What are the Different Types and Styles of Rigid Boxes

What are the Different Types and Styles of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are also called set-up boxes because of their sturdy and beautiful appearance. Rigid paper is the most excellent solution to give packaging a luxury and prestigious feel. Retail owners prefer these boxes to store high-value items like jewelry, make-up, perfumes, skin care serums, o, smartphones, e, etc. Moreover, these boxes are ideal for promotional or gift packaging. Another good feature of custom rigid boxes is their flexibility. Brands can modify them in required shapes, designs, or layouts.

Are you unacknowledged with the features of rigid boxes? Read this blog to explore different types and styles of rigid boxes. Let’s dive into details without further ado. 

Discovering Different Styles of Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Closure:

This style of box is trendy because of its high-protective nature. Rigid boxes with magnetic closure ends with a snap and protects things from harmful environmental factors. They are a perfect solution for the storage of delicate and high-valued goods. This box’s style is preferred to enhance the unboxing experience of buyers because of its effortless openings and endings. 

Rigid Drawer Boxes:

Rigid drawer boxes come in the shape of a matchbox. This two-piece box containing an upper lid and a bottom sleeve is trendy. This box’s design makes it easy to open and close because of a hole and connected ribbon. This box’s style is utilized for rigid gift packaging because of its functionality 

Book Style Boxes:

As the name suggests, this box’s style opens and closes like a book. It is an excellent solution for the ultimate protection of high-end items. You can use these boxes for apparel or high-grade gifts. 

Collapsible Boxes:

Collapsible rigid boxes are opposite to non-foldable boxes. You can fold them as required. Besides that, they are easy to ship and store. Moreover, they take less space during shipment, which benefits brands monetarily. 

Telescopic Boxes

The telescoping box’s style comprises two components, i.e., a lid and a bottom. This packaging style is ideal to give lasting storage to goods. The lid on the box is closed tightly to give contents security against harmful factors. 

Two-piece rigid box:

It is a suitable box style for those brands who want to keep packaging simple yet classy. Moreover, it gives ultimate protection. Besides that, it is preferred because of effortless closings or endings.

Tray and Sleeve Boxes:

Sleeve packaging is quite popular because of its unveiling nature. It reveals products before audiences without any hassle. The buyers can slide out trays to get a preview of items. 

Rigid Boxes with Window:

This particular box’s style is applicable for retail packaging. Brands can use these boxes to display products. Packaging design with a transparent window gives viewers a sneak peek of packed items. Adding a PVC sheet on the window keeps contents secure from dust, dirt, germs po, pollutants, etc. 

Types of Rigid Packaging Boxes: 

You will see two types of custom rigid boxes. These include:

  1. Partial finish rigid box
  2. Complete finish rigid box

Get ready to find out what’s the main difference between these two:

Partial Finish Rigid Box:

  • They are covered to finish the inside of the box. 
  • The inner chipboard is unfinished.
  • The inside chipboard has one piece that contains crease lines and folds.
  • Tape is used to secure before wrapping. 

Complete Finish Rigid Box:

  • They are completely wrapped.
  • The inside chipboard is in various pieces. 
  • No tape is used before wrapping
  • It is coated with multiple finishing solutions.

Why are Rigid Boxes Preferred?

Choose rigid boxes for your luxury products. Some of main points are listed below:

  • They give a premium feel to the product’s packaging.
  • Moreover, they are an ultimate source of protection. They are ideal to keep breakable items safe and sound. 
  • Rigid boxes are highly customizable. They can be tailored into preferred shapes, sizes, and colors.
  •  They are an excellent choice to leave a good impression on the buyers.
  •  They are a helpful tool for brand marketing and boosting sales.

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