Why Do You Need Tailor-Made Beard Oil Boxes for Your Cosmetics Brand

Why Do You Need Tailor-Made Beard Oil Boxes for Your Cosmetics Brand

You will be speculating why there is so much hype about customization. Is it of any worth? Absolutely yes! You must know that skincare products are high-cost and require exclusive and secure packaging.  Hence, choosing a suitable box to keep items fitted and preventing them from fluctuating seemed difficult in the past.  But with time, there has been a revolution in each industry. The demands of people are also altered. So today, customized packaging of your retail items can lead your brand towards success. What’s unique about custom beard oil boxes? Their key features include the following:

  • Easy to customizable in accurate sizes and styles
  • Constructed with recyclable and durable material
  • Resistible to marks, scratches, smudges, etc.
  • Cost-effective option for the brand’s marketing 

Beard Oil Boxes Manufactured with Sustainable Material

You need custom-made beard oil boxes for the protection of delicate oil bottles. You must choose a durable stock that keeps bottles unbroken during travelling and storage. Our stock options include:

  1. Kraft
  2. Cardboard
  3. Rigid

Kraft is the best choice for the packaging of lightweight oil bottles. It is reusable and has zero effect on the planet. on the other hand; you have cardboard paper. Unlike kraft, cardboard paper is thick and flexible. You can turn it into various forms and shapes effortlessly. One of the greatest advantages of cardboard paper is its viability for prints, add-ons, laminations, etc. Furthermore, you can pick out rigid stock to give a fancy look to the box.

Use Die-Cut Box to Display the Beard Oil Containers Elegantly

Do you want to increase the visual appeal of your high-end beard oils? Beard oil boxes with die-cuts can do wonders in this regard. We make use of cutting-edge technology machines and tools that create perfect cut-outs. We attach a transparent PVC sheet that enhances the visibility of the objects and guards them against pollutants, germs, soil, etc. However, these boxes provide spacious space for customized designs.  You can print these boxes with advanced printing methods that involve offset, digital and screen printing.

Premium Quality Packaging for Luxurious Beard Oil Bottles

Deciding to surprise your loved ones by gifting beard oils? You can make your present special by packing it in a classy box. First of all, you can choose a high-quality rigid box. It is available in an unbendable and collapsible shape as well. A rigid box is hard but viable for all customized options. Rigid paper packaging is also recyclable. You can print a box with the giftee’s name or add quotes to express your affection. We suggest you print the design patterns with embossing and debossing to preeminent the color designs. Besides this, you have the option to add compartments and inserts.  Inserts are available in kraft, cardboard and foam. You can pick out foam inserts to appeal to the clients. They are found in various hues you can choose that befits you best.

  1. Straight tuck-end boxes
  2. Reverse tuck end boxes
  3. Counter Display Boxes
  4. Beard Oil Box with Die-Cuts
  5. Tuck-front Box
  6. Rigid Box with Magnetic Closure

These are some of the unique types of boxes. All of these boxes present your items very elegantly and keep them unharmed. 

Benefits of Using Custom Beard Boxes Wholesale

Are you short in budget and looking for reasonable and reliable services? It’s time to get benefits from our wholesale services and lay aside a big part of your money from your budget. You can lay your trust in us. Whether you order large or small quantities, our designers diligently complete the order on the promised time.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Beard Oil Box Packaging

Instead of providing top-quality services, we offer many facilities to facilitate the customers. These are as follows:

  • You can get free and instant quotations.
  • We offer free shipping facilities all over the world.
  • Our company does not have any setup fee, plates or die-cuts.
  • You can avail of seasonal discounts.
  • We provide 2D and 3D digital design samples for the clients’ satisfaction.