Benefits Of Using Custom Pen Boxes for your Business

Benefits Of Using Custom Pen Boxes for your Business

Win branding Game with iCustomBoxes

When pens are ordinary everywhere, you can get them free from anyone at a low price. You can’t differentiate your business from others. It gets so tricky to build a name in everyday marketing. Only quality can’t win the pen marketing. You have to modify your pen packaging. Otherwise, rely on dreams and fly in the dust. We manufacture pens with stylish designs, incredible dimensional boxes, and appealing add-ons. Also, our printing methods and tools are famous in the packaging market. 

Earn Quick Bucks with the Custom Pen Box

You can add a window display to decide what shape he wants pen lovers. The customer, when doing grocery, wants to check out the item. With die-cut style, he can choose his favorite pen quickly. Also, you keep these pens in custom shop display boxes with lids. Also, you can add die-cut window styles in all the box styles. It can increase your shop sales because it looks attractive and helps others choose what they want. More you can write detailed descriptions to make people easy to understand everything. 

Modify Lavish Pen Boxes with Custom Coatings

People always love to gift pens to their loved ones from old to new times. Also, your expensive pen packaging should meet the pen standard. Otherwise, how can people differentiate cheap pens from new ones- For this problem, you can customize the pen with our jaw-dropping add-on. Don’t worry; These additions are not out of budget.

Astonishing and Color full Designing Ideas

Designs decide the packaging class and worth. All of the add-ons are a money waste if the plan is not eye-catchy. Also, we know you don’t want the same methods and shades your competitor has. You never want to hear that this brand has copied my design. And these box colors are tedious and unexciting. We have bundles of unwatched plans and dazzling color schemes. These color schemes change the view with soul-satisfying colors and combinations. Moreover, these color schemes will never tighten your pocket.

Gleaming Coatings and Gold/Silver Foiling Options:

If you want more glam and shine, that differentiates your pen box in the shop from others. Then go with our delicate and twinkling silver and gold filings. Your custom pen box will attract all the people who want to buy it. Also, you can write something on the pack for the Halloween celebration. You can apply these sparkling themes to the Halloween message on the upper side of the box. More you can give shine to stars and magical creatures on the upper side of Halloween packaging.

Durable Cardboard or Foam Inserts for an Extra Exclusive Look:

As expensive pens are fragile and delicate, they need extra protection to prevent loss. You can keep custom cardboard inserts with the correct shape of the box. We designed it to protect the pen opening or nib from pressure and damage while traveling and online delivery. For extra impression or protection, you can also put custom foam inserts inside the desired expensive pen box. The customer will appreciate the inner security and beauty of the desired custom pen box.

Gifting Ribbons and Shady Strips for Opening

The buyer's primary purpose in buying gift boxes is to surprise and make his dearest happy. It looks so surprising to see the ribbon on the custom pen box. When the person opens the packaging, he feels excited to see what is inside. You can enhance buyers’ curiosity with bows, strips, and ribbons on the surface. Also, you can attach little attachments on the opening of the cost-worthy custom pen box, like little bows and stars or any shape you want.

Spot UV for Premier Touch on a Specific Area:

You must have seen credit cards and some other expensive boxes. Their specific areas show a different type of enhancement. Its spot UV has a luxurious touch. If you want people not to feel like they are paying extra for the pen, combine spot UV with all the add-one. Your box will look higher in price than the inner product.

Run a Business with Economical Materials

Suppose you have just joined the business market and want to pursue your career in the pen business. We know you have a low budget and are looking for budget-friendly packaging. Don’t worry., We don’t charge extra for anything. Our Eco-friendly cardboard and Kraft material are both famous in quality and price. You can buy these custom pen boxes in bulk from us.