Maximizing Product Impact with Eye-Catching Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

Maximizing Product Impact with Eye-Catching Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

Do you know that visually attractive custom hemp oil boxes can take your sales to the next level? Yes, customized packaging acts as a silent salesperson and speaks volumes about your brand’s excellence. However, in this blog, we have gathered amazing tips and tricks to enhance your product exposure. So, let’s get started!

Counter Display Hemp Oil Boxes

It is a fact that hemp is one of the fastest-growing markets in the USA. And hemp-derived products offer great medicinal and therapeutic benefits. As a result, its demand has increased to a great extent. Since hemp is a billion-dollar industry, you can coin your identity with custom hemp oil boxes. You can showcase your bottles, jars, and containers in a counter display box. As the name implies, the display boxes are placed at the cash counters and retail shelves. The unique style and eye-catching designs enhance product exposure. Moreover, you can customize the counter display packaging in any size, colour, or design.

Hang Tab Boxes

Do you know that the hang tab is ideal for displaying the product at the customer’s eye level? Yes, it is like a hanger that’s attached to the top. And it lets you hang the wholesale hemp oil boxes at the peg hooks or sales stand. This style is commonly seen on the reverse tuck end boxes. And you can order the hang tabs in any shape, size, or colour.

Dispenser Boxes

It is a fact that creative and attractive box styles are a total game changer for your brand. First, it helps you win a better shelf placement. Secondly, it instantly grabs the customer’s attention. Then what happens next? Well, the customers review the product and finally add it to the cart. It is said that the first impression is the last. However, with dispenser box styles, you can improve your sales chart. Well, it has a unique box style with a pocket or ledge at the bottom. Hence you can stock multiple hemp oil bottles, and the customers can easily pick and choose. 

Tray and sleeve packaging

It is also known as drawer packaging, one of the trendiest box styles. It is a two-piece box and offers a premium unboxing experience. As the name suggests, the box opens like a drawer and provides ease to the customers. Further can even embellish it with customized add-ons. For instance, you can wrap it with a hemp rope or a ribbon. Or you can attach hang tags or cards to make the receiver feel special. Apart from this, you can customize the tray and sleeve packaging in kraft, cardboard, or rigid stock. And you can make your packaging stand out with custom-printed designs, illustrations, or slogans. Hence customization adds a whole new dimension to your packaging.

Custom Hemp Oil Packaging with Inserts

It is claimed that a first impression may last a lifetime. So brands to entrepreneurs try hard to give a good impression. As a matter of fact, it decides your success rate. And the packaging industry is no different. Therefore retailers and wholesalers pay special attention to the box style, stock, embellishments, and add-ons. And if the packaging is up to mark, it pays you off in the long run. Hence custom inserts are one of the easiest ways to win over customers. You can organize your custom hemp oil boxes with inserts. Plus, they can be customized in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Overall it improves the strength and makes the packaging visually attractive.

Accurately Sized Boxes

The right-size custom hemp oil packaging is famous for all the right reasons. It provides the utmost protection to the oil jars and prevents them from damage. And on top of that, it elevates the buyer’s unboxing experience. The truth is that people prefer frustration-free packaging that’s easy to open, handle and dispose of. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, packaging waste, and cleanup costs.

Use of Green Material

There is no denying that customers prefer eco-friendly packaging. Therefore to meet the customer’s demand, the brands have no option but to incorporate environmentally friendly practices. So whether it’s the apparel, food, pharmaceutical, or cannabis industry, all prefer sustainable packaging. Are you wondering why? It is recyclable, affordable, and versatile. And it’s available in different textures, sizes, styles, and thicknesses. For example, you can customize the hemp packaging boxes in cardboard, kraft, rigid or corrugated material. But kraft and cardboard are the top choices for retail purposes, whereas you can go with rigid stock for subscription packaging. Lastly, you can ship, transport and deliver the bulk quantities in corrugated material. In a nutshell, you can go green from head to toe with our premium stock. 

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