Guide to Creating a Flawless and High-End Custom CBD Box

Guide to Creating a Flawless and High-End Custom CBD Box

The CBD industry has observed exponential growth in previous years. Cannabis products have gained huge popularity due to their phenomenal results. The rising demand for CBD products has given birth to the launching of numerous brands. Do you wish to advance in the industry by offering top-quality CBD products? You can build a good reputation by using good packaging that helps stand out your brand’s products in the market. That’s why custom CBD boxes have become a prerequisite for cannabis companies to spot the targeted audiences. We at iCustomBoxes personalize high-end CBD packaging per the client’s requirements.

Best Methods to Create an Error-Free and Breathtaking CBD Box Wholesale:

Are newbies in business and unfamiliar with customization? This blog will give you a comprehensive guide about the methods of personalizing a bespoke custom CBD box wholesale.  hold on for a while and give it a read.

Finalize the Box’s Size and Style Complying Product’s Dimensions:

Cannabis is a wide term. There are uncountable products in the cannabis industry.  Cannabidiol products are available in solid and liquid forms. Each CBD item has its separate characteristics and requires personalized packaging. First, you must take detailed notes of the product’s dimensions and customize the box accordingly. You can reach us at ICB. We design the right size boxes in accordance with the product’s specifications. You can also customize custom CBD boxes into numerous shapes and layouts. Reverse and straight tuck end boxes are apt to store delicate cannabidiol oil containers. Moreover, you can also opt for a two-piece box, sleeve packaging, tuck front or counter display box.

Hand-Pick Finest Quality Material for Long-Lasting CBD Box Packaging:

CBD oil products, edibles and skin care items are more likely to crush due to average-quality packaging. Therefore, using quality materials is necessary to customize durable and sustainable CBD packaging. Kraft, cardboard and corrugated are the top-rate material options. They are strong and 100% eco-friendly as well. Cardboard paper is the most considerable solution for retail packaging. It is cost-effective and can withstand storage hardships. Furthermore, cardboard correlated with extra flutes is suitable for mailer CBD boxes. Brown kraft paper is a reasonable and best option to store CBD bath bombs. However, kraft paper is 100% biodegradable. You can recycle and reuse it for future purposes.

Create Branded CBD Packaging by Adding Logo Design:

Another way to customize interesting and appealing packaging is the box’s labelling with the brand’s trademark. There are a lot of CBD brands that sell best quality products. A brand's signature logo image can help differentiate the products from contemporary brands. It becomes easy for buyers to find out the products in the busy market. Furthermore, you can add a personal touch to packaging by adding the company’s details like its name, tag lines, contact information, exclusive offers etc. In this way, a separate identity of the brand is established. Subsequently, the fame of the company’s products is expanded to international audiences.

Increase the Box’s Productivity with Additional Solutions:

Undoubtedly, product packaging in appealing designs has the potential to outstand the crowd. But there exist additional options to enrich CBD packaging wholesale. These are as follows:

Hang Tabs:

Adding hang tabs in CBD display boxes helps hang products on the store walls. The viewers can get a clear product view while entering the shop.


The box with handles makes it convenient for buyers to hold out the products.

Die-cut with PVC sheet:

The box with window patches allows buyers to look inside the box without unpacking it. The thick PVC sheet protects against dirt, germs, pollutants etc.


Inserts keep things compacted at their specific place and prevent them from colliding with each other.

Whom to Select for Custom CBD Packaging? Choose iCustomBoxes

Want to order CBD boxes wholesale but are hesitant to buy online because of untrustworthy packaging services? You can trust us. iCustomBoxes is the leading packaging supplier based in the United States of America. Our company has attained a good reputation in the industry by virtue of offering first-quality services.

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Do you offer ready-made CBD boxes?

No, we do not. We personalize tailor-made boxes in the client’s preferable shapes, layouts, materials, color and add-ons.

How are custom CBD boxes advantageous for the growth of our business?

Custom CBD boxes help in the brand’s marketing. It not only results in the improvement of sales but also builds the distinctive image of the brand in the market.

Do you offer CBD boxes at wholesale rates?

Usually, we provide our services wholesale. However, we customize boxes in low amounts on the customer’s request. Our MOQ includes 100 boxes.

Can you transform my raw design into an actual custom shape? 

Certainly, yes! You can share the design PDF with our team. Our skilled team of designers will be capable of customizing an exact package following your design idea.

Do you ship the order to overseas clients?

Yes. Our shipment facility is accessible all around the world. The plus point is that you don’t have to pay for shipping, no matter in which part of the world you live.


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