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    Custom Eyeliner Boxes gives your eyeliner a stunning look that satisfies the customer due to its quality Printing. Handsome Eyeliner Packaging Promote your brand in the cosmetic industry. Get benefits for your eyeliner boxes with free shipping and designing. Women love to create attractive eyes and eyeliners are widely used by them for this purpose. Whether its gel, liquid, or pen liner they all require special and quality packaging. Customizing boxes according to themes and color of liners add extra value to the product. Good packaging not only keeps it safe from breaking and spilling but also imprints a good impression of the brand on the consumer's mind. Customers are usually willing to pay more for lush and enchanting packaging. Eyeliner boxes are the encase of different colors of eyeliners. This is the most appealing cosmetic ingredient that women prefer in daily routine, makeup. With a soft but admiring look, the eyes are incomplete without the application of eyeliner. Women beauty all around its powerful eye makes up that makes a complete look. But the eyeliner plays a vital role in making attractive and stunning eyes. A large number of women emphasize on black eyeliner that looks prominent on their faces. To keep the eyeliner safe for a long time. Icustomboxes are the manufacturer of mind-blowing cosmetic packaging boxes such as eyeliner boxes with the high-quality material and durable results the eyeliner boxes will save the product for a long time without damaging it.

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    What are Eyeliner Boxes?

    We give Custom eyeliner boxes that can be delivered the shading, material, and design of your decision. You can also include additional tabs or folds as indicated by your requirements! An imaginative eyeliner boxes packaging gave by iCustomBoxes not just powerfully pack the product, yet also, fills in as a symbol of a cosmetic brand. Brilliant eyeliner boxes wholesale would assist you with showing your eye cosmetics run all the more proficiently.

    Types of custom eyeliner boxes

    The types of eyeliner packaging boxes rely upon the sort of eyeliners. With the headway in nearly everything, you can see the cosmetics are additionally advancing. From matte hopes to sparkle look and shimmery. Varieties and evolvement are consistently the key components to advance. Consequently, If you check out you will see that eyeliner are in the diverse structure


    It tends to be a cake that should have been applied from the brush. It is generally applied after making the brush wet.


    Much the same as a pencil, these eyeliners are in pencil structure you either need to share them with a keener or you need to turn it out for the lead.


    Gel eyeliner is the other type of eyeliner that is normally waterproof however, for the most part, that eyeliner is utilized for a glossy appearance.


    Waterproof eyeliner as recommended by the name is waterproof in its temperament. You can utilize that for making the standpoint matte or minimal sparkly.

    Usage of Eyeliner Boxes in industries

    The ceremonial beginnings from finding the best dress for the event. Cosmetics particularly that of the eyes is one that orders huge importance. That is the reason eyeliners are so important and are choosing the correct eyeliner for your eyes that make your eyes jump out.

    Something else that recognizes us from the contenders would need to be our snappy turnaround time. We offer administrations in a snappy and quick way. It will be no time before you can get the eyeliner boxes right to at your doorsteps. This is because we understand how significant and valuable your time is and we would prefer not to be the ones squandering it. Thus, we make our administrations as helpful and practical for you all as could reasonably be expected.

    Eyeliner packaging for Shipping purpose:

    As set up immovably that iCustomBoxes celebrates in encouraging its customers to the most extreme cutoff points, at that point why trouble them by charging for what we convey to them. For our customers living external these locales, our transportation rates are the base in the market. Nonetheless, this proposal of free transportation is substantial on standard orders just, Indeed, even our assist transporting charges are substantially less than the typical contributions in the market.

    Eyeliner Boxes for Display Purpose

    Attractive Eyeliner Packaging Promote your brand in the cosmetic business. Get an advantage for your eyeliner boxes with free delivery and designing. Ladies love to make appealing eyes and eyeliners are broadly utilized by them for this reason. Regardless of whether its gel, fluid, or pen liner they all require uncommon and quality packaging. Modifying boxes as indicated by subjects and shade of liners enhance products. Great packaging not just shields it safe from breaking and spilling yet additionally engraves a great impression of the brand on the buyer’s mind.

    Customers are generally ready to pay more for rich and charming packaging. To protect the eyeliner for quite a while. iCustomBoxes are the maker of awesome cosmetic packaging boxes, for example, eyeliner boxes with the great material and sturdy outcomes the eyeliner boxes will spare the item for quite a while without harming it.

