What are Main Objectives of Choosing Custom CBD Oil Boxes

What are Main Objectives of Choosing Custom CBD Oil Boxes

Cannabidiol oil is one of the most demandable CBD products. It has become popular among people worldwide due to its incredible results. Usually, CBD oil is packed in glass and plastic containers. That’s why they require good packaging that does not affect their physical quality during transit and shelf storage. Are you a CBD oil manufacturer and in search of appropriate packaging? Custom CBD oil boxes are the ultimate choice for your retail business. These boxes, made with sturdy kraft and cardboard corrugated papers, keep delicate oil bottles unbroken. Moreover, these boxes are highly customizable. We at iCustomBoxes design CBD oil packaging in various shapes, colours, materials and sizes.

What are the Reasons for Using Custom CBD Oil Boxes?

Is this hype for custom CBD oil boxes real? Certainly, yes. How can you expect the advertisement of something without any significance? In this blog, we will bring to light the advantages of using customized packaging for CBD oil products and how it is helpful for your cannabis business. Study this blog to familiarize yourself with the main factors for choosing personalized boxes to store and display CBD oil packaging.

Give Long-Lasting Storage to CBD Oil Bottles with Sturdy Packaging:

The product’s safety is the main concern of the brands. CBD oil bottles with glass and plastic materials are more likely to curve or crush. Thus, the first thing that can inspire brands to choose custom CBD oil boxes is their sturdiness. These boxes are made with sustainable material, cardboard paper. Cardboard paper is robust and can bear the shocks of storage. As a result, CBD oil bottles do not deform and stay undamaged inside the box. Moreover, cardboard paper packaging is an affordable choice for retail packaging. Furthermore, cardboard corrugated customized with additional flutes is conducive for safe shipment.

Increase the Appeal of CBD Oil Products with Right Size Packaging:

A precisely design box can help out in winning the client’s attention. CBD oil bottles differ in size, length and form. A large box containing small oil bottles looks very unattractive and shabby. So, a ready-made box does not befit them well. You have to personalize the width and length of the box per the product’s dimensions. We suggest reverse and straight tuck end box designs to provide befitting packaging for CBD oil containers. These boxes are highly customizable. Additionally, they are easy to store, ship and assemble as well. Moreover, you can pick out sleeve packaging and tuck the front with inserts to organize oil bottles.

Support Green Cause by Using Kraft CBD Oil Boxes

Green packaging has become the most productive way to create a positive company image. Today, consumers are acknowledged with the disasters of climate change. Therefore, they look for eco-friendly packaging. Using kraft CBD oil boxes, your brand can play a part in the green cause. Brown kraft paper is prepared with organic substances. It has zero harmful impact on the environment. Its packaging is recyclable and easy to reuse as well. Besides its climate-friendly nature, brown kraft paper is suitable for storing lightweight CBD oil bottles. Kraft paper is sturdy and has the power to resist environmental disasters like humidity, sun heat, contamination etc.

Help in Creating Recognizable Image of Brand Among Crowd:

Apart from product protection, another biggest purpose for using customized packaging is the brand’s promotion. The huge consumption of CBD oil items has produced cutting-throat competition in the market.  Then branded packaging helps to make out difference and makes your brand‘s products recognizable.  Custom CBD oil boxes embossed with the company’s logo and tag lines give the product’s packaging an individual touch. In this way, the buyers can recognize the brands’ products among crowds without any hassle. You can facilitate the buyers by imprinting the product’s details, price, expiry date, instructions for usage etc.  

Choose iCustomBoxes: The Groundbreaker in Customized Packaging:

Are you having comprehension regarding online services? Please give yourself relief from all these worries. ICB is one of the most trustable and top-rate packaging suppliers worldwide. You can count on us to get top-notch CBD oil boxes wholesale. Our staff is skilled in their craft and can offer 100% customer’s guaranteed services. Moreover, we also offer digital mock-ups to ensure the client’s satisfaction. Don’t delay it further. Please make up your mind and give us a call. You can connect with us by dialling +1-800-347-2197 or sharing email at support@icustomboxes.com. Please place your order now and prepare yourself for our outstanding services.

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What are the most preferable materials for CBD oil packaging?

Cardboard is the most apt choice to construct a long-standing CBD oil box for retail. However, you can choose kraft and corrugated paper as well.

Can I request design mock-ups, and what will it cost?

Yes, you can. We offer free-of-cost mock-ups in 2D and 3D digital forms.

What is your standard delivery time for CBD oil boxes?

The order delivery depends on the details of customization and prints. However, it takes 14 to 17 business days to print and dispatch orders.

In which shapes and designs do you customize CBD oil boxes?

There is no limit to customization. We can customize CBD oil boxes in any required shape, size, color and materials.

What is your MOQ?

Our minimum order quantity consists of 100 boxes.


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