How Do Trendy, Funky And Creative Custom Cereal Boxes Engage The Kids

How Do Trendy, Funky And Creative Custom Cereal Boxes Engage The Kids

Do you agree that custom cereal boxes are a cartoon network for kids if done right? Emphatic YES. Take a moment and notice the artwork, colors, and designs on the packaging. It tells an amazing story of its own. Whether it's Nestle, Kellogg, Or General Mills, you will always find storytelling packaging. Custom cereal boxes are awesome. We at iCustomBoxes always suggest our clients opt for the following essential element.

  • Eye-catching image of kid's fav cartoon or fictional character
  • The bold and vibrant color palette
  • Mouthwatering illustrations of milk bowl filled with choco or wheat flavored corn flakes
  • Hook the kids with trendy and funny taglines

Hence it's time to make customized cereal packaging experimental and fun with us!

What is your superhero? Is it the custom-printed cereal boxes?

Yes, we are not joking around. Whether you are a fitness junkie or getting late to school, the cereals are your best criminal partner. Well, let us jump on to the serious part now. Cereals are full of carbs, energy, fiber, and proteins. But how will the buyers cherry-pick their favorite hot brand? Yes, you got it right!

Custom-printed cereal boxes are the answer. And it includes all the critical information a buyer is looking forward to

  • Total number of calories, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium
  • It also includes the net weight of flakes in Oz and grams
  • Total number of bags, ingredients information along with the expiration date
  • Not to forget, the custom cereal box consists of the brand name and slogan

What Are The Important Do And Don’ts With Custom Printed Cereal Boxes?

Do's Dont's
Attractive and engaging images Bombardment of heavy graphics
Clear and readable font Too loud or too small font
Relevant images Misleading illustrations
Authentic nutritional chart Fake and unrevised information
Right size packaging Oversized Packaging

Why Brands Should Promote Sustainable Cereal Packaging?

We all know that our mother nature is at the edge of collapse. And without a doubt, poor packaging practices are one of the leading contributors. Consequently, it puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on the food brands to step forward and make a change. But how is that even possible? 

We craft eco-friendly custom cereal packaging (kraft/cardboard) with perfection. The benefits of sustainable packaging are phenomenal. And that makes it the top choice of the brands and the customers.

  • It is cost effective
  • Less landfill and pollution
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Smart use of resources
  • Less labor and manufacturing cost
  • No cleanup charges

Above all, iCustomBoxes is a strong supporter of right-size packaging. Don't you think it's bizarre to pack small items in huge boxes? It's a joke against our earth-mother and the people. Poor and substandard packaging turns off buyers and pushes them to switch to competitors. Hence it is a considerable loss. So get your hands on custom mini cereal boxes - a solution to all the problems.

Why Cereal Boxes Wholesale Is The Best Approach To Save Your Business?

iCustomBoxes supports smart packaging and smart moves. We won't encourage wasteful or unsustainable practices. And for that purpose, we always recommend the following to our clients. Buy custom cereal boxes wholesale and cut down on the extra expense. Instead of ordering individual packages, it is better to go with bulk quantities. As a matter of fact, it benefits both the manufacturer and the supplier. 

Not only this, we offer free delivery and shipment of blank cereal boxes  to your doorstep. Yes, it is true. We don't charge any extra penny from our clients. We are all about transparency and authenticity. We try our best to provide world-class packaging worldwide—no compromise on the boxes quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

Lastly, we offer to give our clients an upper hand in customizing their dream boxes. They can choose the box size, thickness, and color they like. It is time to add your twist and flavor to the custom cereal box at no minimum.

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How Customized Lamination Makes Cereal Boxes Super Tempting And Hot?

We know that custom packaging provides maximum security to crunchy flakes. It keeps the nutritious flakes safe against humidity, sunlight, and contamination. It means no soggy flakes at all.

But what is the secret code behind crispy flakes?

Let's cut to the chase. iCustomBoxes houses a range of customized surface coatings and finishings. Check out the following options if you want to add extra strength, durability, and shine to cereal boxes.

  1. Aqueous coating (environmentally friendly): Makes the box 100% dirt, grease and scratch-free.
  2. Spot UV: Highlights a particular area on the box with varying depth and shine
  3. Gloss lamination: It offers a perfect combo of shine and neatness. And kids can never turn a blind eye to shiny textured boxes.
  4. Matte lamination: Do you want kids to get obsessed with your brand? Go with matte lamination and amp up the tactile experience with a velvety touch

iCustomBoxes is a specialized print and packaging company based in the USA. We offer error-free printing, free design support, and unlimited customization. Start your printing journey with us, and we will customize the packaging in your preferred material, style, color, and size.