Six Unique Ways To Make Your Apparel Brand Popular With Custom Shirt Boxes

Six Unique Ways To Make Your Apparel Brand Popular With Custom Shirt Boxes

Do you know that the shirt business is worth a billion dollars? Wow, that’s big! The truth is that the global craze for fast fashion keeps the industry on the go. As a result, the brands launch their latest collection to impress fashion lovers. Thus you can easily find your favourite denim, office, and dress shirts in the store. But do you want to make your clothing brand a big hit? Custom shirt boxes are the right answer! In this blog, we have gathered incredible ideas to make your packaging swoon-worthy. Come on, let’s get started!

Two Piece Box Style:

There is no denying that customized packaging has evolved to a great extent. And the brands and the customers are fond of it for all the good reasons. For now, we will stick to the two-piece box style. As the name implies, it consists of a separate lid and a bottom. And it is available in different sizes, colours, themes, and stock. Hence you can customize them in rigid, kraft, or cardboard material. And the best part? The two-piece boxes provide enough space to house formal and casual shirts. Further, you can decorate the box with customized add-ons.

Rigid box with Magnetic Closure

Are you looking for exclusive custom T shirt boxes? You can try the rigid boxes. They come with a magnetic closure and are available in two forms, i.e. collapsible and non-collapsible. Plus, they are durable, long-lasting, and versatile. Moreover, you can beautify the rigid packaging with hot foil stamping, embossing, and debossing technique. It helps to highlight the brand logo, slogan, or images. And overall, it makes your shirt packaging effortlessly exclusive.

Tray and Sleeve Packaging

It is a fact that the T shirt industry is hyper-saturated. And it is an uphill task to solidify your presence in the market. But with versatile packaging, you can easily coin your identity. Yes, we are talking about the tray and sleeve box. It is a two piece box and comes with a movable lid. Plus, you can attach a string to the bottom to make your boxes handy and flexible. Apart from this, you can customize the drawer boxes in any colour, stock, or design.

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Partial Cover Boxes

We know that customized packaging secures the product and prevents it from damage. However, it is also used for other purposes. For instance, boxes with windows help in brand marketing and promotion. And it is perfect for showcasing your T shirts. Usually, the PVC sheet is placed on the lid. And it gives an overview of the enclosed items to the customers. Thus they get an idea about the shirt’s fabric, colour, design, and price. In a nutshell, it attracts potential customers and triggers their impulse buying behaviour.

Luxury Custom T-shirt Boxes

There are several ways to make your packaging exclusive and regal. For example, it depends on your choice of box style, stock, and printing techniques. Come on, let us talk about the hot foil stamping technique. It is a dry printing method and transfers the coloured foil to the substrate without any bleeding. The coloured foil is available in copper, green, gold, red, silver, blue, and rose gold. You can pick any colour, and it is transferred with high pressure and heat. Thus it is permanently stamped to the custom printed shirt boxes. What’s more? You can apply silver or gold foil on black, brown, or red-coloured boxes. The metallic hue pops out on the dark background and gives the specific artwork an eye-catching look.

Gift Packaging

It is admitted that people love to gift shirts to their loved ones. And it is an excellent way of expressing your love. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or farewell event, you can always gift a beautiful shirt. But it is important how you present it. Therefore sophisticated and elegant gift packaging is a must. Do you want some tips? You can decorate the T shirt boxes with silk ribbons, knots, stickers, or greeting cards. It adds value to the boxes and amps up the giftee unboxing experience.

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