High-Quality Custom Counter Display Packaging Boxes

High-Quality Custom Counter Display Packaging Boxes

Custom Counter Display Boxes

Display packaging is an immediate tool for rapid success for your retail business. No matter what type of business you run, you can bring these boxes into your use to experience sales improvement. iCustomBoxes offers first-rate custom counter display boxes in the required shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can let our experts know about your box's ideas, and they will tailor an exact package following your thoughts. Collaborate with us to customize the best display box at wholesale rates with the quickest turnaround. Moreover, you can benefit yourself with free of cost shipment.

Plethora of Custom Designs for Display Boxes

There is no limitation when it comes to customization. Are you still going with traditional methods of product display? It's time to push your typical boundaries and adopt advanced packaging methods. Custom counter display boxes are an innovative and trendy way to showcase products on the shelves. it must be attractive enough to impress buyers in the meantime. Custom-made boxes are versatile and accustomed to a lot of packaging solutions. We at ICB offer various personalized solutions to create exciting packaging.

A printed display package is much way more appealing than plain packaging. The clients get captivated by the colorful prints while entering the retail store or shops. Adding a logo in display boxes makes them more eye-catching and reliable. The audience's trust in the brand's products builds, and they make sure to purchase without giving it any thought. Moreover, you can provide a unique look to display boxes by including product details like their prices, ingredients, shelf life, etc. We use high-tech printed machines to produce permanent and unfadable printed designs.

Durable and Long-Lasting Source of Packaging:

Displaying products are more likely to damage or decay because of their exposure to exterior elements. As a result, they can be deprived of their physical quality. The remarkable thing about our custom display boxes is that they are highly strong. Primarily, we use food-grade packaging for food display packaging. Food packaging is 100% biodegradable and has no toxic impact on the food's quality. As a result, food stays fresh, and its shelf life is also accelerated. Moreover, you can use these boxes to display luxurious items like perfume containers, wristwatches, etc. Adding foam holders adds a luxurious feel to packaging and makes boxes a secure option.

Kraft and Cardboard Display Boxes: 100% Recyclable

Our custom counter display packaging wholesale is the ultimate way to drive out the sales of retail goods due to its recyclable nature. Biodegradability is the first thing clients notice while entering the shop. Our boxes befit well to their needs. Our team makes sure to use non-toxic substances throughout the whole manufacturing procedure. We make use of brown kraft paper. It is made with organic chemicals. Our printed inks and laminations are also secure for the environment. Moreover, cardboard paper is also environmentally friendly. Like kraft, uncoated cardboard packaging is also recyclable.

Benefit from free Shipping and Discounts on Display Boxes Wholesale

Customized packaging is integral to setting your business apart from the rest. You cannot understate its significance regardless of the brand's status. Usually, small-scale companies avoid going for customized packaging because of the highest manufacturing and shipment costs. It's only a myth. Buying at wholesale is a profitable and successful way to get a lead in the competitive world. It not only helps reduce shipment charges but also reduces the overall cost of the manufacturing procedure. The best thing about our company is that we offer free shipping worldwide and huge discounts on massive purchases.

Why Choose ICB?

How is our company unique from its contemporaries? We have listed a few of our services to give them an incredible buying experience.

  • Free shipment facility
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Free plates and die-cuts
  • Zero set-up fee
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Free-of-cost design mock-ups
  • Reasonable prices
  • After-sales customer support
  • Rush and standard turnaround
  • No low-order quantity
  • Seasonal discounts

 So, choose as your packaging supplier to bring indistinguishable business into the limelight. You can give us a call at +1-800-347-2197, or you can let us know about your queries via email. Our email address is support@icustomboxes.com. Our live chat and customer support are at your access 24/7.


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