Benefits of Using Candle Packaging & Boxes in Gaining Customers

Benefits of Using Candle Packaging & Boxes in Gaining Customers

Why Go for Custom Candle Boxes?

In Canada, custom candle boxes made of cardboard are in great demand. They not only keep light candles protected from moisture and contamination but also give an appealing look to the packaging. Most people question why they need customized boxes for candles and how they benefit business improvement. They prove very helpful in multiple ways. Such as:

  • Set apart the brand’s items and boost the sales of business 
  • Created with custom designs, grab the attention of buyers instantly
  • Box with a logo advertising the brand’s name in the crowd

Please choose us and get candle boxes Canada in the required style, designs, material, and additional features at budget-friendly prices

Hand Pick the Best and Most Suitable Style of Box for Candle Packaging Canada:

Candles come in various sizes and shapes of containers. They require an appropriate box for fitting packaging. iCustomBoxes provides the following types of custom candle boxes in Canada.

  •  Two-Piece Box
  1. It consists of a detachable top lid and bottom, which keeps candles secure
  2. Easy to carry and store as well
  • Candle box with window patches
  1. Acts as the best strategic tool to captivate the clients 
  2. Unveils the products before the audience elegantly
  • Candle Mailing Box
  1. Composed of corrugated cardboard gives extra strength to packaging and helps in safely shipping flimsy candles
  • Display Box
  1. Counter display boxes enhance the shelf visibility of the product 
  2. Stay protected items from human touch, dust, damage, etc.

Moreover, our packaging experts also craft boxes according to the different occasion’s themes like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, etc. You can convey your design ideas with us to customize exceptional box packaging.

Give An Odor of Fragrance to Onlookers with Window Cutout Boxes:

Candles give off thousands of fragrances to give a whiff of scent and impress the buyers. Boxes with die cuts and window cutouts are the best source to emit the smell. We put on PVC sheets on windows to secure candles from dust and moisture etc. the thickness of the sheet depends on the requirement of the product. In this way, the customers will easily recognize their favorite fragrances of candles without unpacking. 

Selection of Packaging Material for Candle Packaging:

Due to their feeble and delicate nature, candles need durable and sturdy packaging. We utilize various stock choices to produce custom boxes Canada. For climate-safe packaging, we make use of kraft. The attribute of kraft is that it is recyclable. On the other hand, cardboard is the ultimate solution to create durable packaging. It secures items from cracking and deterioration. Corrugated cardboard is used for mailing as it aids in the undamaged transportation of the items.

Enticing Embellishments and Coatings for Custom Printed Candle Boxes:

Our company provides a plethora of finishings and coatings solutions. Their application enriches the box packaging. They are listed in the table below:

Coating’s Solutions Finishing’s Options
Matte lamination Embossing
Gloss lamination Debossing
Aqueous coating Foil stamping
Spot UV Silver/ Gold Foiling

Use of Appealing Add-Ons for the Safety of Breakable Candles

Candles are one of the most intricate items. Therefore, to ensure their protection, we include special add-ons, namely:

  • Inserts/ separators
  • Handles
  • Ribbons
  • Window cutouts
  • Perforations

The candles in glass jars require exclusive inserts and partitions. We employ foam and cardboard inserts as they keep candles intact and secure from fluctuations and bumps. Ultimately, the fear of their harm is terminated.

Require Design Support? Obtain Free Design Assistance from Skilled Staff:

Are you a newcomer or an experienced one looking for design support? Don’t hesitate. Our company does its best to accommodate the clients. That’s why we provide free of cost design assistance. Our designers stay connected and guide us at each stage of customization.

Why Select iCustomBoxes Services?

The worth of a product lies in its packaging. It becomes vital to choose a trustworthy packaging provider. We are the final answer to your call. For the contentment of clients, we provide 2D and 3D design samples and commence the project after the final statement of customers. Do a favor to yourself, put your trust in us and let our services leave you in a trance.