    Our Process

    This agenda has the following a few highlights: 

    1. Search for the nature of the cardboard.
    2. Ensure on the off chance that you enter bite the dust cuts in the box, they are appropriately and finely cut.
    3. You must be selective about the printing of these eyeliner boxes.
    4. Ensure all the necessary data about the Product are imprinted on it.
    5. The tabs when cut should appropriately interlock into each other to give uphold. Or on the other hand ensure if the cement is utilized, they are of acceptable quality.

    Visit Our Website

    Presently the inquiry happens to the spot from where you need to purchase the best packaging boxes. I have my custom cosmetics boxes from iCustomBoxes who not just give you the best quality products yet in addition to the best quality services. You can have them imprinted in the manner you need and in whatever plan you need from them. The best packaging, I have discovered this far. The touch you are consistently open for alternatives. You can google distinctive Eyeliner packaging and printing organizations for your benefit. If that is difficult, you can generally utilize different boxes that have been utilized once, as your custom cosmetics boxes. I have talked about that on my various websites, you can search for them.

    Select your style and product for Custom Eyeliner Pencil Packaging

    The custom eyeliner boxes can be made in each shape and size. It relies upon your products what the size of your product and we begin following it. From long round and hollow shape to thin and wide shapes each shape can be made with remarkable extraordinary sizes. For eyeliner pencil packaging we suggest the long and round and hollow shapes that will encase the item wellbeing with solid and strong cardboard material.

    Get a Free Quote

    iCustomBoxes offer after highlights and advantages for printed eyeliner boxes

    1. Immaculate packaging, available in different colors, sizes, and designs.
    2. Printing of organization's name and logo on eyeliner box packaging box.
    3. Excellent card stocks and best inks are utilized in the packaging boxes.
    4. Modified designing at serious costs.
    5. Ideal shipment and complete consumer loyalty.
    6. Little requests up to 100 boxes are also acknowledged.
    7. Our Call Sales Representatives are available nonstop to engage your questions and concerns concerning eyeliner boxes.

    Free design support

    It is safe to say that you are confused about your box designs? Not certain what colors to pick, which text styles to go for, and what pictures to put on? Try not to stress! iCustomBoxes can design your custom eyeliner box without any preparation. We can furnish you with instant designs and styles that are explicitly custom fitted as indicated by your necessities. Pick the ideal blend of pictures and textual styles. Go for colors that talk strikingly and uproariously to your customers, and you can even request themed configuration help! Not certain what configuration to go for, for the occasion themed uncommon release of your eyeliner? Surrender it to us!

    Searching for an uplifting Eyeliner pencil packaging for your eyeliner extend? iCustomBoxes has various energizing alternatives for you. Our Free Designing Services can be benefited to have a few layouts concerning plan inclinations for the eyeliner boxes with no arrangement cost. Brief your specs to our illustrations team and they'll give you surprising work of art choices.

    Avail the astonishing custom eyeliner boxes in pocket-friendly charges

    At this platform, you will feel happier that your requirement fulfills instantly. We highly depend on our customer's expectations and will do according to that. The custom eyeliner boxes prove us more competitive because we know what our client demands and we start following their instruction with accompanied by a skilled worker that advised the customer to make the most effective piece of products. So what we do explain in the following.

    We Can Create Possible Shapes And Sizes

    The custom eyeliner boxes can be manufactured in every shape and size. It depends on your products what the size of your product and we start following it. From long cylindrical shape to thin and wide shapes every shape can be made with exceptional great sizes.

    For eyeliner pencil packaging we recommend the long and cylindrical shapes that will encase the product safety with reliable and durable cardboard material.

    Eco-Friendly Material

    We used the cardboard material for the manufacturing of high-quality eyeliner packaging boxes. In this way, you can save your product for a long period and also one thing that is noticed is its usage. You must use and encased it quickly in this way it will be protected from extraneous variables like heat and light and also keep it safe from germ too. The eyeliner packaging will increase the usage of the eyeliner for a long time.


    We manufacture the eyeliner pencil packaging with beautiful printing that results in brand awareness in people and also raises the chains of your clients. The printing will be customized by you. The colors and the logos as well as all things will be customized by you. We sell the stocks to businessmen and consumers according to their reviews due to finely manufactured with exceptional printing-packaging we have become a well-known brand in a short time. 
    With heavy-duty advanced machines and skilled worker that is working efficiently day to night to make provide you ever best quality. Just contact us and avail the most competitive product ever.

    Die-Cut Window

    We know how your customers will attract so we focus on marketing strategies for dragging the customers in your shops by creating attractive things on eyeliner boxes. We create the die-cut window on eyeliner pencil packaging that influences your customers at a glance. They will be dragged instantly because they can see the product from outside the casing.

