Strong Material Improves the Credibility of your Brand

Strong Material Improves the Credibility of your Brand

Cigarettes are delicate and hence demand strong protection. To give them a proper shield, it is important to have a stronger packaging material for your cigarette boxes. All of the stocks provided at iCustomBoxes are capable enough to provide a strong and sturdy cover for your cigarettes. However, cardboard cigarette boxes are preferred the most amongst our clients.

The cardboard stock is of extremely fine quality. Moreover, it has eco-friendly properties and can be easily recycled. Cigarettes are consumed excessively in today’s world. Having empty cigarette boxes that are biodegradable proves you are a volunteer to the environment.

Furthermore, strong material showcases the credibility of your brand. The strong material ensures the safety of your cigarettes. The process of the production of cigarettes to shipping them to the market is a hectic process that might get your cigarettes damaged. This might ruin the reputation of your brand. As a result, customers will not make a purchase which will lead to a decrease in sales.

Therefore, with strong material for your  cigarette boxes, the cigarettes will be protected throughout the process. They will reach the customers safely. No damage to your cigarettes will occur. Eventually, you will improve your credibility as a brand.

Furthermore, we also provide multiple box styles such as cigarette boxes, tray and sleeve boxes, two-piece boxes, etc. These box styles have a unique structure. It will make your cigarette box stand out in a throng of many other cigarette boxes!

Lavish and chic box outlook

It is paramount to have a lavish outlook for your cigarette packaging. With a better appearance, you can attract customers to your cigarettes. Working for a modified and better look is every brand’s goal, be it in any industry. In order to make a convincing packaging, we have set up a panel of professional designers for you. With their guidance and support, making a unique layout for your empty cigarette boxes won’t be a tough task for you to do. They will guide you in making exactly the type of print you require for your blank cigarette boxes.

To serve as a cherry on top for you, we have made our design support completely free for you to benefit from. Moreover, we offer both digital and offset printing techniques. Furthermore, to give a fine seal to your empty cigarette boxes we offer three different types of coating. It will leave no stones unturned to ensure an exquisite look for your blank cigarette boxes.

Better Logo Display with Add-Ons

Add-ons are smartly designed features. They will enhance the overall outlook of your cigarette boxes. With these features for your blank cigarette boxes, you will be able to divert all the attention towards your brand.

Foiling with embossing and debossing will help you make a better display of your logo. With foiling, you can imprint your logo and with embossing and debossing, a 3D impact will be given to it. These two features will work best together to make a rich outlook of your logo. It will then be able to grab attention at the very first glance. Your packaging will then be hard to resist!

Deal Buyer Concerned with a Die-Cut

Cigarettes are most likely to get damaged during the hectic shipment processes. Customers fear that they will end up purchasing damaged cigarettes. Since you have ensured the safety of your cigarettes with cardboard cigarette boxes, it is no longer a problem for your brand. However, customers fail to put their trust in brands.

In order to make your cigarettes the priority of your customers, it is important to have a die-cut window for your cardboard cigarette boxes. A die-cut is a window-like structure. It will allow your customers to have a look at your cigarettes before making a purchase. Moreover, a high-quality PVC sheet covers the die-cut as well. It will shield your die-cut hole properly!

Free Shipping

We consider this our duty to facilitate our clients in whatever ways we can. For this purpose, we provide free shipping all across the globe. Our shipping services are extremely safe and hassle-free. You can now get your boxes right at your doorstep without having to pay for them. Moreover, our shipment services are quick as well. We won’t make you wait long to get your hands on your very own customized empty cigarette boxes!

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