Benefits of Ordering Cardboard Bath Bomb Boxes

Benefits of Ordering Cardboard Bath Bomb Boxes

Custom packaging protects the bath bombs from damage. It keeps it safe from moisture intrusion, cracking, or crumbling. Hence top-notch custom bath bomb boxes are a must. At iCustomBoxes, we offer retailers and suppliers incredible services at a low price.

Besides, our clients have the freedom to pick any packaging for bath bombs and customize it in their preferred material, size, or colour. Choose us as a print and packaging company and pack your bath bombs in our exclusive box styles. We offer sleeve, window, two-piece, and tuck-end boxes. Next, you can secure the packaging with inserts, belly bands, and surface laminates. It enhances the functionality, aesthetics, and shelf life of the boxes. Submit the form and get an instant response, free design support, and a doorstep delivery service.

Benefits of Ordering Cardboard Bath Bomb Boxes

Colourful products require colourful packaging, right? The thing is that bath bomb boxes are more than a storage container. It complements the multicolour bath bombs and protects them from harm. Plus, it is a creative way to display and market the products. For unlimited and high-quality printing, the cardboard stock is the best. It is the top packaging choice for all skincare brands. Are you wondering why? It is flexible, flat-shipped, and easy to assemble. In addition, it poses no harm to the environment. It rapidly decomposes and gets absorbed by the soil.

Now let us talk about its versatile nature. Undoubtedly it is famous for its sturdiness and longevity. But there is much more to it. The cardboard surface is excellent for surface laminates: gloss and matte coating. Hence it adds shine and velvety texture and overall improve the quality of the bath bomb box.

Save the Cost with Tuck End Bath Bomb Packaging

It is a fact that worldwide skincare brands never compromise on quality. They are ready to pay top dollar for exclusive packaging. And for that iCustomBoxes is at your service. We are known for providing brilliant solutions without breaking the bank. So let us look at the straight and reverse tuck end boxes. It is a sophisticated packaging style offering endless customization options. The PVC sheet transforms it into a potential marketing tool. It gives an overview of the colourful bath bombs and pushes the customers to buy.

But the point is that how does it benefit the skincare brands? The answer is pretty simple. Mostly the tuck-end boxes are used for packing individual bath bombs. It requires less packing material, ultimately reducing the cost.

What’s more? The sustainable tuck-end bath bomb boxes are 100% ecologically compatible. Thus it naturally breaks down and lowers the carbon footprint and packaging waste. In a nutshell, the reverse and straight boxes are a complete win.

Bellyband Bath Bomb Boxes

The bellyband is also known as a sleeve. It partially covers the box and prevents it from tampering. Plus, it adds an element of style to the bath bomb packaging. Floral themes, eye-catching images, and colourful printing make it a sight to behold. Moreover, it is an excellent marketing tool. Print a stylish logo, brand name, and manufacturing address. The custom-printed sleeves work best for plain bath bomb boxes. It syncs well and gives it an attractive look.

The bellybands are made of cardboard or kraft. It easily slides onto the box due to its flexible nature. And it acts as a seal and keeps the packaging intact. The sleeves look beautiful on a two-piece box. And it can be customized in any style, colour, or size. Drop the details in the quotation form; we will deliver excellent quality.

Boxes with die-cuts

The bath bombs are round-shaped balls. And die-cut boxes complement them like nothing. The unique designs or patterns are good to go, whether it’s a two-piece or straight tuck end style.

And our efficient die-cutting machinery promises accurate results. It crafts the patterns in the exact size and ensures they fit well. The die-cut designs act as a window and tease the customers. And it is further secured with a transparent sheet. Thus it protects the packaging for bath bombs from moisture, heat, and dust.

This style is quite popular for gift packaging. It makes the giftees feel happy. However, you can triple the happiness with elegant decorations. A hemp rope, coloured ribbon, or a bow is good to go. Need more design options? Scroll through our website and take a look at the design templates.

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes never ceases to impress clients. Our team constantly brainstorms and brings innovative ideas to the table. At the same time, we encourage our local and international clients to share their ideas and feedback. It helps us stay on the track and strive for perfection. 

Without exaggeration, we are best at our craft. Our talented and experienced team members are our strength. Hence whether it is a short run or bulk order, we always share 2D and 3D samples. It makes the clients confident and clears all their doubts. Last but not least, we are nothing without our competent QA team. They thoroughly check the packaging for bath bombs and ensure it matches your requirements. Place your orders and get free design support, accurate printing, expert advice, and quick delivery. Need more clarification? Dial +1-800-347-2197 or email Feel free to ask anything; our sales representatives will answer your queries.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Do you accept rush orders?

Ans: Yes, we accept urgent orders and deliver them to your doorsteps within 8 business days.

Q2. Can I order bath bomb boxes with windows?

Ans: Of course, we offer limitless customization options. You can enhance the packaging for bath bombs with PVC sheets, handles, or die-cuts. 

Q3. What is the minimum order quantity?

Ans: The minimum order quantity for bath bomb boxes is 100.

Q4. Do you offer free shipping services?

Ans: Yes, we offer worldwide free shipping. Order bath bomb boxes and enjoy doorstep delivery service ( no set-up fee or hidden tariffs)


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