    Free Shipment

    One thing that makes us more competitive is affordable charges and free shipment. The quickest turnaround supply makes us more demanding.

    iCustomBoxes are the manufacturer of great quality eyeliner boxes at low rates. With free services like printing, logo designing, and customization we promised to deliver the most competitive eyeliner boxes. Contact us for more info.

    Eyeliner Packaging Wholesale US, Canada

    Custom Eyeliner boxes encase the most basic and most important item of cosmetics boxes that lays the basis of makeup. Whether you are packaging Color liquid Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner Set or the delicate Eyeliner Pencil Set we at iCustomBoxes have a solution for all your Custom Eyeliner Packaging needs. These boxes come in all custom sizes, Custom Eyeliner boxes help you to create a charming, and beautiful impression to entice buyers towards your product. Ranging from cardboard to Kraft material and digital printing. We can guarantee to offer you budget-friendly and high-quality services for your custom box packaging needs.

    Printed Eyeline Boxes

    Every woman wants to look her best for every function. They love to experiment with looks and try on different styles and various looks. The ritual starts by finding the best dress for the occasion. Then comes picking the right jewelry. Then comes the shoes’ turn and finally and more important comes the application of the makeup. However just because I have mentioned it in the end in no way means that it is the least important. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Makeup especially that of the eyes is one that demands immense importance. That is why eyeliners are so important and also is deciding the right eyeliner for your eyes that make your eyes pop out.

    Customized Eyeliner Boxes with Logo

    Having said that, the main reason for discussion today is probably not the eyeliners. Instead, it is eyeliner boxes. Eyeliner boxes can be made available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. This is done so as to accommodate the eyeliners body itself. The eyeliners are also found in a variety of shapes. This is because there are different types of packaging needed to accommodate a variety of ways to apply the eyeliner. Some like to use it in gel form while others may like to use it in a pen form. But whatever is the case, the packaging continues to be very different for each of the two. While the boxes for eyeliners in gel form tend to have a much more cuboid shape, those found in pen format are more longitudinal in their approach and style. Thus it is important to give all of these things due consideration.

    Custom Box for Eyeliner Packaging

    The content that goes on each of the eyeliner boxes also varies to a large degree. This is because of the demographic that the eyeliners are catering to. In some scenarios, the eyeliners may be catering to the teenage demographic. In this instance, it is obvious that the eyeliner boxes should be ones that are in bolder colors and have fonts that are riskier. This is because such is an outlook that caters to the younger demographic more. Another thing that needs to be given consideration would definitely have to be the fact that if you are looking to cater to women of a much more elder demographic then choosing a font that and color that has a more elegant touch will do your brand more justice than anything.

    Wholesale Eyeliner Box

    Thankfully, an iCustomBoxes realizes how necessary it is to make all of these customizations and to incorporate them into the designs that are being offered. That is why we make it a point that we first listen to each of our clients before starting with each of their boxes. This helps them understand their brand in a much better way and thus we are in a better position to be able to provide the modifications in the Eyeliner boxes so that they better cater to your client base.

    Cardboard Eyeliner Boxes

    Another thing that distinguishes us from the competitors would definitely have to be our quick turnaround time. We offer services in a very quick and fast manner. It will be absolutely no time before you are able to get the eyeliner boxes right to at your doorsteps. This is because we realize how important and precious your time is and we don’t want to be the ones wasting it. Hence, we make our services as convenient and feasible for you guys as possible.


    Available in all custom shapes and sizes

    Stock / material: 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S

    Finishing / detailing :  Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

    Add ons :   Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling,    raised ink, embossing, deposing

    Packaging:  Assembled and shipped flat

    Structure:  Eco-friendly assembling.

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    26-April 2018
    Most excellent service! I have had everything done from packaging to table tents done here and every items has turned out amazing. i Custom's pricing and speed cannot be matched.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    05-December 2018
    The delivery arrived by DHL with the boxes. Thank you for your excellent service and the client is most pleased with the product and the professionalism of your company and the from our part the service you have given to us Jeff in producing these boxes. :-) We hope to be in touch again for a reorder of the same.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    05-January 2019
    Great time management by iCustomBoxes team, as i received the boxes a day before Christmas as required. Looking forward to work again for my on-going future projects.

    reviewed - iCustom Boxes - 5/5
    15-February 2019
    Thank you Jeff for providing life to our product with remarkable & cost effective packaging. I wish them best of luck & giving 5 stars