Raise the Standard of Beauty Brands with Serum Packaging Wholesale

Raise the Standard of Beauty Brands with Serum Packaging Wholesale

Purpose of Custom Serum Packaging

Serum is one of the most significant parts of skin care items. These expensive skin care serums are available in delicate glass bottles. So, you have to be extra careful regarding their packaging. We at iCustomBoxes are offering the best quality custom serum boxes. They are an ideal solution to keep serum containers protected during shipment and shelf storage as well. Moreover, our exclusively design packaging with a logo is helpful for the brand’s marketing. You can contact us to order personalized packaging in your preferred shape, size, color, and stock.

Get Perfect Size Boxes for Serum Packaging

Serum containers do not come in standard shapes or sizes. Each company frames its bottles following targeted audiences. Ready-made boxes have never been good for them. You can contact us to design a bespoke package in your required designs and lengths. You can share the product’s requirements with our team and then wait for the final results. We use high-tech equipment to create error-free packaging and provide the best results to our valuable clients.

User-Oriented and Stylish Serum Box’s Design

Exclusivity and easiness always attract buyers. They both go hand in hand in customization. The brands have the power to customize any creative style of packaging that is easy to use, assemble, and ship. Our custom-printed serum packaging fits well with the former discussion. They are user-friendly and stylish as well. Following are the names of the boxes that we create for the storage of serum containers:

  • Tuck End

Reverse and straight tuck end designs are the top-rated choice for serum bottle packaging. They keep delicate products compacted inside and have the easiest closures.

  • Tray and Sleeve Packaging

Easy to unveil products. The viewers can unbox it and get an idea about products before making a purchase.

  • Countertop Display Boxes

Enhance product visibility by displaying them on the counter shelves

  • Mailer Boxes

These boxes are ideal for online brands to ship their skincare items safely.

Serum Packaging: Long-Lasting Packaging Solution

The security of serum bottles is the main concern of brands and consumers. They are delicate enough to break during shelf storage and shipment as well. Our boxes could be the answer to your worries. They are firm and powerful, sufficient to tolerate external odds effectively. What makes our serum box packaging strong? It is the result of using high-quality materials and finishings. We utilize kraft, cardboard, and sturdiest corrugated papers. All these options are robust enough to bear any harm and secure for the environment. However, we prefer applying coatings on packaging to make it extra resistant to scratches, fingerprints, tears, etc. Brown kraft is an apt choice to create simple packaging.

Serum Packaging with Inserts

Skincare serums are costly. There is a huge possibility of bottle damage because of tinctures and jerks, etc.; therefore, we design highly secure custom serum packaging. That’s why we add compartments in boxes for safety measures. Inserts in packaging help keep products compacted at their particular place and prevent fluctuations. As a result, bottles prevent from bumping into each other and stay undamaged. You can count on us to get custom-design inserts.

Printed Serum Packaging with Logo

The beauty industry has made massive progress over time. Nowadays, you can witness many beauty brands competing with each other. Please stop spending money on the brand’s marketing. An exclusively designed printed serum box packaging embossed with a logo and appealing artwork is an effective tool in giving a boost to your business. Moreover, you can make it a personal touch by including the company’s details, like tag lines, slogans, or product details.

Enjoy Special Perks by Choosing iCustomBoxes:

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