Sleeve Boxes are also Known as Drawer Packaging

Sleeve Boxes are also Known as Drawer Packaging

Sleeve boxes are also known as drawer packaging. It is a two-piece customizable to any size, stock, color, or printing. The back-and-forth movement of the tray upgrades the customer’s unboxing experience. Moreover, the ribbon pull tabs give it a stylish look.

The best part is that the tray provides ample storage space. Perfect for packing food, cosmetics, and electronic items. Plus the flexible sleeve fully covers the tray and protects it from dust, sunlight, and moisture. Order sleeve boxes wholesale and get volume discounts, free design support, and doorstep delivery service.

Diversify your Packaging with Custom Sleeve Boxes

In 2023 there is no room for standard packaging. International and local businesses prefer out-of-the-box packaging styles. And for that sleeve boxes top the charts. It is a unique two-piece box and offers an unlimited customization margin.

So let us dig into the details. It is not an ordinary packaging style. The detachable sleeve covers the tray and protects the items from harm. Moreover, the brands can print their signature logo, design, or name. It distinguishes your brand and attracts potential buyers.

And the same goes for the tray (bottom). There are jillions of ways to customize it. How about printing contrasting colors, bold images, and stylish text? It adds an X factor and instantly magnetizes the customers.

Overall customized printing helps you acquire the best spot at the sales stand and retail shelves. So join us and get ready to create a buzz with our incredible printing options. You imagine and we bring your ideas to life!

Sleeve Boxes with Packaging Dividers

Do you agree with the phrase “Divide and Rule”? Great! And we can apply the same rule to custom sleeve boxes. The thing is that dividers strengthen and organize the packaging. It protects the box from collapsing, shrinking, or cracking.

Thus you can place multiple items without worrying about the damage. Hence drawer packaging is widely across the cosmetic, apparel, and food industries. The inserts compartmentalize the sleeve packaging and make it spacious enough to house the products.

Besides there are two types of dividers or partitioners. Some are fixed while others are detachable. The purpose is to secure the packaging and prevent the items from colliding with each other. So if you are looking for 100% sturdy or durable boxes the inserts are a big YES!


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