Everything You Need to Know How to Ship Glass Items

Everything You Need to Know How to Ship Glass Items

Do you want to ship small, large, and delicate glass items safely? Durable packaging for glass items are a no-brainer when it comes to sending goods from point A to B. Stay tuned with this blog for more information about glassware shipping. 

Best Packaging Material for Shipping Fragile Items

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

It is an excellent shipping container. It is available in all sizes, styles, and colors. The outstanding feature of corrugated boxes are its remarkable strength, unparalleled quality, and damage-resistant properties. The fluting (zig-zag structure) makes it pressure, shock, and temperature-resistant. As a result, the " packed fragile glassware" reach their destination safely despite rough handling or bumpy roads. 

  • Use of Packaging Inserts

The custom foam inserts are a must-have, whether it is glass crockery, decorative pieces, or lamps. It forms a protective layer that protects the glass from damage. Thus, there is no cracking or shattering. The inserts are customizable to any shape or size. For maximum protection the right size inserts are essential. It inserts firmly holds the glass items and keeps them in place. 

  • Use of Bubble Wraps 

It is the most essential packing material when it comes to glassware. It is shock-absorbent and provides an extraordinary cushioning effect. The air-filled bubbles reduce the risk of damage during transportation. 

  • Packing Tapes 

Whether it's wrapping the bubble wrap around the glass items or packing the cargo boxes, the tapes are a must-have. It secures the box and prevents the items from falling. Moreover, it strengthens the packaging and prevents it from crushing or collapsing. The best part is that you can go the extra mile with customized tapes. For instance, you can print the brand name and make your cargo boxes stand out. Or you can print warning symbols on the tape. In other words, the customization options are endless with  iCustomBoxes. 

  • Packing Peanuts 

There are numerous ways to protect the glass items. Let us talk about the packing peanuts. It fills the void space and fully protects the glass items. Its cushioning effect prevents the glassware from colliding or knocking against each other. As a result, the products reach safely.

  • Warning Labels

You will never come across blank shipping boxes. It is printed with packaging symbols, warning labels, and signs. It is important to print the following symbols for careful handling.

  • Fragile 
  • Handle with care
  • Do not roll
  • Do not stack
  • Do not use hand hook
  • Do not use blade
  • Do not step on it 

Important Points to Consider When Packing Glassware Items

No one wants their goods to reach in damaged or compromised condition. Therefore, in this section, we will share essential tips and tricks for packing your glass cups, glass plates, glass jugs, glass bottles and other items. So, let's get to work 

  • Collect the Packing Material

Organization is the key to success, right? So before starting the packing, gathering all the material is vital. It includes boxes, tape, bubble wrap, inserts, scissors, and glass cleaner. It is a hassle-free process and saves a great deal of time and energy.

  • Clean the Glass Items. 

Do you know glass cleaning is the most vital step before packing? Yes, that is true. One needs to carefully check and clean the glass cups, containers, plates, and jugs. Make sure it has no cracks or breakage. Most importantly, count the glass items and arrange the boxes accordingly. 

  • Assort the Items 

Let us do it the right way! Separate the plates, jugs, glasses, cutlery, and dishes. Count and pack them separately. Avoid packing all the glass items in a single box or bubble wrap. Pack them individually and save them from damage.

  • Avoid Using the Tape Directly on the Items. 

Do not tightly wrap the packing tape around the items. It will crush them, resulting in cracks. First, cover the glass items with double bubble wrap. It provides extra protection and keeps its edges and corners safe. Then, you can wrap around the packing tape. That's it!

  • Well-Arranged Items

Pack the glass items separately in every box. Do not pack glass cups or mugs with plates or dishes. It will take up irregular space and leave void spaces. Hence, pack the like items together. It takes appropriate space and is fully protected inside the box. 

  • Use of Dividers 

Do you want to compartmentalize the shipping boxes? The dividers or partitioners are good to go. It prevents the glass items from colliding or bumping into one another. It makes the box spacious and keeps the items organized. Thus, you can easily open the box and take out the required product. 

Do Not Place Sharp Items in The Box.

There is no denying that glass items are fragile and prone to damage. Slight pressure or improper handling can damage the entire product. Obviously, no one likes cracked plates, broken mugs, or shattered decoration pieces. Therefore, do not place sharp objects (scissors or blades) while packing glass items. Once you are done packing, carefully check the box and ensure it doesn't contain harmful or unnecessary objects. 

Top-Notch Quality Guaranteed!

Before shipping the boxes, it is crucial to do the test run. Count the glass items, weigh the box, and simulate its handling. Ensure the boxes are durable and can withstand extreme conditions. Most importantly, avoid stuffing the cargo or shipping boxes. Place the items according to the box size. Choose iCustomBoxes and design the boxes in your preferred color, style, size, and material. We offer limitless customization, premium quality, fastest turnaround, and free shipping services. 

Go the Extra Mile with Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes.

Packaging is a huge industry and is here to stay. iCustomBoxes offers excellent packaging options. We offer reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable shipping boxes. Our corrugated cardboard and kraft shipping boxes are 100% environmentally friendly. In addition, it provides a great customization margin. You can print the brand name, logo design, warning labels, or anything you want. Share your requirements, and we will prepare the customized boxes within a few business days.


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