Six Unique ways to Scale up your Business sales with Custom Truffle Boxes

Six Unique ways to Scale up your Business sales with Custom Truffle Boxes

Luxury Truffle Packaging To Decorate Your Box

The confectionery items are prone to spoilage and contamination. Thus durable packaging is a must to keep the donuts, truffles, and pastries fresh. In this blog, we have gathered fantastic ideas to decorate custom truffle boxes. Without further ado, let us jump on to the details. High-quality stock paper (cardboard, kraft, and rigid) makes the boxes sturdy and long-lasting. As a result, it extends the shelf life of bakery products.

Moreover, you can upgrade the boxes to luxury truffle packaging with top-notch printing techniques.

You can embellish the packaging with hot foil stamping. It adds shine to the artwork and slogan. And the metallic hues effortlessly give your boxes an exclusive and sophisticated look. And depending on the box base colour you can choose the coloured foil. It is available in red, rose gold, blue, green, and copper colour.

Custom inside Printing on Truffle Boxes

It is admitted that truffles and chocolates symbolize happiness. The sweet treats are a must, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or wedding party. And it’s a wonderful way to surprise your dear one.

So do you want to add a WOW factor to the custom truffle boxes? Perfect!

We have out-of-the-box ideas for your packaging. And inside printing top the charts for all the good reasons. You can add contrasting colours, illustrations, and quotations on the inside. Besides, you can utilize the inside printing for brand marketing.

Wondering how? You can print your brand’s journey and vision and create brand awareness.

Thus it creates an emotional customer-brand relationship. And it hooks the buyer to your label for a lifetime.

Truffle Gift Boxes Wholesale

Do you want to take your truffle boxes wholesale to the next level? Congratulations! You are in the perfect spot. You can steal the limelight at tradeshows and food exhibitions with our wonderful add-ons. Trust us; you can always go right with detailed packaging. It adds value, sets apart your boxes, and triggers the buyer’s impulse buying.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to embellish the boxes with greeting cards, stickers, bows, and ribbon knots. It enhances the unboxing experience and impresses the recipients.

Versatile packaging this New Year

It is 2023, and there is no room for boring packaging styles. Therefore we bring the best of the best ideas to the table. You can pack the bite-size truffles in unique box shapes and styles. We have a tray and sleeve, two pieces, boxes with die cuts, and gable-shaped boxes. Each packaging style is unique and offers endless customization details. You print any colour, illustrations, and text on it.

Besides, you can order truffle packaging in any size, stock, and style. And we will manufacture it as per your need.

Custom Inserts are also Available

You can make your boxes spacious, organized, and attractive with custom inserts. They are available in different stocks, colours, and styles. It divides the box into different sections and creates space for housing the truffles. Hence you can pack as many truffles as you like. And it is perfect for displaying multiflavored truffles in one box.

And the best part? It strengthens the box and makes it long-lasting. And you can carry it around without worrying about the damage. Undoubtedly it’s a perfect organizer.

On top of that it beautifies the boxes to the next level.

Belly Band Packaging for Truffle Boxes:

It is admitted that we never compromise on the box’s quality. From designing to box printing, we ensure that everything is parred excellence. Therefore we offer top-notch packaging services to our treasured clients.

We offer endless customization options, and we mean it!

You name the printing technique, colour, and box shape, and we have it. But there is a lot more to it.

Bellyband packaging is a fantastic idea for decorating truffle boxes wholesale. The sleeve smoothly glides on the box. And it makes the packaging secure, compact and stylish.

Moreover, it is used for branding purposes. You can print the truffle’s flavour, price, nutritional information, social media link and QR code on it. And you can customize the bellyband in kraft or cardboard stock. Plus, the colour, design, and style options are infinite. So do you want creativity, protection, and practicality all in one? The bellyband style is your best bet!

Why Choose Us?

iCustomBoxes is the leading custom box manufacturer for decades. And our in-house team is best at their job. We understand and accommodate our clients in the best possible way. We give you a blank cheque to customize the boxes from the start till the end. It is an incredible platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to channel their creativity. And you can make the bakery business the talk of the town with our truffle packaging.

What are you waiting for? Visit and start to fill out the quotation form. And our sales agents will respond to you in no time!