, in the end, customers receive pre-rolls with opened seals. Apart from creating a terrible mess, it also ruins the unboxing journey of the customers.

Pro tip: order pre roll boxes wholesale with custom inserts. It creates perfect space and boundary for the individual wraps. And also prevents the scattering of the flower or shaking. Moreover, it holds the rolls in a fixed position during shipment, unloading, and stacking. No doubt, cardboard inserts are an amazing transportation partner. Always remember packaging without custom inserts is nothing but a major disappointment.

Our pre roll boxes wholesale are up for grabs! Excellent price for excellent material. Trust our team at iCustomBoxes and witness the tasteful packaging like never before. Mark our words; the success bell is knocking on your door. Rush now and jump on the bandwagon!

Why Vintage Pre Roll Boxes Are Trending And Scoring Top Sales Globally?

Custom pre roll boxes offer an infinite ground for customization. As a matter of fact, it has space and freedom for all kinds of designs. Whether you are a sucker of classic or contemporary artwork, you can bank on us 24/7! 

For instance, if you want to revive the OG vibes, we manufacture packaging with kraft material.

  • It is coarse and rough.
  • It gives a natural and organic look
  • The brown colored tone gives off vintage vibes
  • It amplifies the class of the cannabis-filled rolls

It is all breeze with our packaging geniuses. Hop on to our website and design your boxes in a flash. Select the packaging material, color and shape of the box. Next, don't forget to mention the thickness and quantity of the boxes. Lastly, give a posh and upgraded look to pre roll boxes with our high-class surface coatings. Yeah, and that's a wrap!

How Do Unique And Attractive Pre-Roll Boxes Change The Dynamics Of The Packaging?

Smokers are die-hard fans of flavored pre roll packaging. And if they come across unconventional yet eye-catching packaging, so they splurge. Without a doubt, the brands are capitalizing on this opportunity like crazy. Wondering why? It is a fantastic way of increasing the annual revenue.

Ahead we have gathered a list of impressive box styles

  • Pre roll display boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Tray and sleeve packaging
  • Reverse tuck end 
  • Counter top display boxes

iCustomBoxes got all, whether you want to showcase your product at exhibitions, cash counters, or cannabis dispensaries. Whatever design ideology you have in your mind, sync with our maestro and let the customization game begin!