Candle Packaging Boxes in Diverse Styles and Enticing Designs

Candle Packaging Boxes in Diverse Styles and Enticing Designs

Custom boxes are a very effective tool in the marketing of the brand. A custom box with attractive designs and captivating color prints stands out your brand’s products in the market. A personalized candle box printed with a custom logo and attractive slogans grabs the attention of onlookers and convinces them to buy the products. Moreover, custom cardboard boxes secure your products safe from contamination and keep them in their natural form.

Candle Boxes Wholesale in Captivating and Exclusive Styles:

Candle boxes are available in various forms and styles. Our packaging experts can create any style of candle box wholesale befitting your items. Following a some of the favorite styles of boxes. However, you can also share your thoughts with us if you wish to stylize the box in an exclusive style.

  1. Candle boxes with window
  2. Two-piece candle boxes
  3. Tray and sleeve candle boxes
  4. Reverse tuck end boxes
  5. Front tuck end boxes
  6. Pyramid shape candle boxes
  7. Double wall tuck front boxes

Divert the Attention of the Audience Towards Your Brand’s Products with Thought-Provoking Color Prints

After selecting boxes’ styles and designs, there comes the turn of printing. A custom candle box printed with striking colors can significantly impact the audience. We use innovative and digital printing techniques to produce an appealing custom box. We employ the following printing techniques:

  • Digital Printing Method
  • Offset Printing Method
  • Color Printing Scheme

Digital and offset printing are opposite printing techniques from each other. In the digital method, boxes are printed in less time. It is also more budget-friendly than offset. Offset printing is overpriced and consumes a lot of time. In color prints, CMYK and PMS are available. PMS costs high and has endless color combinations. in contrast, CMYK is a four-color printing method with low costs.

Pick Sustainable and 100% Eco-Friendly Printed Material For manufacturing of Wholesale Candle Boxes

The accurate selection of printing material plays a pivotal part in perfect packaging. It becomes very challenging to choose a befitting stock for wholesale candles boxes. But we at iCustomBoxes have solved your problem. We utilize top-notch material in the production of customized packaging. The used stock is not only sustainable but also safe for the environment as well.

iCustomBoxes has a variety of material choices; these are described below in the table:

Different Kinds of Material and What are the Features of Each Material?


  • 100% nature-friendly printing material
  • kraft is a Recyclable material, and you can reuse packaging
  • Best for candle packaging
  • Biodegradable stock and can be decomposed


  • Durable printing material
  • Keeps delicate candle items secure from breakage and external harm
  • Cardboard has the potential to use endless customized solutions
  • The flexibility of stock helps transform custom boxes in any shape and size.


  • Corrugated with flutes gives strength to boxes
  • It is a suitable choice to pack sensitive items
  • Best choice for safe and smooth delivery of items over a longer distance

Give a Charming and Alluring Appearance to Candle Boxes Wholesale with Fascinating Coatings and Add-ons:

Coatings are used to secure the products from external damage and provide a classy appearance to candle boxes wholesale. In coatings, we employ:

  • Mate coatings
  • Gloss coatings
  • Spot UV
  • Aqueous coating

You can give a finishing touch to custom packaging with outstanding embellishments. We have the following choices in embellishments.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Gluing
  • Foil stamping
  • Silver and gold foiling
  • PVC Sheets
  • Windows cut-outs
  • Perforations
  • Inserts and handles

Why IS iCustomBoxes Top Priority?

Why us? How do our facilities differ from the rest of the packaging suppliers? You will get answered to all your questions after giving a read to outstanding services that are as follow:

Free shipping facility:

We do not charge any shipping fee. Our team makes sure of safe delivery at your doorsteps.

Quickest turnaround time:

We also prepare orders at the fastest turnaround time with free shipping services. You get your customized candle boxes wholesale at the promised time.

Discount offers on bulk orders:

Suppose you are worried about the cost of customized packaging. Don’t be. as we at iCustomBoxes offer our services wholesale. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of discount offers on bulk orders.

High-quality services at competitive prices:

We always give preference to the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we use top-quality printing stock and the latest color printing techniques in the manufacturing procedure. all these services are provided at cost-effective rates.

Free of cost designing support and mock-up designs:

Our customer service team is always present to guide and support clients regarding selecting custom designs without any charges. Additionally, we also provide free design samples.