What is the Difference between Kraft Paper And Normal Paper? Complete Guide

What is the Difference between Kraft Paper And Normal Paper? Complete Guide

Due to the rise in demand for eco-friendly packaging, kraft comes back in the competition. The sustainable kraft paper contributes a lot to the natural packaging. Many people consider normal paper are same as kraft material. But these both are different materials and have distinctive qualities. 

No doubt, kraft paper has gained great importance in packaging. And demand for it is not getting low. Let's explore what kraft is and what it is made of and understand paper varieties.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft is the German word that means strong. And kraft fulfills this definition by providing excellent sturdiness. Like all other papers, kraft comes from natural woods pulp. The raw kraft is strong and tear-resistant. As its packaging bags. Besides this, they are ideal for creating strong kraft wrappings and solid cartons.  

Kraft papers are also used in colorful packaging and brand advertisements. The surface of this material makes it easy to print any color and design on the boxes.

  • How is Kraft Paper Cellulose Made?

The kraft paper provides the natural material. It is made from wood, which is the natural way to craft any paper. But the main difference comes in kraft and normal paper when we decrease the quantity of Lignin. Cellulose and Lignin are two main factors that are used to make papers. But when we maximize the presence of Cellulose in kraft. It makes them more sustainable and sturdier.

As you know, the amount of Cellulose Lignin in wood will be high. It will not make good papers. That's why the kraft papers are crafted with the help of heating. And the quantity of Lignin is minimized to get sturdier papers.

Kraft Paper VS Regular Papers

Many people have the view that it is just papers. What is the difference between them? But it is not a matter of fact. There is a huge difference between kraft and normal papers. Kraft is stronger than the normal papers or regular papers and provides sustainable goals.

As mentioned above, the removal of Lignin left more Cellulose. That makes the kraft paper more solid and durable. This effect also makes them tear-resistant and perfect for packaging.

Normal cardboard papers left the kraft paper with limited fishing options. As they are so friendly for printing and such following options such as

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Spot UV

What are the Distinctive Types of Kraft Papers?

A wide range of kraft papers comes with different fishing options. Depending on the purpose, different papers, such as kraft paper, butcher paper, and wax paper, are used. But kraft is the most used paper for shipping, wrapping, and packaging.

In the food business, it is the first choice of consumers and brands. The reason behind its friendly nature. They are also making the inside food fresh and tasty for many hours. Kraft generally comes in brown, but white and black kraft papers are also available. So, you can select them as your product requirements.

Bleached vs Natural Kraft Papers

Due to many purposes, natural kraft paper is preferred to bleached. Because they are more eco-friendly and provide natural solutions. But people love the bleached papers in the case of luxurious items packaging. They add a shine and sophisticated touch to the packaging. So, the use of both papers varies from material to material.

Take a Look At the Main Advantages Of Kraft Papers

  • Apart from its sturdiness, the kraft papers are 100% eco-friendly.
  • The kraft papers are easily degraded in just a few days.
  • They are recyclable and reusable.
  • The sustainable packaging makes the products more reliable.
  • They also offer strength during the packaging of products.

The versatile Kraft paper Bags with Handles

The best and simplest use of brown kraft paper bags is for shopping purposes. If you are going for groceries, these lightweight bags facilitate your life. The handles make it easy to carry the grocery items from store to car. They also give protection to the products.

Besides this, many brands use these paper bags to pack many luxurious items. Such as gift or jewelry items. These bags make the packaging more attractive and elegant. Customers find it easy to carry products with the help of these handles. Moreover, the use of bags lowers the burden of your expenses. They are inexpensive and have the lowest rates.

Customization Options For Kraft Papers 

There are vast options for kraft and normal paper customization. You can add a personal touch to your packaging with the help of printing. The best way to promote your brand is by adding unique logos. These logo designs introduce your products to customers. Besides this, they act like walking billboards for your brand.

Additionally, you can add a variety of designs that make product displays impressive. Such as the addition of windows gives a glimpse of inside products.

Many brands use paper bags for branding. They add attractive colors that make the product eye-catching and attention-grabber. Sometimes, using different colors brings the customer's attention to your products. However, you can use them as the branding tools. They can make your brand recognizable due to the use of particular colors.

You show your commitment to natural packaging by selecting the kraft paper bags. Customers who care about the environment get a good impression from your actions.


To conclude, the difference between kraft and normal paper is wide. But the sturdier nature and tear-resistant element gives the top position in the competitive market. You can use them as branding tools and to pack the various products. Moreover, these materials are reliable and eco-friendly. That gives positive reviews about your brand.  


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